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MS Contin, anyone?



  • Instead of percocet, have you Dr give you oxycodone, it is percocet without tylenol. Thats what I take for BT with fentanyl. Just for you info.
  • My bottle says oxycodone/apap and I know it has tylenol. I always thought that it would make the oxycodone portion work better (forgot the term for that). I also am worried about how to ask for straight oxycodone; I wouldn't want to be misinterpreted in any way. And on top of everything else, I am waiting to have surgery to permanently implant a morphine pump. It's hard to wait when you're having a lot of pain but I look forward to getting better relief.
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  • I've been on MS Contin generic for 2+ years for my chronic pain and it's worked magnificently. I was switched to Fentanyl for a rotation to reduce my tolerance and that didn't work at all for me.

    I went from 60mg 3x daily a couple months ago and am now on 30mg 3x daily, and it works great.

    meydey, if you want to ask for just Oxycodone, cite the liver problems associated with tylenol use in large quantities over time. Usually doctors take that into account and mine always have.
  • i have had nothing but good luck with the use of the medication!! =D> i take the same as your dose and it has helped the pain in my back more than anything i have ever taken. <:P i am on a pretty good pain regime right now.. i hope you have the same luck! :D give yourself time to get over the sleepiness! (|: your body will adjust! =D> Jenny
  • Thanks Chronic Pain1..I'm glad to hear that the morphine worked out so well for you. It's so true about tylenol wreaking havoc in your liver. I wonder how long someone can be on it before the damage starts. I heard if you stay under 4000 grams? a day that it is relatively safe. I've been taking Norco for 3 years straight and just recently switched to oxycodone/apap. I never had my liver checked.

    Thanks Jenny for your encouragement, and I'm glad you too are doing well with your meds.
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  • My PM doc always puts me on a new medication for a week to try it out and see if it works, I'm glad they do.

    The Morphine works great for me(when I restarted there's some sleep issues, it keeps me awake and constipation) and a lot of the time I only need 2 a day when prescribed 3.
  • I just asked my pain dr if I could have the oxycodone withour tylenol because I didnt want to take that much tylenol all the time. It wasnt a problem.
  • ChronicPain1, that is really great your PM doctor does that for you. It seems you're at the right place. Anyway, I hadn't had issues with constipation or insomnia thank goodness. The Zanaflex always puts my lights out and I eat prunes and foods with fiber. I haven't resorted to a laxative in a long time :D

    Robin, it's great that you had no problem getting the straight oxycodone. I will consider asking when the time is right.
  • dr put me on morphine 30 er and 15 ir.didn;t work well for i;m taking hydro-10-325 2 every 6 hours.seems to work better then the morphine.
  • I'm glad the Norco's do something for you. It'd be cool if they invented a long acting form of it. I used to take them but after 3 years I built a tolerance to them and then went on to oxycodone.
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