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Recliner or bed - survey - 14 days until TLIF



  • :))) I appreciate all your thoughtful responses to my question.
    I do feel strongly that I need a recliner. I just can't see laying in bed 24/7 (besides walks and restroom duty).
    Thank you too itsalongwalk - I do have to get some slippery sheets to help my family turn me over! I do have two large ice packs that I LOVE, and have them ready to go, along with a "reacher" which I've been using already.
  • I have a recliner that I constantly occupied until I hurt my back. I haven't used it for more than five minutes since. I just can't get comfortable in it. My bed is best for me.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
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  • not to even think of a recliner.
    I have a sofa bed which I bought and extra foam mattress for which I had set up in the living room.
    I would have a rest a few times a day but really didn't spend a lot of time lying down at all.
    I think I was expecting to before the surgery but after I had it I was more going between sitting and walking/standing then lying.

    All the best
  • Its been awhile and Im still in a recliner. Bed makes me feel like im lying on bricks!!
  • We did a search for & found two loveseat recliners for our hearth room that is off the kitchen. I knew that would be where I wanted to be during the day.
    My husband insisted that we sleep there the first 2 weeks after coming home from the hospital. He was afraid for me to try to roll in and out of bed and fearful that it would do damage. The hospital used a big foam wedge that they gave me to bring home. My husband put it on the edge of the bed and propped a pillow against it and I would lean back on it....great relief during the night. I put a pillow betwee my knees and had pillows everywhere in our bed and all sizes and firmnesses for comfort. I had made a fitted sheet out of lingerie fabric (slippery)
    and what a great blessing that is to be able to move easily in and out of bed. I still use the loveseat a great deal....I either lie down and nap on the bottom cushion or get in the recliner and let it recline for an easy nap. I'm only 5', so I fit on the loveseat well.
    It's been just over 2 months since my surgery and I have no surgery pain....but am experiencing what they fear may be spinal fluid leak.....
    Comfort is important to our recovery.
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  • I got one of those granny motorized recliners which I still use everyday while sitting in the living room. To sleep, I also rented a hospital bed - it was a total lifesaver! I could ajust the feet when I felt pulling in my lower back, had handrails to help get out, etc... Best of all, my insurance paid for it. I only needed it less than a month and then integrated back into my regular bed. One tip though, be sure to get it FULLY automated so you can do everything with the touch of a button.
  • Ten days to go - and I am so glad that you folks have given me some more ideas for making sure that I am comfortable. I'm afraid of the unknown - but then thankful that I'm in pain - so that I know that it truly the best thing to do right now.
    This is the BiggesT surgery I've had so far, and am not really comfortable in bed now. It makes so much sense as barney states "comfort is important to our recovery". We need to be comfy to relax and heal.
    Today is payday ;)) so I will be off to my two favorite discount department stores to get more pillows, foam wedgies and slick fabric.
    I'm thankful for all your support - and hope that I can offer encouragement to you good people too! :)))
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