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Planned surgery looking for REAL answers.....

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:33 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I am scheduled for a lam with fusion on my L4-L5. I have daily pain and know I need the surgery to function. However, I have been told many different things about the surgery and have questions. Please excuse the formality, just really looking for answers. txs

1. How long is the recovery process?
2. When were u able to drive?
3. When were u able to perform normal household fuctions such as laundry, cleaning etc?
4. Are you able to lift any weight after surgery or are you restricted? if so, for how long?
5. What are the lifetime changes the surgery will happen?
6. After the surgery, how long until you return to normal activity such as attending college, work etc?
7. Can the fusion "be broken" if not healed correctly or have not followed the instructions such as if you lifted too much without realizing?

THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE. I was just notified yesterday that I need this surgery and my back has gotten worse. I keep searching for answers but one site contradicts the other. THANK YOU!!!


  • I had above mentioned fusion 8 yrs ago it was a 360 fusion with donor bone and instrumentation. It is hard to say what your recovery time is... My surgery was a complete success and yet I still feel like I recover a little more each year. I went back to work as a copier tech in 4 weeks, but that was probably too soon, but I was without income. I was released to drive at the 2 week mark. Household duties will depend on what it is... laundry was ok for me fairly quickly, but pushing a vacumn cleaner was excrutiating. I was restricted from picking up more than 10 lbs for about 6 months. The lifetime changes are that you will always have to realize that you have a "bad back". When friends ask you to help them move and such, you will have to learn to say no. Like I said above I returned to work in 4 weeks but coulda used a few more. Any bone structure can be broken, but the fusion is supported by the instrumentation. Hope this helps....just my experience.
  • with discetomey 7 months ago. I am still recovering. I was unable to drive for 3 months. I am still unable to lift anything over a gal of milk. I can do light housework at 6 months but no bend twist or lift. No vacuum or mopping at all still. I see my ortho on weds and might be able to do aqua therapy then. But I have had alot of set backs, not just back. So everyone is different. But expect a minimum of 6 months to a year. As far as working, and all the other restrictions, you must ask your Dr. Every Dr has different restrictions and therapy. It also depends on what you had done for surgery. My girlfriend only had one level done and she was off all her pain meds in four months and she had been on morphine for 5 years. She has no restrictions as 6 months, so like I say, depends on the person and Dr. Good Luck. What type of fusion are you having?
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