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Any advise please: moving to another state and tips on medicine



  • I haven't had to deal with moving to a new area but I do have to deal with traveling to another state during the summer months when my hubby is working out of state. Here's the problem that I've run into. The prescription for Oxycontin must be filled in the same state that it was written. I must always pickup a new prescription for it every single month, a paper one. It can make my life hard at times!

    I used to have a dr (out of state) who would work in tandem with my pain dr for a few months but he chose to no longer handle my case. That left me forced to stay home for the last 5 years while my hubby is gone. This summer my dr suggested that I have a family member pick up my prescription and have it filled, then mail it to me. It's going to happen next week so I'm crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do and I hope that your new dr is a good one. BTW, my pain issues started when I was about your age, luckily with all of the surgeries, MRI's, etc. I never had to worry about proof.
  • It seems that there may be different laws in different states and I am only able to speak of my own experiences. My recent spine surgery took place in Ohio and I live in California. My spine surgeon was fully aware of the geography before the procedure and I discussed my post-op meds with him before the procedure too. My experience has been as posted and I have had no problem with any prescriptions crossing state lines. Most of the major pharmacy chains seem to do this and that is who I have used.

    I guess that state laws do vary considerably though and it seems to me that we almost live in 50 contiguous countries in that respect rather than states. I think that it can possibly also be a function of the specific doctor sometimes too as my wife has a doctor in the same hospital that I was in who will not prescribe her any more pain killers at all and has asked her to visit with her family practitioner for repeats. As I said, I can only speak as I find.

    Finally, I am so glad that HURTING has found a new PM doc. However I feel that if you had made this referral request of your old PM doc in person he would have given you a personal referral. The answer from the office receptionist on the telephone is not untypical sadly at that level.

    I wish you well and pain free VERY SOON.

    Take care

    John B
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