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chronic pain and travel

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  • Straker, I'm so sorry to hear that your visit didn't go well, and left you in pain. May you find the relief that you need quickly, now that you're back home. I do know how you feel, my fam lives only 1/2 hour away, but even so, my visits are cut short, because I am too uncomfortable and the drive back home is hell if I stay too long.
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  • Yes I have similar problems visiting my family. They are in Connecticut and I'm in New Hampshire. This is about a three and a half hour drive one way. I already tense up when I have to do highway driving. Lifting my arms for anything increases my pain. It hurts to wash my hair in the shower! So that's another thing that increases my pain, having my hands up on the wheel for 3 1/2 hrs, even with no pushing or pulling. So by the time I get there, or back, I'm in incredible pain. I only like to go if my husband can go and drive for me but he works weekends, and my family of course plans parties and get togethers for weekends.

    You're also right about leaving the comfort of home. Around your own home you have coping mechanisms and strategies that you are used to so that you can get through the day with as little pain as possible, and you can't bring everything with you. Even sleeping on a different mattress or surface can increase your pain like crazy. I think my biggest problem is that my family expects too much of me, let's go here and there, let's do this and that. And instead of explaining over and over that I can't do it, I sometimes stupidly give in and just do what they want and pay for it in increased pain later.
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  • Hey, buddy - I'm sorry that your trip hit you so hard. It totally sucks that you go on a vacation to see someone you love so much and it turns you into one big ball of pain. I hope you feel better soon. What did your daughter say about the visit?

    I remember last February I posted about having company come to our house for a few weeks and how much pain I was in when they left. A big part of that was that we didn't have enough bedrooms and my husband's brother planted himself in my recliner, sleeping in it every night and he made it his official place to be. The stress of trying to entertain is just too difficult.

    Take care of yourself, bud. I hope you starting feeling better soon.
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  • ~X( What a bummer! Happy you're back home and can get a little comfort.

    Is it possible for your daughter to come and visit you at your house instead of you tring to go to the isle to see her? I don't know how old she is but if she's of age and can make the trip to see you, it would be a nicer visit.

    I can't imagine being jostled about on a ferry for 3 hours (just shoot me).

    My sister wants me to come to visit her in Houston. It's 11 hours to New Orleans and then another 6 1/2 to Houston from my home here in Orlando, I used to fly but haven't in years -- can't get over the claustraphobic feeling. Anyway, I've been feeling a lot better the past month and am thinking of making the drive. I don't know what will happen to my sciatica in my left leg. I have this vision of my driving two hours and then stopping to get a motel room -- can you imagine how long it would take me to get there (LOL!) I can imagine what the inside of my care would look like with my bag of ice packs, heating pads, ointments, back supports, ten unit, etc.

    Straker, take care and maybe a swim will help relax you and take the edge off the pain. So sorry a trip for pleasure turned out so badly.

    Thinking of you and sending healing and comforting thoughts your way,

  • Wow, sounds like a huge disappointment! I can't imagine traveling like that at this point! I agree with Judy, can't your daughter come to YOU? I really am sorry you are in such pain, and I will pray that you are able to bounce back (haha) quickly!

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    I can remember some of my earlier trips and how much I suffered about arrival at the destination. Some times it would take 2 or 3 days before I was back to semi-normal and then on the coming home leg of the trip, the same thing

    Were they worth it to me?

    The standard trips were only because it gave my wife and my family some well deserved R&R. So, I tried to just suck it up and not show how much I was hurting.

    We flew to Italy in 2003 (one of the reasons was to see my son in Lucca) The plane flight killed me, for about 4 days I had to pace myself, rest/sleep for a couple of hours before we could get up on the road.

    I would do it again in a heartbeat
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