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Universal Health Care



  • I have aging parents on medicare myself and I see how well the government works with that.
  • Very nicely said.

    Refugee , you asked
    I can only wonder why the people dont just vote on this.
    That is really something to watch. As Tammy pointed out, this "reform package" is so huge and complex, there's no way to go through it in a couple of days and be able to clearly understand what is being voted on. There are even areas where references are obsolete and not even pertinent to what they are attached to.

    I would love to see it where everyone was eligible for healthcare, but it's a pipe dream. To me it is like filling up the gas tanks on 2000 cars only half full knowing they can't ever make it to their destination before running out of gas. So the 2000 lose in the end. However take 1000 and fill them all the way, or allow them to chose to fill up when things get low, and now the 1000 are making it to their destination.

    We need to fix what's broke first, before trying to reinvent the wheel.

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  • I live here in Canada. For those times when I need to get to ER, it is there and I don't have to worry about the cost coming out of my pocket. That to me woul dbe worthwhile to those of you in the USA not on some type of system.

    Up here does not really work well for those like me- who has a chronic illness and needs more attention. It is not easy to find a Dr that knows how to treat this and forget about looking for a new one, there is a 5,000 person list - that is for the next available Dr. So that's not happening. For me and I have tried, I am stuck with the care I get, and the meds that I am on, but for me - its better than nothing and so far- I am starting to mend and beginning to heal.

    For those in your country that have nothing, that is what I would look towards fixing! I dont think this was meant to fix everything that is wrong with your system, just make it better for those who have nothing at present.

    Peace -Cheers - David
  • I am worried about the cost handed down to my children and grandchildren. Also the effect it will have on the ones already insured. I guess he just isnt explaining everything to everyone well enough. I know we can read it but i probably wouldnt understand half the wording.

    I would love for my family to have insurance and not have to worry about paying that would be great. Especially for my mother and sister but at what cost to us and the next generation.

    Im sure this plan could be reworked in some other way like us voting on what goes in it and what does not. At least people would feel like they helped and had a say instead of just being told whats going to happen. One thing I know is people do not like being talked down to and told how its going to be without giving them a couple choices and this is where the president is making his mistake. This plan needs to be put out there for everyone to read and decide on. (I would like a dummies manual if possible)!! I couldnt read it without a dictionary right now.

  • Tamtam,

    You are mixing up your Workers Comp case and issues with private insurance. Not the same issues.

    I'm not sure that anything in the new system Obama wants even touches Workers Comp. Also last I checked every insurance company that insures in a state. Has to assume some portion of the risk pool. So they are stuck with you even though they don't want to be. Like you said though. They will make it painful and they are for all practical purposes monopolising the system.

    The National Healthcare system has to do with private insurance vs government sponsored medical insurance. This is not Workers Comp. I hope they are not entertaining running this thing based on how Workers Comp works. They might treat it like Medicare though. It would really be similar. Like that system or not it is one they know. Either way that system will kill private health care for anything but the obscenely rich. There will always be special companies out there to cater to the very rich.

    I'm all for voting for the politicians being mandated by law to use the exact system they vote in for everyone else. That would change their attitude about it.

    As for Medicare/Medicaid. We have been dealing with this with my mom for years. Yeah it can be a paper shuffling nightmare. She can't see any doctor she wants. But she has good doctors and they happen to be Medicare approved. It can be a pain. Want to make it even more fun. Get the extended coverage for medications. Then figure out, based on her RXs, which one has the best cost and gap coverage. All in all for "free" coverage I can't complain about the support she has gotten from Medicare/Medicaid.
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,249
    My wife and I were in the hot tub tonight and she was reading an article about a famous Hospital in New Orleans and actions taken during the Katrina disaster.

    The hospital officials were 'put on the hot seat' because of their actions. The officials made it clear that their decision was to make attempts to save those that have the best chances in living a long term.

    Some that they denied were not only the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) but others, elderly ,etc. The doctor team focused in on those patients thta had the best chances of living.

    Well those doctors and officials received Holy Hell for their decision. Today many years later, I believe they did the right thing and I would want those doctors and officials at any hospital that was facing the same situation.

    We have a good health care system in America, so there are problems and many are being looked at right now. But I know that many other countries would have come to the same decision that the New Orleans doctors and staff came up with. Here in the states, people frown at those type of decisions, those familiar with other country health systems would have applauded those decisions.

    Something we should always think about...
  • Ron,
    You are absolutely correct I applaud the doctors involved in Katrina. There is without a doubt there was some very critical choice to be made during that time. I for one am happy it just wasn't me in those situations.

    Graham, I am not sure how your mom is getting by free on medicare as my parents pay the premiums. Medicaid is a whole different ball game. Medicaid is for low income and people without financial means. Medicare A works based on the number of credits you have and part B is a flat $98.20 per month. The part D was added to medicare members and by the governments own measures was a failure by in large. We don't have part D as both my parents have supplemental policies through boeing which serve as part D and more. Medicare is a federal government program were medicaid is a state program. The reason they can't find the true numbers of fraud in medicaid, as it is up to individual state reporting.

