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researching and came across this???

vivavegasvvivavegas Posts: 185
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:33 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi everyone, I have been doing alot of research lately.well you all know the saying if you want a job done it yourself! and I have had to do it myself cause noone else seems to be helping,most of you all know that i have slight scoloisis althought they now say my scoloisis isnt bad its more my pelvis isnt in the proper region :? learn that it is I wish I had been told all this before a spine surgeon fused me from l4 to s1 with bmp...he didnt remove any discs and he didnt put in any metal work all he did was fuse around the spinous processes with this bmp stuff, thing is now a recent mri has showed hypertrophy facet joint causing pressure on the thecal sac and left nerve, I have been experiencing tummy muscles suddenly going flabby and loss of temperature when it happens and it also happens in legs too.I didnt have these symptoms before surgery just pain the back, one surgeon has already said it should never have been done and he thinks the bmp has overgrown and needs to come out and the surgeon that operated says nothing to be done.....well anyway guys thats the history part done .dont want to go on too long but I started researching and came across the paoas muscle alot and have come to learn that it has alot to do with pain in the lumbar region.....i learnt that word from a chiropractor who told me that my paoas muscle is very tight, and a physio told me that he has never seen hips like mine.....

So I started to research and came across this story where this man had back pain and they said he had inflamation of the sacrolliac joints but no pain relief eased the pain i thinkm they had tried antiinflamatories but they also did an expirement with botox into the poas muscle and the pain instantly disappeared, it was then decided by the orthapedic team[this is in italy this was done]..that a poas muscle release at the pelvis brim should be done and also they fixed his equinus[some kind of foot problem] had turned out that he too had problems with the hips...something i think its called abbduction...anyway i have an appointment with an orthapedic surgeon this friday.i was thinking should I bring this copy of this study to him?? should I tell him about what the physio has said about my hips?....and should I ask if that what worked for this man could work for me?..I know guys my story is complicated.but I can sit and cry about it or try and do something about it......They say things happen for a reason :/ Im thinking that wow if maybe they could do domething like this for me but as well as going through this...if possible, i would also have to get the stenoisis seen to.....but maybe an aorthapedic surgeon wouldnt want to take on such a complicated case............any ideas??


  • Gwennie Gwennie Gwennie, what would I do without have been so helpful sending me loads of information on psoas muscle and pirformis ...and links too! Thanks Gwennie :* I really appreciate it, I think my case is so complicated because of the fusion, yes I agree with you mentioning the study at this point wouldnt be good as its first meeting and just too much to go through, he is an orthapedic spinal surgeon and he also does hips and knees so he should be quite knowledgeable[dont know if i spelt that correctly)

    I am going to take my recent mri and radiologists reports with me too so as to give him a bigger picture, I was thinking of seeing a neurosurgeon but decided seeing this guy because i was thinking it was an spinal orthapedic surgeon that put in this bmp so this guy would be quite able to take it out im sure...although i will see what he thinks about this whole messy situation, Im just scared he wont want to undo another mans dirty work but who knows?? all I know is my situation is so complicated...but after friday I will know more....yes Gwennie I am going to remember to explain to him what the physio said....i hope to god that he can make sense of this mess cause I know I cant lol...Thanks again Gwennie notice I said again cause you are forever helping me... :X
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