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Muscle tightness associated with cervical disc problems???



  • Another member here recommended a Theracane to me a couple of years ago. I ordered one and have used it regularly on my muscle knots. It allows you to get at those hard to reach spots yourself and still relax while using it. It's been a lifesaver for me.

    I still do get regular massage when my pain allows it. There are days when I simply can't be touched- I'm sure many of you know the feeling. My opinion is that most anything is worth trying and whatever works, go for it!

  • Karmagirl, that sounds really bad, but don't give up. I think you have not yet found the right person to help you.
    I wish you could be treated by my massage lady.
    In her 4 years (and growing) of qualified training she did 6 months just on how muscles work and the problems they can have.
    We always discuss muscle problems during my treatments, and I pick up a bit more knowledge each time.
    The last 2 times she found my pectoral muscles were very tight and needed to be stretched. When they are tight they pull the shoulder forward, putting strain on the back and shoulder muscles. This then leads to my neck pain.
    I did a bit of research aftewards and found an article titled:"Imbalanced shoulder muscle groups can lead to back and neck pain."
    The comment below was : People who work long ours at a a computer are prone to to this this imbalance."
    That's me, and probably everyone on this forum!
    We discussed how many people expect to get cured from chronic muscle pain in just a few visits, and when this doesn't happen they class massage as a temporary benefit but nothing more.
    In my case I've had this chronic pain problem for over 20 years, and THAT will not be cleared up in just a few treatments. I expect it to be many months.

    So what I'm getting to is that you should find a really good, knowledgeable, trained, experienced, qualified and sympathetic remedial masseuse, and undergo a long series of treatments on a weekly basis.
    No surgery or drugs, but you must give it time to unravel the knots and gently stretch the muscles.
    Muscles have a memory and will revert back to what they were, so you have to keep up the stretching to re-educate them.
    I hope you are able to do this as I'm sure it will be the right path for you.
    May cost a bit, but what price a pain free life???
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  • Weekly very deep tissue massage helps me feel human. Stretching helps too. This stretch helps a lot:

    Sit up straight in a straight back chair or on a bench.
    Grasp the chair seat with both hands between your knees. Lean back with your head and eyes level and hold the stretch for 30 seconds.
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