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Micheal Jackson and oxycontin {here we go again!!}



  • Straker - I started a thread last Friday in the Water Cooler section on this very topic. Great minds and all that, eh?

    I wonder, though - if the grueling rehearsals for this concert tour maybe had him in more pain than usual, and since celebrities are able to do what they want and in fact have a support system that in essence is enabling the celebrities to feel this way, maybe he took extra doses (not to get the "high" but the "relief") and as a result, took too many and passed away due to respiratory distress/suppression?

    Just a new twist on things...

    Either way, I KNOW this is going to be bad for CP/IP suffererers like us. I'm just waiting for my husband to ask "isn't that what you take?" and then make me stop taking them...

    Truth be told, these days, even the OC/MSContin/Zanaflex combos aren't relieving that much for that long...



    What would REALLY be a cr@ppy thing is if it came out that Billy Mays was a CP/IP sufferer and had a thing for pain meds...
  • I was surprised to hear about MJ's death, but sadly I wasn't really shocked. He hasn't had the appearance of being in good health for quite some time. (The recent death of David Carradine... that one kind of shocked me).

    I wonder if the upcoming tour he was planning, was more than his body could physically take. Especially if he was on a several large doses of various medications for pain, depression and anxiety. There was one article that stated he was taking 250mg of Xanax a day? That is a HUGE amount of Xanax. I can't help thinking he was self medicating, from what I've read so far. I mean, what doctor in their right mind would allow MJ to perform the way he did, while taking all of those medications? The preparation for any tour, involves months of strenuous activity. The combination of MJ's medication, the dancing, the singing and the many hours of rehearsals... could very well have affected his heart. That would explain why there was a cardiologist around. (Just my thoughts, of course).

    Whatever the autopsy results reveal, I'm glad he didn't have to suffer long.

    I absolutely dread listening to the news and hearing another bad rap about our prescribed pain medications, which work so well for us. I take Oxycontin and Percocet too, Straker. The press is mentioning Demerol a lot with MJ, but I know darn well it's going to wind up being a general consensus of narcotics with the media. It's just not fair to those of us that take our medications AS prescribed, have regular visits to the doctors who monitor our medications and we follow all of the rules.

    I'll be praying that we get some well-respected doctors, who will go to bat for us during this uproar. My main concern is that the media will push them aside and will go for what sells... which is all of the negatives. I want to believe that the doctors will win this controversy with the media. Even if it's a silent one.

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  • And instead of going to the hospital 6 minutes away they called in a Dr. He could've been having chestpain for all we know the night before and instead of calling ER he called in a private Dr. Not a very good idea. But I too don't have all the facts. I heard he had fractured his thoracic spine when he fell and hurt his leg and back. It's too bad he didn't find Spine Health. He was probably very isolated in his pain. It's still sad the way the media brings up oxycontin or the "pain pills" I would've been gone long ago if my Dr. didn't increase the pain meds I'm on and even so still have pain. It's sad if PM Drs get audited so much but it only takes one person to bring an audit on one Dr. I have a dry mouth mostly from the pills and have never experienced any high from meds. I'm still stuck in the 80's as alot of good music was around then and MTV was born. Charry
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  • Well the most recent information was Michael Jackson's lawyer saying that Dr Murray the doctor with Michael at the house trying to revive him said he never prescribed oxycontin or demerol. Then they interview Lou Ferrigno who was Michaels personal trainer in preparing him for the concerts said Michael did not seem like he was on anything and he worked out on an exercise ball and bands with him for 4 hours a day and that he seemed like he was doing fine.

    Could all of these rumors about the drugs be lies or are those people lying. I guess we'll find out when the results come out. Or maybe we will it seems with all of these different stories it's hard to know what to believe and it makes me wonder if they are going to continue lying even after all of the results come back.
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  • Everything we are hearing right now are rumors.The media are having a field day and using Michaels' unfortunate demise to their own advantage.Everyone(myself included)is listening to everything that everyone is saying as if it is,or might well be-true.

    Truth is,we won't know-just like a few others have mentioned-until the toxicology reports come back.That can take 4-6 weeks they said in the news.Even then,we should all know by now that we can't believe everything we hear in the media.Stories miraculously change with the blink of an eye or the flick of a palm.

    I listen to the stories and have been just as caught up as anyone else out there....but I refuse to judge anyone.Just like the other crap,and believe me,I'm not a fan of child molestors or child abuse of any kind..I lived it for years,and castration as punishment would be no problem for me to witness-nay-perform even...but again,I refuse to judge anyone.Not my place.If he's guilty I believe he will be dealt with,on the other hand I think it's terrible the injustice that he must have felt if he were innocent of any wrongdoings.
    May he rest in peace.
  • Lou Ferigno (for those of you way too young to remember - he was the original HULK) "said Michael did not seem like he was on anything and he worked out on an exercise ball and bands with him for 4 hours a day and that he seemed like he was doing fine."

    The reason he was fine? Because he was taking his medication as prescribed.

    Only, the last night of his life, he was feeling a little bit more pain than usual, and decided to double up on something, maybe more than one thing, and made a fatal mistake.

    That's what I am thinking. It was not his intent to deliberately abuse medication. He was just looking for some relief. His dance routines are grueling for anyone, let alone someone with a history of broken back!

  • Billy Mays died or is thought to have died from heart failure, forget the exact term they used.

    Why would MJ be any different? Maybe more likely due to his added activity level on a strained, possibly anorexic heart. I had a close friend who died at 52, even after having a thorough workup and exam within the last year. They were looking for heart problems and found nothing, yet he dropped dead one morning while no one was around. They found him 3 hours later.

    Just because they are celebrities does not save them from being human. MJ may have done nothing any different that day. It was just time to go.

    In 4-6 weeks maybe they'll have a better idea of what really happened, maybe not...
  • R.I.P MJ...Im still sad...

    Pain meds will always be abused in this country..Its just real easy to get when your a star/celeb or person with (extra) for people with CP

    Some people who live on the street and are dirt poor will spend the last $10 they got on pills to ease their pain..Its all how you look at it... different perspectives...
  • I saw last night on the news (rumors of course) they say his OD may have been Propofol - yes, as in the general anesthetic! To give this outside an OR or surgical suite without monitor its NUTS - they say the doctor that prescribed it may be charged with manslaughter, for sure will lose his license. they say he requested if for severe insomnia, and would often have minor surgical procedures just to get it!
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