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What should I be doing 10 days post - op

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I should be at this point post-op. I would like to know how much I should be walking, sitting up? I try to sit up as much as I can, it is on the side of my bed. I am still on quite a lot of pain killers.I spread them out throughout the day to manage the pain.

My right foot is so swollen it looks likes Fred Flintstone's foot. I am still wondering about the UTI, the DR.s office never called me back about the test, now I am hurting pretty good when I go. Now my right side is hurting and I think it might be my kidney.

I just want to know what I should be doing I am still using the walker. I just don't want to be sitting on my butt to long. I go on Thursday to get my staples out. Should be interesting.....

Well any input would be great,
Thanks in advance



  • My Dr told me to walk with the walker as much as I could. But no sitting only to eat and go to the bathroom, period. It is not good for the fusion to sit upright. He told me I could walk as much as I wanted, not to sit. Also try some cranberry juice. If it gets bad, call or go to ER, You dont want any problems that way also. I used to the walker for a very long time. Also try elevating your legs. Anything else, please PM me. Hope you are getting better. Heres a Hug >:D<
  • sounds like your feeling a little better . but you realy need to go to the er about your uti that could be a big part of your problem you probbaly would feel sooo much better and start to heal up quicker let us know i dont know where you should be still waiting on my turn to have the same thing done you had done scared but coping love to hear good outcomes i sure you will be one of those Renee >:D< big hug for you
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  • Hoping you are feeling better?
  • My wife is 11 days out of her surgery (L5/S1) and we were wondering the same. She had a slight discharge from her incision site last Thurs. So we called the dr. and let them know about that and a constant "knot" deep in her lower back. They put her on an antibiotic and said to take it easy. She is supposed to only walk when necessary, like to use the restroom and such. They told her that if she does have an infection, she could worsen it by walking. So we are following the advice and going in to see the dr tomorrow. Up till Thurs, she was quiet mobile (more than I expected) and in good spirits. Hopefully, the dr will have some good news and encouragement for her. We are going to ask what exactly she should and shoudn't be doing. How long should she stand and walk for at a time. Should she "push" thru the pain inorder to stregthen the muscles? She wants terribly to get up, grab her walker, throw on her brace, and walk around, get her own cup of coffee, check the mail, just everyday stuff. Hopefully the answers we get tomorrow will help us move forward.....

  • I just wanted to update everyone. I am now on Bactrim for my UTI. I still have a lot of leg muscle pain, my legs feel like they just want to fall off. I have been up walking a little more, but my back is bruised around the bottom by my tail bone. It makes it hard to wear my brace, it feels like it is cutting into my back.

    I go in Thursday to see my Dr. & to maybe get my staples out. I hope he can answer some of my questions. I to am sick of this sitting around. I need to know when I can move around, I know this is weird but I wish I can pick up some in my house I want to do dishes LOL. I feel bad that my sister is having to do everything. I backed off a little on the meds and I am not as foggy but I am still nodding off. That drives me crazy.

    Well I hope your wife is doing better, I would like to know how she's doing after her Dr's appt.

    Thanks again for the help,
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  • Don't do too much too soon. It's better to be cautious. You can do something nice for your sister when you have made a complete recovery. :)
  • I read that somewhere here only want to do this ONCE, so do it right. You're only job right now is give it the time it needs. It's really hard, I know, as life does not stop just because you had surgery. Even my husband says to me, 'you don't want to have to do this again....and either does he'!! :)

  • Heidi is 100% right, nobody wants to go through the pain and recovery again for the same thing!!!

    Take care of yourself, and listen to your body!

  • You should be resting! I've often said "Resting is harder than working hard". Right now resting and healing is your full time job. And what a tough job it is! I know how hard it is to wake up every day and stay in bed. You need to make yourself rest and lay low. I had the same surgery done 1 1/2 years ago and I rarely need my cane now. It was the best thing I ever did. Good luck to you and take it EASY.
    Faith M

  • I want to Thank you for the words of wisdom. I know rest is the best, and yes that's the hardest thing to do. But I am working on it.

    Thanks again,
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