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Pain is getting old



  • Thanks for the information, I guess i can understand the drug test after the PM Dr. started prescribing meds...but I was suprised they did one right away.
    I have nothing to hide it just made me feel like i did. Standard procedure I guess.
  • I am glad you are getting established with the PM doctor and hope everything goes well on June 2nd.

    Every PM doctor seems to be a little different in their processes and procedures. Your first visit sounds to be standard, so no worries.

    Please keep us posted with how everything goes on Tuesday.

    Hope you have a nice weekend with very little pain.

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  • Thanks Tammy...
    I will post after tuesday. To everyone have a good weekend.


    Its nice to know people still have time to care even when there in Pain.
  • Went to the Pain Clinic Yesterday and recieved a ESI in imy L2-L3 region for my groin and lower back pain.
    I seem to be getting relief in my lower back however my Groin pain is more intense along with a strange pain in my left toe, The Dr. daid this might happen.
    I see the Dr in 2 weeks for a follow up and finally talk pain medicine as I have enough percocet for about a week and if meeded I will have my primary renew my script.
    I start therepy next week and will recieve more ESI's for my neck and back(if needed)
    I will post in a couple of weeks
  • hi there and welcome,
    how are you doing so far? my situation with my pm doc is similar to patsy. i take the meds rx and she wants to put in an scs but i want to wait until after i have a kid so right now its meds, lido patches, tens unit and lots of walking. there is no magic fix just trying to figure out what helps us to stay functional. the tens unit helps create the distraction from the pain so i can work a few hours. the lido patch calms the nerve pain. the rest is just regular maintenence. i wish you the best on your journey and hope to see you around here. there are alot of spineys who are glad to share what they know or have experienced. just be patient. i know i have a hard time following the threads since there are so many of them so if you find someone you want to talk to make sure to pm them for more direct response. good luck
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  • I feel good today.....The new pain doc is managing my pain very well, with a nerve block and ESI's a change in meds I feel like I 'am moving forward its been a loooooooong time. I hope this continues I know there will be setbacks. I will take a couple of good days for now.
  • I hope you continue to feel better and have a wonderful weekend.

    Great news to hear and I thank you for sharing.

    Please let us know how everything continues on for you.

    Best wishes,

  • Wow how can you stay positive when the yo-yo starts up again, I have been in alot of pain the last couple of days, I feel like I want to puke from the pain. I 'am waiting to see my Dr.
    I truly feel helpless and know I'am ready to give up.
    The pain looks like the winner.
  • Wow how can you stay positive when the yo-yo starts up again, I have been in alot of pain the last couple of days, I feel like I want to puke from the pain. I 'am waiting to see my Dr.
    I truly feel helpless and know I'am ready to give up.
    The pain looks like the winner.
  • Hey Todd,

    I'm sorry you have the yo-yo thing going on. When do you see your PM doctor? According to my calculations, it is sometime this week?

    When I have set-backs, it does get frustrating. I can very much relate to that.

    But don't you dare give up on this new PM doctor! You just started seeing him and he can hopefully help get your pain on a more tolerable level. Our chronic pain is never 100% gone, but with the help of a PM doctor... we can get it at a level we can tolerate.

    I spend my day doing a lot of stretches and some days are more painful than others. I have to do these stretches, as they are helping my muscles and spine... get to where they need to be. It is an extremely painful process and I have good days and bad days. On the bad days, I have to resort to laying down and doing a lot of deep breathing exercises. I put heating pads all over the areas that I hurt. Sometimes even my elbows and wrists are involved. I close my eyes and focus on the areas that are in extreme pain and I try to find the most comfortable position to stay in. Takes quite a few tries, but I eventually find one. With my eyes closed, I will focus on my back muscles and try to breathe out the nasty beast called Pain. I sometimes will wind up falling asleep, which is good, as chances are I am due for my pain meds at that time.

    It's a battle, Todd. It truly is. But, one that will never win with me. I'm a fighter and if I have to invent clothing that is lined with heating pads so I can go out to a movie or dinner... I will do it! If I have to schedule my outings for when I take my heavy doses of pain meds... so be it. I will get out and enjoy myself for a couple of hours and will use whatever I need to, to be as comfortable as possible. Even if I can't eat dinner at that time, I will take it to go afterwards. I can sit and enjoy being out with my hubby and children and just sip on a soda. If the pain is too intense for me to go out, even after trying all of my coping mechanisms, I move myself to a different location of the house for distraction.

    Hang in there, Todd. I know pain very well and there will be better days.

    I'm glad you vented. I have a big list of names of people I pray for and have included your name.

    Please let us know how you are doing and how your doctor's visit goes.

    Best wishes for a better day tomorrow!


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