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Lyrica vs Neurotin

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Neurotin made me crazy, I mean literally nuts. The Lyrica or Topomax helped along with Tramadol. I have a auto immune disease with lupus which has affected every tissue and organ in my body. I use Lidoderm patches for the pain of shingles when I have the neuralgia. Another good companion, is my trust industrial strength TENS/EMS unit. You can wear it continously or for set periods of time and the best thing about it is you can hook it to your belt or shirt and go along and do things. I stay in pain and don't want to get hooked on narcotics. I want to have the series of four surgeries where they go into the brain and kill the nerve endings but my family is totally against this as there is a chance of paralysis, there is a chance in any type of surgery and they don't deal with the pain like I do. I get so depressed at times I feel death would be a better option. But Poeple who have not ever walked in your shoes cannot understand this. I look healthy from all the plaquenil and predisone which I will be on for the rest of my life, 33 meds a day is a lot and everytime they send me to a new doctor, they add another diagnosis and 2-3 more pills and my meds and insurance run me 1000-1100 per month that doesnot incluede all the doc and hospital bills that I will be paying on for the rest of my life. I don't have money left over to pay the groceries and utilities and it is a matter of time before we loose our home. I worked for 26 yrs in the medical field before this disease took over my life. I pray a lot and do some yoga stretches and I reach out to others who are suffering and that helps to connect with others who know what you are going through.


  • Hello Kimberly -

    I myself have been on Lyrica (100mg's a day) for the past 2 months now and I'd have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised with how well it's been working...especially when taken in tamdem with the narcotic pain med that I've been prescribed.

    From what I've been told by my Pain Management Doc, Lyrica was formulated to more or less replace Neurotin, since there was ALOT in the way of reported side-effects that made Neurotin use less than tolerable for many patients.

    Your having Lupus pretty much means that you'll be taking a fair amount of meds over the rest of your lifetime, so the goal is going to be finding/taking the ones that work best and eliminating the ones that don't. Lyrica just might be one that stays on the roster since most folks here that have taken it for awhile do report good things over-all...not alot in the way of similar and nasty Neurotin type side-effects.

    Take care Kimberly and all the best to you, feel free to ask anything of any and everyone on this's an excellent place for both advice and support!


  • Hi you two,
    My new primary care Dr just put me on neurontin...It's only been a few days,but I'm hoping for some help with horrific spasms,and leg pain when I try to sleep.Unfortunately, the second day I took it I had a full blown spasm and am still having aftershocks today.So ,today my Dr jacked the dosage up to 600mg.I'll see.....I have read alot about new Dr says I'm not at the end of the road and that we will find some relief for me. I have not had any Dr ever say that to me. Made me feel good. So any input about the side-effects will be appreciated.Thanks Sagehen
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  • i'm assuming you are taking 200 mg 3 x day to come up with the 600 mg dose. this is a good starting dose. i am taking neurontin and i am pleased with how much it helps with nerve pain. some days are better than others, but i know without the neurontin it would be worse.

    the only side effect i have is drowsiness, but i am on a much higher dose (800 mg 3 x day). previously it made me nauseated but that side effect has gone away now. there are several different sites on the web to research the side effects of neurontin. here is one i like.

    if you don't see any benefits of taking it within a month, your doctor will probably increase the dose. i hope you find something that will help!

    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
  • I just joined a few days ago. So I have a story for you. in 2002 I was owner of my own tree service and head of a municipal park department, also a father & more so..... after many bad decisions I chose to quit my job as park maintenance supervisor, sell my tree service to a friend, and go to work for a tree service in another town. I had all the physical strength anyone could want. I was full of confidence and able to do anything I wanted to. The boss I went to work for was always in a hury. On the sunny afternoon of may 9th 2003 I was bentover picking up branches....... I woke up in the hospital to find I had been smashed by a tree log. 4 BLOWNOUT discs 2 back fusion surgerys later I still have pain, and now Im facing another. IT took me 6 years to learn something the apostle Paul said " when I am weak, then I am powerful" something you know or something you may yet learn can encuorage someone, or just brighten someones day. I was a TV junky for too long try reading. I knew someone that learned to crochet and knit. people were happy to get a rug or scarf... they still talk about how thoughtful she was... even though she has been gone 6 years now. I am on lyrica and tramadol also. also cataflam 50mg twice a day. hang in there your not alone...realy treeguy
  • Ughhh... It does help with the nerve pain. Unfortunately the more it numbs the pain the more it numbs my brain. I can't function at work. Can't stay focused and can't remember a darned thing in short term. I have to stop taking it. I take 1 day and it still causes problems. If I took 3x day like the doc said. Forget it. Might as well stay at home.

