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severe migraine for over wk, no relief, help



  • I've only had 2 migraines from hades in the past years. Both were from spinal leaks.

    The first when a PM punctured the Dura while giving me a ESI shot. Too help my pain of all things... That did not show up on an Xray or MRI. Does show up on a Fluoroscope I believe. I wouldn't let the guy near me again and dealt with the headache for a month. It does go away if it is a small hole.

    The 2nd was from an myelogram gone wrong. That was the most horrible migraine experience I have ever had. I couldn't stand up without wanting to black out. Could not eat anything without throwing up. Caffeine didn't do anything. Finally got to the hospital. They just went for the blood patch right where the needle for the myelogram was injected. Headache was gone in seconds. Amazing!

    If you have spinal fluid leaking. You need to get it patched asap. Besides the headaches it is not healthy to have spinal fluid leaking. In my case they had already drawn some from the myelogram test. That whole adventure screwed me up for a month even after the blood patch.

    Given all the cutting and gluing and screwing they did inside you it is most certainly possible they could have caused a leak.
  • Thank's nice to know that I'm not all alone in this misery....don't want anyone else to suffer like this. Talked at length this afternoon with my Neuro that did my lumbar surgery.

    He is great...only problem...he is 4 hours away from where I live. So I was hospitalized most recently where we live and believe me, I've already begun the process to make certain I'm never taken to that hospital again.

    My Neuro is just as perplexed and frustrated as I am that the only testing they did was the initial day...for 6 more horrible days that plied me with pain medication that did nothing for me or my pain.

    My Neuro wants me to get the records of what they did faxed to him....the hospital is making that very difficult.....but I'll get there tomorrow and get it done.

    He wants me to begin taking Darvocet again every 4 hrs to attempt to abate this pain and to call his office in the am and again tomorow late to tell them how I feel and any noticable changes.

    He said it may be the first of the week before he gets back to me with a further plan, but to hang in and we'll get one working...hope so.He said that there is evidence of spinal fluid leakage deep within the tissues and that could possibly be the problem, but he really wants to see the test results.

    I want to be medication free, pain free, and feeling like dancing again.
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  • Everything tastes 'funny',or bad to you,your head hurts and you've lost 22 pounds.Are there any other symptoms at all,new ones that you can think of..anything hormonal,or any hair loss?Have you had any bloodwork/tests done to check for anything other than pre surgical testing?

    I'm just thinking.
  • Barney, those words in your recent post STAND OUT in bold-face type, to me.... if your NS had noted that, as you wrote, well....
    Keep an eye on this, seriously. You are only 2 months out of a HUGE sugery + other issues... be careful & vigilant & persistent in keeping contact w/ your NS...& if anything gets worse, don't hesitate to go to the ER..

    Leaks CAN happen after surgery, as I well know. And sometimes, yes, they do close on their own, but "deep inside" is an ominous just be very careful not to dismiss this..
    Hope you are feeling a bit better & that perhaps things are closing up on their on, but if not, call your doc!!

    Meningitis is a major event. You don't want to mess w/ that. I was less than 24 hrs away from that when I went back into the OR.

    PM me anytime, dear! I truly feel your pain!

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