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44 year old male about to have c2 - t2 fused front and back

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
New here. Hurt to much to sit and type long. Will post longer when i feel better. The past year I've had 7 surgeries to my neck chasing an infection following a c7 - t2 fusion last year. after 2, 6 week periods of daptomycin and vanco last year as far as i know the infection will be gone when i undergo a total neck fusion with hardware on sept. 11 and sept 14. It's taking 2 days to do the surgery and will be in icu following the first at least. i consider myself tuf and strong in a lot of ways including facing surgery head on. i chased apin following an assault by several idiots 7 years ago and finally had to give in to surgery last year. in the last 3 months some reason my c3 fractured at the pedical and trnasverse process as well as the c7. i understand the c7 fracture but not why c3 did uneventfully preceding. my question is has anyone here had so many fusions at once and if so what is the pain level and lack of motion like after? i hardly have any ROM currently due to severe pain but as far as anestheisa i have had one mishap after another. bit my tongue so hard first surgery blocked my airway and was in icu, got non mrsa staph next surgery, swollen legs mysteriously and a bad asthma attack and back in icu. feel like im pushin the nevelope but because of the instability of the c3 fractures and other levels all severe i need to do this while i still have insurance and am yuong enough to God willing return to work and the sea where i used to work as a fisherman. thanks for this forum, email if you like. rob


  • Forgot to mention this surgery on Sept 11 is anterior c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7, t1 and t2. On Sept 14 posterior c5 - t2 i tihnk. hardware throught.
  • Wow...I am so sorry you are needing such a huge surgery.I can only imagine how much pain you must be in.As you can see in my signature,I have not had that many levels fused.You sound like a go kind of guy,that may well be your most difficult obstacle.It's hard to tell yourself you have to stop doing stuff you've done your whole life.Even temporarily.Do you have a good support system at home? I know I'm not answering any of your questions...just asking more,sorry about that.I think you will be glad you found this board,lots of information and encouragement.What do you do for pain now? I consider myself pretty tuff too,but some days I cry like a little girl(oh,I am a girl,maybe that's why) Hope you have a great Sunday....Sagehen
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  • I appreciate your reply and insight. You hit on one big problem I've had in this mess.

    Support. I lost all but 2 friends out of this. Guess they weren't friends. Also being in the hospital with little visitors you are on your own. Something as simple as going to the restroom needs help. I HATE asking for help.

    The hasrdest part of all this as you said is before my assault I was working 2 jobs on land and moonlighted as a deckhand (crew) for a local sportfishing boat for hire on weekends taking people tuna fishing down the Baja Coast. It was as much a passion as a job. I feel lost on land. This injury has literally put life on hold rarely leaving my apartment except for family taking me to my followups and the in home nurse coming to help with my iv and incision - last month I was back in for 2 back to back posterior cervical irrigation and cultures. These irrigation surgeries hurt more than anyhting I've gone through yet.

    Anyway, I'm wandering off topic sorry. My last er visit lead to last months admit for the irrigation so I wait too long at times to ask for help with pain. It's torture being so isolated and no shot at relief even with the meds.

    Ok that's all for now. Take care, you sound as if you have a full plate there as well over a long time.

  • Shoot I was hoping someone would have had this much done all at once to give me some idea of what to expect. I've had more issues with anesthesia related problems landing me in ICU than for the neck itself. Being this srugey is 2 days long next Friday and again on Monday Sept.14 both 8 hours long. I will be in ICU after both surgeis im told. Anyone has anything more on this please help, thank you.
  • I've known one person to have that many levels fused in a similar operation (X2) and she had it done at 66 years old. She stayed in ICU for a couple of weeks and then was out in a regular ward for a few more days before going home. She wasn't in the best condition going into the surgery so it took her longer to heal, but she is doing well now.

    I have a dear friend who has anesthesia issues and wound up in ICU on a respirator for 9 days after going in for a torn rotator cuff surgery.

    So it happens. The key is to know your surgeon and get to know the anesthesiologist as well.

    I've had two posterior surgeries at C1 and C2 and two at C7-T1 . The upper two were very invasive and hurt like a son of a gun, but I healed and pressed on.

    Keep your head up, set your place up for when you return home and keep smiling!

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  • Ok that helps thanks. My fractured C3 hurts quite a bit with the whole left rear quadrant of my head burning and numb. I'm really concerned too about the upp neck as it's uncharted land for me. These posterior surgeries have bene excrusicating but I tihnk it's only because of infection along my c3 to c7 both sides. There's been a lot of fluid collection there which im curious if causes pressure on nerves or chord. The irrigation procedure and cultures combined with a 8 inch incision kick my butt on a daily basis. It just aches like a busted bone. I hope I can endure what's to come is my biggest concern and going into the surgery so run down from the picc line antibiotic daptomycin and pain. Thanks for reply and good wrods to you too.
  • have to keep this short because i have blood clots in my left arm since surgey nd no use of my left arm/hand. as planned fri, sept 11 surgery 1 lasted 12 hours and was intubated for the weekend until monday surgery 2 another 12 hours. i finally woke late monday night i think. worst part they didnt know i was low or out of air as it felt to me as the breathing tube was tsken out and complicated. im in halo. this is horrible and every wake moment im laboring from a series of issues. blood clots hurt a lot. was in icu a week then extended care another 2 weeks then sent home.way to soon to be home. i never hurt so bad but am getting hrough. support is next to none except my in home care. pain out of control most the time. halo is extremely cumbersome. i hate it. focusing on the small things i can do has been my savior. other savior is my Faith in God. Faith has kept me going. this cant be over soon enough so i can focus on at some point starting a family and hopefully meeting that awesome woman i know exists. im trying to block out regrets but its all overwhelming a lot of ther time. this forum helps. i hope my post helps sopmeone else. anterior/posteriro with plates, hardware, wire and screws throughout my c2-t3 fusion and all atached to my head hence the halo. bye for now. rob
  • Man, you got it rough! So many levels. I know of many 4 level fusions and they all seem to be doing well even 10 yrs out with only limited ROM issues. Like you, I am on a picc line for a staph infection so my adr's were taken out and I had to get a 3 level fusion. I hope my staph clears up so I dont have to go through some of what you are going through. Good luck with everything.
  • Hi Rob, I just want you to know your not alone, I had C3 to T3 fused three years ago, and L3 to S1 fourteen years ago. I also have constant back and neck pain and take pain meds to tolerate the pain. Now, I waiting for a future fusion of L1 and L2. I can only say it does get better with time, but don,t expect significant improvements. Just hang in their, things will get better.
    Jack C.
  • marlintuna said:
    Shoot I was hoping someone would have had this much done all at once to give me some idea of what to expect. I've had more issues with anesthesia related problems landing me in ICU than for the neck itself. Being this srugey is 2 days long next Friday and again on Monday Sept.14 both 8 hours long. I will be in ICU after both surgeis im told. Anyone has anything more on this please help, thank you.
    Hello you and I are in unchareted waters it appears,april 8th im having a c4 to t1 front fusion and c4 to t4 rear fusion,but unlike you im having all at once,i admit to being worried and you can contact me ,I WOULD LIKE TO here your info...thanks
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