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Medicinal Maijuana for Nerve Pain



  • Thanks for all the input - I have tried different forms of medication - they all seem to be variations of Tramadol and don't really work but keep you awake all night - I definitly would use a vaporizor (they cost about $600.00) I will see what he says toady I just know what we are doing right now is not working and I am pretty sure that the pain is due to damaged nerve that is not going to get any better as I have not had any improvement since April - when I had my surgery the Surgeon said that the nerve was badly damaged.
    Thanks again - I will keep you posted.
  • It takes about a year for nerves to heal fully and recover to their baseline level of function, so 4 months post-op is barely out of the gate as far as recovery from nerve damage goes. Baby steps and lots of patience required... ;)
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  • I have the same problem with nerve pain. It goes down my left buttock, left leg and my left foot is constantly numb. I also feel like a big fat elephant is sitting on my left great toe. I have been told by both my NS and PM docs that it can take up to FIVE years for the nerve to calm down. My fusion was over a year ago!

    I have been on Lyrica (helped alot but I started having serious vision problems so I was taken off of it). Now on Neurontin which causes me the same vision problems but I CANT get off these meds without severe nerve pain.

    Narcotics dont usually help me with the nerve pain. The nerve blocks work sometimes.

    I would say you still have options. Have you tried the epidural nerve blocks. My first one gave me relief for several months (way back before my surgeries)

    Talk with your doctor and have him refer you to a Pain Management specialist. Hang in there...

  • He is sending me to a Pain Clinic - he would not give me Marijuana because he said it would not help the pain - he put me back on Oxy-Contin for one month and Apo-Nortriptyne for the next month as well - I think he could tell I needed a break from hurting so hopefully I won't have to wait long to get into the pain clinic and I can go from there. I did have 2 epidurals before my first surgery (decompression) but have not had one since - the first one didn't go so great and I am terrified of them now.
    Anyways thanks for all the input.
  • You do not have to get it from him. I have had 3 recommendations and am a licsensed mmj card holder. Cannabis helps me not take too many oxies. I must take oxy, morphine and cannabis to control my "uncontrollable" pain from l5/s1 herniations. Along with neck herniations.

    You will need to go to a THC clinic to get your recommendation. Bring all of your medical records.

    Unfortunately this site doesn't have a sticky or forum to openly discuss medical cannabis as we can oxycodone, morphine, and fentanyl. cannabis never has and never will kill anybody.

    I keep seeing the same questions but people still feel it's too taboo , if there was a forum where all questions have been answered one could find their info while remaining anonymous. Info that is educational and unbiased, and phone numbers and addresses of clinics for cannabis recommendations to "HELP" people control their illnesses. Believe it or not, 14 states have legalized medical cannabis and is now an acceptable form of medicating in those states, because the people voted and could see it really does help. Cannabis has never ever killed anyone, and never will.
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  • I agree that medical marijuana is a topic that many people are uncomfortable discussing, however in this case I think the leap from 0-60 was a bit quick. Of course that's a personal opinion.

    A referral to pain management is a good next step and it sounds like Tracy_Lynn's doc is acting in her best interest.

  • samadhi said:
    Unfortunately this site doesn't have a sticky or forum to openly discuss medical cannabis as we can oxycodone, morphine, and fentanyl.
    I have to strongly disagree with you here. No, there's no Spine-Health sticky or topic that is strictly for medical marijuana, but there isn't one for any other medicine either. To say that it cannot be openly discussed within these forums under pain medication (where we post med questions about kadian, methadone, fentanyl, morphine, vicodin, oxycontin or any other med) is entirely incorrect.

    In fact, I believe you have just openly discussed it within this forum. And if you were to look at some past posts, this is NOT the first time that this subject has come up - with plenty of replies, opinions and thoughts from many members without the topic being closed or warned about unapproved content.

    I have absolutely nothing against the use or necessity of medical marijuana, but I can't let this go by without defending SH for their open forums on ANY subject, including medical marijuana.

  • haglandc said:
    however in this case I think the leap from 0-60 was a bit quick.
    please explain what you mean by that...
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    I totally agree with Cath. There are no specific or sticky forums to discuss any particular medication. All of that is done by the various posters who bring up topics regarding different medicines.

    This particular topic has been brought up in about a dozen different threads over the years. I agree that medical marijuana has it place in managing chronic pain for some individuals. The problem with almost 99% of these threads is that they become personal.
    They become wars with those for and those against.
    I am not blaming either side, because both sides get involved with that.
    And that is the time I step in an shut down a thread.
    I've done it many times before with marijuana threads as well as threads about oxycontin, physical therapy, various types of surgeries and more. Whenever a thread steps over the boundaries of being informative for all members, is when it becomes a candidate to being shut down.
    Right now, this thread seems to be going without any problems, lets make sure it stays that way
  • Hi,

    If you need information on medicinal mj just google it with forums after it and you will find many helpful people that will give you some great info. (medicinal marijuana forums)
    Sorry, but i'm not allowed to post the site here.

    ps: if you google lots of topics with forums you will find forums on almost everything.
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