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MS Contin, anyone?

meydey321mmeydey321 Posts: 2,435
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:31 AM in Pain Medications
Hi everybody, I switched from fentanyl to morphine ER and I take 60mg 3x's a day and I am hoping to hear from anyone who has experience with it. Does it help with your chronic pain, and what side effects do you get? Thanks


  • I've been on Avinza for just over a month (that's the name brand for MS-Contin), 30mg once per day. I have noticed NO side effects and there was noticeable relief the first day. Don't know if I am developing a dependence or if I've been overdoing it, seems like I'm using breakthrough meds fairly regularly these days.
  • So far I haven't experienced any side effects, and the last thing I want is to feel sick and toss my cookies. I'm still taking the six Percocets a day for breakthrough pain. I also know that it will take some time for the morphine to build up in my system so I can get some relief.
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  • I was shocked that I had no real side effects. Any of the Hydro/Oxy narcotics make me take a nap in a hurry and the MS-Contin does not. All of a sudden I could go to work and make it through the whole day again. Next couple weeks will be the real test though, we've been so busy getting ready for our son to graduate that I've been overdoing it. Now it's time to relax a bit!! I'm hoping I can go back to only occasional use of BT meds in the next couple weeks.
  • Congratulations on your son's graduation <:P I know it means the world to you and I hope you feel great for this special day (and every other day too!) <br />
    Right now I'm still having a good amount of pain and I think it's because I've been out today and there's a chance of rain of course.
  • Thank you, we're awful proud and had a graduation party this past weekend. <:P he'll be "leaving the nest" to Cali in August so we're a bit worried about that... I told him to make sure he has enough money to come back home (Denver), it may be tougher than he thinks.<br />
    Oh, the rain... ugh. We've had rain here for past few days, and I've been doing so poorly. Usually for me it's the autumn season that makes me hurt more, I think it's getting to me now though too. My MS-Contin didn't work at all it seems yesterday (couldn't imagine if I hadn't taken it though!) I had to use my Vicodin and Tramadol both during the day yesterday. I sure hope today is better. The good news is that I think it's supposed to get sunny, I see another specialist on Thursday and today is the last day of my work week. Things are looking up!! :D

    I hope the MS-Contin works well for you, it's another one of those that affects everyone differently. Gives my wife horrible migraines and makes my mom itch like crazy. Guess we're lucky!!
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  • I just wanted to add that Avinza is not the brand name for MS Contin. MS Contin is the brand name for a 12 hour extended release Morphine Sulfate. Avinza is Avinza and it is the only 24 hour modified release Morphine Sulfate and it comes in strengths of 30 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg, and 120 mg. It has no generic equivalent as of yet. I know this because I have been taking it for about 2 years now. I don't like the MS Contin anywhere near as much as the Avinza and that's probably because the Avinza lasts a lot longer for me. I think my Avinza lasts me about 20-30 hours depending on what I've eaten or done that day. The MS Contin only lasts me about 8 hours. I really like the Avinza if only for its pain relief aspects. Many people confuse strength with buzz and thats just wrong. Most folks that have been taking OxyContin for years and are switched over to a Morphine Sulfate like Avinza are not happy with it because one, it hits a different receptor in the brain and two, it releases only 10% of the drug every hour so it keeps you at the same level. There's no highs and lows, ups and downs, etc. Yet, the drug keeps you pain free. MS Contin is the same type of drug only it releases like OxyContin only its Morphine Sulfate. If you're taking 180 mgs of MS Contin a day, that may not be enough for you. Fentanyl is a much stronger drug. You may want to talk to your PM Dr.
  • herrball, thanks for that clarification, you are correct on those distinctions. Oh boy, I sure like the extended release of the Avinza over what I've done in the past!
  • Hey buddy,

    How's things going? I just wanted to let you know that my new pain mgmt doc increased my mscontin to 3x/day about 6 weeks ago and I really don't see a difference. I don't feel that much pain releif from it as I did from taking 6-8 vicodin a day. The only thing I like about it is that I'm only taking 3 pills a day instead of 6-8 but I still have to take 1-2 vicodin per day. I'm starting to wean off the mscontin by my own choice cuz it doesn't seem to be helping so I'm down to twice a day and don't really see a difference if I take 2 or 3. I'm also weaning off the gabapentin which I started on Friday.

    I hope you find some pain releif soon.

    Take care my friend.
  • Be careful with the Vicodin. You don't want too much tylenol/APAP going into your system on a daily basis for long periods of time. It's just not good for the liver. So, be careful with the vicodin, hydro, norco, lortab, lorcet, zydone, etc. All of those hydrocodone based drugs. They all have aspirin in them or tylenol.
  • Hi Herrball, you're right about the morphine dosage. I am coming from taking 100 mcg's of Fentanyl. My morphine dose was calculated and I read somewhere that you're not started at the highest equivalent in fear of causing side effects like trouble breathing. They prefer to dose you like 20% under what you would normally be at, and then work it up after.

    Hi Ming, I'm glad your doctor was willing to raise the morphine but am sorry it didn't help. Can he give you something else like Oxycontin, Fentanyl, Methadone, or Opana? I know there's something efficient out there for you. I'm allowed only 6 percocets a day and this is because of its tylenol content. So far I'm still having a lot of pain and I rely on both meds to get me through this.

    Thank you again for all your help :H
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