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Does it ever get better after after surgey



  • Thanks JenG I really appreciate you saying that
    I am positive about my surgery but my wife keeps
    making comments that she doesnt really think I need it
    Sometimes it gets me upset & second quessing myself
  • that does make sense to me
    papa ron I never thought about it that way
    I appreciate you letting me see things in that way
    I always seem to tackle my surgeries as if I push
    myself I will come back quicker not thinking about
    the adverse problems
    Mark :H
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  • Thanks Jennifer
    I hope you continue to do well
    I will concentrate on following my docs rules
  • every time I hear from you fellow spineys
    I become more & more confident every time
    thank you all so much for the replies & the words
    of encouragement I hope i ccan recipricate soon
    good luck to you to Maryanne
    I will let you know how i did
    surgery tommorrow at 2:00 :)))
  • :))) :))) :))) :))) :)))
    thanks Whyme I will let kn ow & thanks for helping
    me out
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  • linda I hope I come back as possitive as you,especially
    with all you have gone through compared tome
    thanks & good luck to you
  • thanks Melissa that definetly gave a boost
    I hope I will be as good as you. I will definetly
    do as I am told
    I will let you know how it goes & again thanks so much
    Mark >:D<

  • Yes, these post do give us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will take it easy and try to do as I am suppose to. I hope things go well for you too mark. I know this is not a race and I will pray for your healing. I am sure this is going to help you, I can feel the difference in my back where they fixed it, and I'm sure I will get rid of some of this pain if I get off my butt and start walking more.

    I have heard so many others that have done so well after their surgery. I have hope that this will be the case for us as well. No more negative thoughts! We will overcome this!

    Again sorry for my post being so much about me, and it not being about me trying to help support you.


  • I have had 2x fusions and one revision.
    I believe attitude is everything. Spine surgery needs lots of patience and you need to make real time changes to your life. You'll never be quite the same again and so long as you are ready for that you'll do great.

    I am one of the very few who had unusual complications and I try to do the "can do" attitude and not the "can't do" - all just needs a re-think. Sure I have my low days but then I have more fighting days...I bloomin will....!!

    Stay really positive, be realistic, use your SH friends for ideas and listen to your docs and your body.

    Best of luck.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    For basically a newcomer to Spine-Health, Kat always demonstrates a good working knowledge of spinal problems as well as many other issues the Spinal patients face.

    The Spine-Health member base has grown so much. Back in June of 2007, we had about 3,500 members, today we are up over
    11,000. That is a good sign that says things are being done correctly here.

    In the three years I have been here, I have seen so many members come and go. As Kat said, once they have improved and are no longer in alot of pain, they move on. I am so happy for those members. I've known a lot of them, and while they were here they had tons of problems. Its good news for those folks.

    Then we have folks like myself and so many others. Been through a lot, multiple surgeries, etc, but still are here.
    When you realize that you will live in chronic pain the rest of your life you have two choices:
    1- Give up, get depressed and not do much of anything
    2- Realize your shortcomings, make the most of them and push on.

    Many of our long time members here fit into category #2.
    They stay on because of a sense of loyalty and bonding to other members here and to try to help other members.

    As far as Internet and Forums.... Kat is right on about that also. Trust your sources. You can read just about anything and you can find articles or posts that back up what you feel no matter what. Forums are individuals without medical degrees out there trying to help. Personally, I make a lot of recommendations and suggestions, but I also let members know that I am not a doctor. What I am saying is based on my personal experiences. So take my words, digest them but please dont make them the gospel.

    Research is one of the golden rules. There are plenty of web sites for you to do some of that research. But I will
    send you over to the Spine-Health main site. There is a wealth of articles, videos, etc that cover in detail just about any spinal issue.

    Sorry to digress from the original post, but Kat's post made me what to post this
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