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My youngest son



  • I can post a picture of what our soon to be 19 year old sons mess looks like when he moved back in for the summer!

    I love him dearly, but not his mess!

    My wife wants to buy a small house or trailer for the boys to use while going through college so they do not stay at home or rent. I told her I don't want to OWN anyplace they are living! YUCK :sick: including the house we are in now =)) :O :?
  • Oh my Gosh, Wrangler! You are not kidding about the mess they can make! Last year when this son grad HS we had him gut his room. He(we did more behind his back..LOL) trashed years of school work,other unidentified objects from under the bed, closet, floor. Then painted the room. It was nice for a few weeks.He works and goes to college but never wants to take time to clean so the mess started to grow again! So we are looking forward to having it clean again! LOL!

    Previous experience has taught us what goes out the door doesn't come back in! Can you imagine? A bed that has lived in an apt. with 3 boys that don't clean well..YUCK....that's worse than a dorm! Apts. have bugs, probably smoke and other smells and who knows what else?

    When our oldest son moved out we learned that rule! They can store things in the garage if they clean them. But once we clean and re-do their room they can't change it, they are welcome home, the door is always open, but they use it as is and can't take the new bed,etc.with them when they leave again. They only get 1 bedroom set from us! We'll help them any way we can but like you and your wife we don't want the yuck back. LOL!

    I think that is why this one is leaving more than taking! He's smart. He wants to keep his foot in the door and stakes on his room! LOL! We bought him a new bed when we did the room last year. So far he took the mattress but not the frame/boxspring or his dresser,desk,etc.See, foot in the door! I think as much as he wants to move he will miss home plus he might need/want to come back. Here I thought I was going to get to re-decorate! I did give him the curtains to match his comforter. Then quickly put up new white curtains! WHITE? He was shocked, it's so bright! LOL! I told him I like light even though he and his brother always prefer dark curtains to keep the light out!

    But I will miss the mess too because he's a good kid and very helpful so there is good with bad. But he is close enough he can come by to visit often. Actually, he has always been mature, strong, determined, always wanted to keep up with his big brother so I think he'll make it on his own successfully if he keeps his job....the ecomomy right now worries me.

    Good luck with the boys...I hope you find a place for them to keep the YUCK! A trailer might not be so bad if you could afford it...just have it removed when they leave! LOL!

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  • Kat, You have a few years left so just enjoy them! LOL!Enjoy every day because time will pass quickly!
    But the simple things are so much fun to do with a 10 year old....have fun!

    Soon you'll be thinking back to the good memories you have made together! I rewind memories of the past all the time while still enjoying good time in the present and wondering about his future!Just last night we were talking about all the things we did in summers past, the vacations and the simple things like picnics in the backyard, swimming late at night while looking at stars, walking the beach at night with flashlights and finding sea treasures, you get it! LOL!

    By the way Kat, a warning, so you can't say nobody ever warned you. Although we love our children and dread the day the leave the nest.....the only thing that helps make it easier is that they turn into "teen-agers", Aliens before our eyes! Luckily, it's just a phase but it I think God made teen years to help parents accept our kids growing up! And God lets them be little sweet fun-loving kids we adore first so we will still love them as teens and even more as we watch them grow and mature into fine young adults we are proud of and very close to!

    Have fun playing games and watching stars, etc.with him while you can!

  • Leftback, enjoy that special visit to the hilt. :D they only go to college once! LOL! take care! :D Jenny :)
  • Thanks Jenny! I plan to enjoy every second! I always am encouraged by your support! Take care!

    Priestess and Bubblegum,
    I'm sorry they leave home and wanted to clip their wings too! They grow up too fast,don't they! I'm always looking at pictures of them as they grew up!

    My youngest son goes to community college close to home. I let him choose(with fingers crossed) and was surprised he stayed home the 1st year because he had options to go where he wanted But he decided to stay home..cheaper and he loves his job. But he is the one that decided to get the apt. with friend now. I think it is because all his friends are in dorms or in he doesn't want to be the kid at home. The good news is we are always mom, they always love us and need us and they come back often!

    I know especially with girls your girls will stay close to you regardless where they go! You are both good moms and your kids will soar as they fly! But they will always call you with all the details of their journey and let you in on their secrets. Maybe we do clip their wings a little unconsciously! LOL! I wish you and your daughters good memories and adventures together as they start this journey of their life.

    There is nothing more sobering than all the sudden knowing how our moms, parents felt when we spread of wings!Now we know exactly how they felt! What a reality check! LOL! How did I get old enough to be at this stage of life?LOL!

    Have a good day friends!
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  • Moved out last fall into a dorm 9 miles from home!
    We saw him pretty often as both my wife and I work on either side of his dorm! So he never failed to find us when he needed a car, food, laundry done! Over the summer he has been working on top of the same mountain where I broke my neck and back! He never comes home!
    Well, once a month when he runs completely out of clean not smell too bad clothes!

    This fall we are purchasing an older fully remodeled townhouse for both boys to take turns using through college. We need it for the next 6 years.... :O

    Even if the kids stay in town, they don't want to stay at home! We don't intend to make them as the hills around here are pretty dangerous in the snow and winter, so we let them go to town.

    It's hard to let go, but it's all good to! :?
    I hope. :SS
  • So you are going to buy a place for the boys! Good idea! Especially with the weather, that would concern me, so I would have peace knowing they were close to school and safer in town too! What kind of work is your son doing on top of the mountain? Does it worry you knowing that is where you broke your back and neck?

    Now you and your wife will know the boys are ok and yet not so far they can still come home often! I have one son that is neat, organized and worries about things and the othe son doesn't care much about being neat or worry about anything! If they lived together the good news is the neat son would keep the place clean and the other son would make his brother "relax and chill" sometimes....LOL! good luck with the condo and the boys moving!


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