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Does it ever get better after after surgey



  • Good Luck Tuesday! Just remember, the first time up is the hardest. After that it will get better. I know how it is, after having my fusion in Dec I still remember. But gauge you recovery from Dr visit to Dr visit. You will see more progress that way. You are on your way to recovery, after taking this first step. Will say prayer and keep you in my thoughts.
  • I had my surgery on November 17, 2008, and other than the immediate post operative complaints and soreness I am glad it was done. I had a laminectomy/discectomy dome from L3 through S1. :( My next step is a fusion if this does not work. And I want to avoid that like the plague.

    It was very difficult to not only listen to the Dr and PT guy, but to do what they said. But I am glad I did. Every day my back gets stronger and I feel better. Sure there is still some residual pain, but nowhere near what I had prior to the surgery.

    I went from not being able to pick up a cup of coffee, to being able to lift 50 pounds again. Only problem remaining is twisting. Tried to sweep the garage yesterday and my back complained by giving me spasms.

    Note to self: Do not sweep the garage, get the wife to do it. :)

    Yes there were low points after surgery, but as the days, weeks and months passed they were steadily replaced by high points. Now the only time there is a low point it is due to me doing something stupid. (refer to the sweeping the garage comment above)

    Exercise within limits and do as much walking as you reasonably can. Best of luck in your surgery, and hope you are as pain free as possible when you next post.

    View my history for all the gory details.
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  • hello i had a fusion back in april of this year. yes i am having some problems with post op but as you have seen it is different for everyone. i cant say that i would go through it again. but i am still early in recover so it makes it hard for me to tell you if it works are not. i can tell you that you will have your good and bad days. sometimes it might seem you have more bad than good. it depends on your mind set and how you willing to deal with it. hope you have a good one and good luck with surgery. it is hard for me to do but i can say it easy keep you head up and be strong. let me know how it goes. hope to best for you theresa aka krazyangel
  • Thanks I will be in touch when i get home from my surgery
    I cant believe all of the wonderful support I have gotton'
    from all of you
    good luck to you also :H
  • So, today's the big day. I'll be thinking of you, and sending a prayer your way!

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  • Came back to this thread to see if there was any news (sometimes family post). All the best for a smooth recovery and excellent result!
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