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I don't need this at all

meydey321mmeydey321 Posts: 2,435
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:31 AM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
Hi everyone, I've been absent these last few days because I of severe upper back pain. It just hit me out of the blue,it felt like I was stuck with a knife between the shoulder blades and it took my breath away. It hurt so bad to move. Then the pain radiated to the ride side of my ribs, and I felt pressure like pain all across the area. At times it was uncomfortable to even speak. I have felt the pain go up to my shoulder and neck sometimes, and also have intermittent electric pain in my thumb, forefinger, and middle finger.

I don't get this. The constant features is the deep aching burning pain in the upper back, and the one sided rib cage pain. I do have an appt tomorrow. My problems have been mainly lumbar, but a few years ago I did have thoracic pain. The MRI only showed DDD and disc bulges. I don't even remember which levels they were. Should I be worried? I already have more than enough to deal with with my lower back problems. This is too much. Anyone out there with thoracic problems? Thanks guys.


  • No, no, no, Meydey! :''(

    My heart just sank, as I read this post.

    There have been other members who have posted on this Thoracic forum and I haven't been able to give them advise, due to not experiencing what they are feeling. I watch for updates on their conditions, but I feel so bad that I can't offer up any suggestions to them.

    Yours here, I can relate to 100%. Everything you have described in your post, is what I have been dealing with every day since my fall. Do you remember twisting wrong or bending any weird way? These pains literally do take my breath away at times. And you know what, they can come purely out of the blue at times.

    I am VERY glad you have an appointment tomorrow, Meydey. As soon as you find out what the doctor tells you, please let me know. If your problems are indeed thoracic related, I will be more than happy to help you as much as I can.

    I'm sure you are watching the clock now... with when to take the maximum dose of your pain meds. Try to stay as still as possible. I use the disposal heating wraps A LOT. They do help with the pain. They make them for the neck, back, elbows and wrists. Sometimes I have all of these areas covered at once, to relieve the pain. When the shoulder blade pain takes a little break, I try to get in some deep breathing exercising to help relax the rest of my body. Sometimes the pain is too intense in the ribcage area to do that though. If that's the case, I apply a heating wrap around my ribs to help.

    Geeze... I sure hate to hear this Meydey! Dangit. But, I have been battling with these pains for almost 6 months and will do my very best to help you.

    Nausea sometimes occurs with these pains, too. In addition to loss of appetite.

    Keep me posted. You are always in my thoughts and now... more than ever. >:D<

    Much love and empathy,


  • I'm so sorry to hear this. I am glad that you're seeing the dr tomorrow. I have mainly low back pain that goes into the hips, legs, and feet. Every once in a while I have bad pain in about the center of my back. Mine are usually from compensating for the lower back but darn it hurts. After a few days of rest and watching everything I do, it will subside. A lot of times when it starts I hear something pop before I get relief.

    I totally agree with Tammy that you should keep on the pain meds. Try heat or ice whichever gives you some relief. If you can, maybe soaking in a warm bath would help.

    Keep us posted. Thinking about you and sending lots of prayers for you.
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