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Pain is getting old

tb7108ttb7108 Posts: 35
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:31 AM in Chronic Pain
I have been dealing with chronic back pain for the last 15 years I am 43 years old and have had 2 surgery's .
L4/L5 Lamenectomy and C6/C7. The cervical surgery was about a year ago. The 2 Mri's before surgery did not show the 3 free fragments that the nuro found while messaging the disk. The surgery took 4 1/2 hours. I had immediate relief after the procedures so they were a success, The sharp pain is gone however I have constant neck, lower back and groin pain. This pain is a constant 5 or better and the my Family doc gives me Oxycodone and Cyclobenxaprine and a predisone push from time to time.
Now to my problem the current pain meds are not helping and I need long term pain medication not the quick fix. I have a appt setup for tomorrow and I hwould like to talk to the Dr about seeing a PM Specialist. I cant live like this anymore. ANy advice would be helpful


  • Gwennie....
    What should I be looking for when doing my research.
    I hope to find a good one, raising 3 teenagers and going to work everyday its tough when you are always in pain. In this economy no matter how you feel you cant let you chair get cold.
  • I must say I 'am disapointed in the number of people that responed to information or personal stories on what they like or dislike about there PM or what to look for when researching a new PM.
    Maybe you get more of a response when you are a seasoned member of this site.Oh well on my way to another Dr. appt.
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  • Hello Tb,

    Welcome to Spine Health.

    How did your doctors appointment go today?

    My experience with my PM doctor has been all good. When I was still in the hospital after my surgery, the PM doctor came in and talked with me. I believe the PM doctor was referred to me from my Neurosurgeon. I do not recall our conversation at the hospital, as I was too heavily medicated.

    At my first visit to the PM's office, I remember having to fill out a lot of paperwork. There was a contract I had to sign, as well. I have monthly visits to my PM doctor and they also perform random drug screenings for all patients. I believe there is some information on Spine Health regarding PM contracts and other information. You might want to take a look at that information, as I'm sure it will be helpful to you.

    Hope you received a referral today for a PM doctor. Living with chronic pain is a long and tough battle. Having a PM doctor to help during my recovery and however long I may need to see them, is a blessing.

    Good luck to you. I'm sure you will receive additional advise from other members here. Spine Health is filled with wonderful people who care. They have helped me so much and I'm very thankful for this site. I think you will be too.

  • You will find a lot of wonderful people here and find a lot of good advice.
    I have only been to one Pain Clinie but have recieved wonderful treatment thare. I have NOT been given any pain meds coz I was already on strong meds for pain from my PC Doctor. My PM Doctor told me to continue on the pain meds.
    I have nerve damage at L4 $ L5. I also have rods and screws at the same place. The surgery caused scaring and that is what is causing me the savage pain in my feet and legs below my knees. I have to walk on my pain!! :''(
    The only thing my PM Doctor had to offer me for relief from my pain was a SCS implant.(spinal cord stimulator implant) It is not a cure but you trade one sensation(pain) for another sensation(tingling) It masks the pain.
    I have had my trial and it was a huge success!! They consider it a success if it reduces your pain by 50%. It reduced my pain 100%!! =D>
    I am now wating for my permanent implant which should be about the first week in June. Yippeeeeeee <:P <br />I do hope you have as much success finding as good a Pain Clinic as I have. My Neurologist refered me to the Clinic. I have tried everything else for my pain so this SCS implant is a blessing for me.
    Best of luck to you. Please keep us updated.
    Hugssssssss >:D<
    Patsy W

  • Hope you are fine now
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  • Thank you!!!!!

    I feel better today, I had a great visit with my family doctor and he is sending me to the PM specialist.
    I 'am getting by on the percocet with a strong push of
    prednisone. I would like to wish Straker all the luck in the world on quiting that smoking habit....Its Not Easy.
    I' am glad to have found this site and in a strange way I guess we find comfort in knowing we are not alone. i will post after my next visit.

  • Great news! Thank you for keeping us updated. :)

    I hope your visit to the PM specialist goes well and you get the relief you need.

    I take Percocet myself for break-through pain. There are some days I am watching the clock on when I can take my next dose, due to a high pain level day. Then, there are days where I just need one dose.

    I am glad you found this site, too. It has been such a blessing to me and I think you will feel the same.

    Best wishes to you for less pain each day and please keep us posted with how your PM visit goes.

  • Went to my first appointment at the pain clinic yesterday, It was about a hour and I was asked alot of quetions, the Dr was unable to see me until June 2 so I was able to get the process started with the nurse practionioner, She ordered a Lumbar epidural and had me do a drug test, not sure what there looking for but I would assume they need to rule out any non precribed drugs that might be in someones system.
    No change in my meds as they do not prescribe meds on your first visit, I had a ok weekend and was able to fight through the pain.
    Is this consistant with First vistis at a PM clinic?
  • I'm happy you got to see a PM (or at least someone in his office!) I'm glad they didn't just make you wait until the doctor had an open appointment. And yeah, they pretty much always try shots first. In the drug tests, they can be looking for illegal substances, or more/less meds than you are prescribed. If you have more meds in your system than you should, you pretty much get dropped, and if you have less meds in your system than you are prescribed, they assume you're selling them and you pretty much get dropped. It's their way of covering their butts and making sure their patients are following the rules. Just a little note- most drug tests of this kind are not covered by insurance, so you have a good chance of having to pay this out of pocket. Overall, everything that happened during this appointment seems pretty normal. I hope the epidural helps and that the doctor helps you out with medicine!!!

    Much love and understanding,
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