    Never tried neurontin. My ortho was against it. Lyrica and Darvocet. He'd prefer I just take Advil.
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  • Hope you find the combo that works for you ;) Started with Neurontin which worked well but PCP wanted to see if pain would improve with Lyrica. I tapered off the Nuerontin (very painful) before I started on the Lyrica. The side effects of the Lyrica were more bothersome for me 8} than the Nuerontin and the pain relief was about the same so I switched back to my good ole stand bye, Neurontin. I have benefited so much from reading the posts of others about these two medications.
    Spineys Rule!!
  • Hi! I take neurontin (800mg. 3xday) I took lyrica twice and all it did was turn me into an eating machine. I ate constantly. Did anyone ever have that problem? Don't give up Kim. I know how you feel. I have Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), TMJ, fibromyalgia (FM), osteo arthritis (OA)(I need both knees replaced), clinical depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)(The Drs overdosed me on dilautid after my 3rd back surgery. I went in for a simple little fusion and ended up with 2 fusions, hardware (down to the tip of my tailbone) and cages through my whole lumbar. That was at Cleveland University Hospital. I swear they used me for a teaching session cuz it's a teaching hospital. My RA I got as a side effect of Lyme disease and it's in every joint but my elbows. I've had almost no relief in over 4 yrs and they've run out of options for me except steroids. I also have a rare eye disease. I've had 4 eye surgeries since 11/08. Trust me when I say I know pain and depression. Most of my last yr has been spent in bed and I get no help or support from anyone. I've been to that giving up point a lot over the last 29 yrs. (This past winter was the worst.) That's how long I've dealt with chronic pain, almost every day. Right now I have 2 more discs that went and I need a 4th surgery. We have really crappy insurance now from my husbands job and they won't pay for where the new Dr I was going to see operates in Pittsburgh. So I'm screwed. I just keep plugging along and hoping for my miracle. It's coming someday. I hope. Don't give up, your Dr has a ton of things he can try on you yet. You've only just begun.
  • I'd have to say neither if you husband had success with both for his back pain but insurance wouldn't cover Lyrica anymore so it was back to Neurontin w/Zanaflex..

    At any rate, this forum is helpful but in going thru many chats I realized that not very many of you talk about nutrition. You realize that today's modern food is full of stuff that creates inflammation in the body which is why many of you under pain management do not see any improvement. The pain meds are not treating your problem just helping you get thru the day. My husband suffered for 10 years with back pain,had a diskectomy last year & had complications with CSF leakage thanks to the surgeon. After weeks of being in pain the MD's just wanted to increase his pain meds and offered no other solution but to stay home and rest..we couldn't do that indefinitely so we took a proactive approach and took charge of our health. The doctor's could care less if you feel better or not-they just want to do their job and move on to the next patient.

    Do a lot of research on your condition and specifically why your nervous system is out of whack.

    My husband has had tremendous success with dietary changes and exercise. It wasn't easy and it didn't happen right away..we took it one day at a time until eventually he took one less pill every day.

    To EVERYONE..I recommend seeing an OSTEOPATHIC DOCTOR who can give you other alternatives..but you'd have to be committed to really try it otherwise it won't work for you. My husband was skeptical but he was so tired of the pain and not being able to "live" because it hurt to do anything that he figured he had nothing to lose and much to gain. He is glad he did..100% pain med free after 2 months of osteopathic treatments..GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! AND EXPLORE ALL OPTIONS BEFORE CONTINUING WITH MORE SURGERY OR PAIN MEDICATIONS...THAT STUFF CAN KILL YOU...
  • I have started on the lowest does of Neuronton 100mg 3xday so+ 300mg total daily.
    WOW It works wonders, I have taken Percocet,Vicodin,Flexeril, and all of them to me have many neg side effects. To me Neuronton is Great it has some side effects of course but to me nothing close to negative. Positive. It dosn't make me sleepy, no confusion or clumsiness or no drugged up feeling like the others. Of course when needed I still take the Pain pills. But neurontin I think is going to really help me with my muscle pain and sciatica. Of course it dosn't rmv the pain but makes it more manageable. In fact it has really helped my mood. I am not that depressed or anxious as often as before. In fact it has given me more energy and has motivated me to do more around the house. "WOW" I have gotten up and actually cleaned house. The low dose starting of 300mg daily has helped, but I can see why you want to increase the dosage, it feels so great you want to increase the dosage. It has actually helped & I just been on it for a week tomorrow.
  • Great news Unknown! I'm so glad you found some relief! Although I feel foggy and dizzy at times and it may possibly be causing me insomnia, I had the same effect as you: overnight success. Neurontin is truly a "wonder drug" for me.

    I think at times we perceive our lack of pain as the current drug giving us more energy, but I really believe it's the fact that we finally are free of (some, a lot?) pain!!! <:P
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