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I'm 15 and having a Spine Fusion in 2 weeks

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:31 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I'm 15 and having a Spine Fusion in 2 weeks, Posterior. Could anyone share their experiences? I'm a little nervous. Thanks x


  • Hi Bekkieboo,

    Sorry to hear about your fusion, your so young. I had fusion at L5-S1 and disc replacement at L4-L5 on May 11th(from the front). I spent 3 days in the hospital and started walking the day after the surgery. I was scared but knew I had no other option.It wasn't as bad as I expected. Reading about others experiences left me very uneasy, constently questioning my decision to have surgery. Well,Im hear to say that I survived the surgery and am doing great!!Better than the surgeon expected.I still have pain but is very different than what I experienced before the surgery. Thank God!!!I try to stay possitive and push myself everyday, even if it hurts. The surgeon will do his part and you will have to do yours. Good luck with the surgery and keep your head up. Your young, you'll bounce back probably better than most of us!!!

    39 yr. old mother of 5 Children, 20,19,14,14,9
    Lumbar strains: 1995, 1997, 1998

    Major injury: 2002, 2 herniated disc w/tears, DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Major nerve damage in both legs. Treatments included: Celebrex, Bextra, Ralaphin, Flexril, Naproxin, Motrin, Ultram, Steroid injections, Nerve Blocks, Physical Therapy, Aqua Therapy, specific exercise regimen, loss of 70 lbs.

    Surgery: May 2009 ALIF of L5-S1 with titanium cage and 4 screws, no bone,Pro-Disc at L4-L5
    Current Meds: Vicadin 5mg/500, daily aspirin, calcium supplement, senicot, bone growth stimulator

  • Hey there Bekkieboo(cute name),
    You'll be just fine,I had a PLIF L2-L3 in April.I had my surgery on Friday and went home on Sunday.At 15,you're probably pretty tough,so this will be a piece of cake for you.Just follow your Dr's post-op instructions(this is crucial).Even if you don't feel like you need them,take your pain meds as instructed too,this will help with any breakthrough pain,and give your body the ability to focus on healing and not reacting to the pain.I had a cookie-dough blizzard on the way home from the hospital..that really helped! Take Care keep us posted on how you're doing. Sagehen
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  • Is it for scoliosis? In any case you should do great. Younger you are faster you heal and get back on your feet.

    I'm 25 and had a 3 level fusion at the end of January and have done great ever since. I have been off all restrictions for some time and back to all normal activities (Working, lifting, school, etc).

    The first week is going to be rough, but everyday you will find improvement. The first two days being the worse, but after that I found everyday to be a significant improvement. By the 3rd day I required no IV Pain medication and went home that night on percocets.

    You will need your family and friends help for about a month off and on for various needs, some personal. If you have any questions please feel free to askem.

  • It's not for Scoliosis. I've had this disorder for 3 years, I've tried literally everything and I've had all therapies and a Pain Management team, I've tried to overdose. I've been on about 35 tablets a day to stop me from screaming as the pain is like being hit by a Lorry. I struggle. At this age my emotional state is badly affected.

    I'm hoping this surgery is going to work. 50% chance. It's scary.

    I'm taken aback as I'm going to be on Morphine pump and drips and machines and stuff, plus High Dependancy/Intensive Care unit.
    Did anyone else have this?
  • I did not but with your age and history that is to be expected. A lot of people get morphine pumps and even drips to maintain pain at an acceptable level. Stay positive and ignore the negative posts on this board, remember the ones whom usually stay and keep posting are the ones who either had a failed surgery (most often related to something physical with them) or continue to be in pain for one reason or another.

    They make up a VERY small percentage as most whom have success do not continue posting here.
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  • You'll do fine. Just don't be shy, and ask if you want to know what something is for, or what someone is giving you or hooking you up to. I'm a nurse and I NEVER mind if someone asks me those things. I think it's a sign of a good patient! :) When you wake up you'll probably have an IV or two (don't be surprised if you have a central line that is either in the side of your neck or near your collar bone). The central line sounds scary but it's actually great. They put it in while you're asleep. They can give you your meds AND draw blood through it--no pokes! The morphine pump is also nice. It sounds scary, but YOU get to control your medicine and you can give it to yourself when you need it. They'll monitor you, and it's pretty safe as long as no one else pushes the button. Be sure to push the button before you get up to walk or if you need to roll to your side (that'll help). I felt better getting up and walking. The thought of it really stinks, and the act of getting up isn't pleasant, but once you're on your'll be surprised how good it feels.

    Just follow all your doctor's directions, speak up and ask all the questions you want and tell people how you're feeling. You'll be pretty miserable the first week, but know that it gets better!! You'll heal quickly because you're young! :)
    Best of luck to you!! You'll do great and hopefully it helps all your pain. Keep us all updated!
  • Thank you for that, I feel better now. Much better. 2 weeks exactly today! Not that I'm couting down or anything.....hehe!

  • Jakotsu-- i am your age. having L5/S1 fusion on friday (two days from now.) looking for and trying to figure out what to expect. about this statement you typed: "You will need your family and friends help for about a month off and on for various needs, some personal." what do you mean by personal? how much help am I gonna need? i'm a very "modest" person and concerned how dependant I will be. can you shed some more detailed light for me? thanks, completely appreciated.
  • i hope you have a successful fusion bekkieboo!! please tell me all about it soon.

    when do i know if i need one myself? i have scoliosis and it seems to be worsening as i grow old. i'm 26 now, by the way. right now, my back problems are intolerable. my family doesn't take me seriously when i complain about the pain and they just say i request the use of ergonomic office products at work to relieve me of the pain. help!
  • Sentya a private message on that one ;)Ivbride
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