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What about this procedure

buckeyebackbbuckeyeback Posts: 384
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:32 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Anyone had this done?

Detailed explaination:


Click here if you like spoonfed:


I like the approach and the speedy recovery as an alternative to Micro-d. I am looking into this since I live in Ohio and Dayton is one of the two places it is performed.

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  • This whole site is about finding the best way to treat spinal issues with the help of other sufferers!!! ~X( X(

    Okay,...I'll do some "lawyering" and talk around their names when a video would explain it much better. Unreal!

    The procedure I am eluding to takes a caudal approach similar to the Racz procedure (am I allowed to name a procedure?) where they use an "accurascope" to go up and down the spinal canal similar to an elevator going up the spine. They can see bulges/herniations from the bottom up and shrink them with a laser. Anyone have any experience with this technique
  • buckeyeback said:
    This whole site is about finding the best way to treat spinal issues with the help of other sufferers!!! ~X( X(
    Actually this whole site is a business. You can't list doctors or institutions. Unless they are paying the site to advertise for them. Then that is different.

    The site provides a forum for people to discuss back/neck issues as a secondary function.

    So you have to remove the who/where from articles and discuss the process or procedure. This Racz is a new one on me. It's good that people are finding new ideas to discuss. I think we are all kinda bored with the current glue em and screw em techniques... ;-)
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  • I never heard of this, but it does sound very intriguing.
  • "accurascope+Dayton+Ohio" and you should get info on what I'm trying to convey. It's a whole new way of looking at the discs surgically. Very fascinating concept. I'm VERY interested in it.

  • But...

    Is it covered by your insurance? On the old forum we had several discussions about laser surgery. There is a place in FL that does it. Not covered by insurance. There were very mixed reviews of it.

    The axialif method of fusion uses that concept of going up the canal. But you still get cuts in your back for screws etc.

    The Dascor process I started the other thread on. That process for replacing the nucleus of the disc is also new and minimally invasive.

    Once again parts are FDA approved and parts aren't. Most have lots of use in Europe.

    Keep on looking for them buckeye, I know I am.
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  • I feel like we are on the cusp of technology that could really repair the disc instead of removing any repalcing. The tissue damage alone causes more problems than it may fix. The "accurascope" website stated that it was covered by most insurance. I'm BWC so I think I may be given more lattitude to have it done.

    I'll stay on the prowl, Z.
  • I have become interested in the Accurascope procedure as well. Anyone have it?
  • I will post the details on another message. I thought it was worth it so far....
  • If its so great less invasive , less post op issues, then why hasn'y any surgeon in NY figured out how to do it>? Is it the medical industrial complex ?
  • I had my second ESI today and my pain doc feels that I would be an excellent candidate for it...We will see how I feel the next 3 weeks and build up our case for the insurance company. The only require authorization, so they have approved previous procedures.

    My understanding is that this procedure is similar to an ESI only with a caudal approach and the doc inserts a catheter via fluorscopy to break up scar tissue and any disc material if they can get it. Once the scar tissue is cleared, they basically then infuse steroids to the area, similar to an ESI. I think this is my last option before I insist on seeing my neurosurgeon. I'm planning on making it count and am thinking of ways to maximize my success! Fingers crossed it gets authorized....
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