    I was using my work comp as a example of legislated insurance. NO it is not the bills that are being worked on. However you look at it, it is government legislated health care, same as medicare. My examples were to show what can happen when government gets involved in legislating health care. Not to say that they are related in anyway. However the government system will get my state program and it will get medicare without a doubt, that has been made clear.

    Now as far as my parents seeing doctors we have no issues since they run medicare and a private supplemental that picks up after the deductibles. However medicare has some very strict guidelines of what it will cover. For example, durable medical equipment. My concerns and examples is a national health care will lead to these same issues.

    Medicare is a large reason driving this bill. As the population ages and members increase and the number paying in decreases there are huge short falls. Part of the money they will be using is the 20 billion they know of in fraud in the medicare system. The only way to stop the fraud is to over haul it. Not to mention Part D of that system doesn't work by in large, at the governments own admittance. Now medicaid is in that bill as well. Medicaid is the insurance not all doctors will take. Since it is a state program the federal government wants it into a federal program and out of the hands of the states. Albeit part of the funding for those programs comes from federal grants or tax payer money. Medicaid also serves for all of those who have never worked and don't qualify for the insurance. With that being said you still have people who have never worked and don't qualify for either medicare or medicaid but then there financial resources are of such they have no need. However, they do still qualify under the state mandated insurance programs.

    But all in all my point is what happens when government legislates health care and takes it out of the free market place. Not to mention the short fall of doctors this may cause by insuring another 50 million.
  • Tamtam,

    Yeah I was kidding about free. Medicare is not free. The price is very reasonable in my opinion. That is all subjective based on your income though. Mom's retirement insurance money used to cover her Medicare. Now it covers maybe half. I pay the balance. She pays the same your parents do, ~$100/month. Like I said though, I don't have complaints about her care. She gets appointments quickly when she is hurt. She has good doctors. Medicare covers most things. She went in the hospital a couple of years ago and needed stints in her heart. Emergency surgery. Heart attack. Everything was taken care of. The excess bills were pretty much waved. She used have to Blue Cross added on but it got too expensive and was dropped. That was supposed to cover what Medicare didn't cover. It wasn't very good.

    Medicaid. I know some people who are on and have used Medicaid. That would be the system for the poor. It's very limited. That makes sense since it requires lots of funding out of our tax money. The people using it pay nothing and do nothing to help pay back in some way.

    Medicare has abuse in the billions of dollars. They are not the only ones. Workers Comp is heavily abused. In some states it is completely out of hand. Welfare is another system with good intentions that is also abused. If we could capture the $$$ in abuse from these systems it would help. Wouldn't be nearly enough to cover a National Health Plan.

    So how are we going to pay for this? You pay a percent based on your income? Once again those with pay for those without. Help the poor and all that. I'm afraid I disagree completely with this. The Welfare system shows why this doesn't work. People who get free handouts are not motivated to give back. Make them work for and earn it. No free Welfare or Health Care. You earn it. One way or another.

    For everyone else who does work and contribute. We get health care, medical systems, pharmaceuticals, hospitals under control. Unfortunately we have to put aside Free Enterprise for this. Government regulated industries. You can have National Health Care with fixed costs. Those industries can still profit. They just can't profiteer like they do today.

  • We have basic healthcare here free but you pay once a year $600. depending on your income at tax time. If employed you have Insurance and semi-private hospital room coverage as well as insurance to pay for eye exams and many other services like physio, chiro, massage etc. as added benefits with a Drs prescription. People are seen according to their acuity and not if they have better insurance. There's a private clinic for well to do people that you get instant MRI's and tests right away for extra costs. I find shopping around by calling different hospitals to book an MRI or leg dopplers and take whoever provides the service first. As for seeing Specialists it depends on your Primary Dr. and his/her connections to get you in sooner. It would be good if they have basic fee for service Drs appointments they charge to Government to cover everyone regardless of who you are in the community. Everyone in ER has to wait their turn according to how ill they are and after the hospital sends you a letter if you want to donate. My Mother pays $850. for insurance to cover her while in Florida for 4 months during the winter and that's a pretty good price. I can't imagine paying out of pocket while being disabled and no job. When I was making minimum wage years ago it was difficult to have to pay out of pocket for dental benefits and glasses/contacts. I think there should be paid for dental benefits by the Government now that would be a bonus for all of us. Charry
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  • charry said:
    I think there should be paid for dental benefits by the Government now that would be a bonus for all of us. Charry
    Charry this is a big part of the failing logic. Government "paid for" benefits. Doesn't matter if you are talking medical, dental, vision. The government is not paying for you benefits and never will. The government is not a profit making business. All it does is collect money and spend it.

    The rest of the tax payers are paying for your government/free health care. That is wrong. That's why Europe has a 50%+ income tax rate. I'm not sure about Canada. But no one is getting anything free. Some other tax payer is paying it. Why?

    Sure the poor are getting it free. Ask any poor person if they want government health care. They are all for it. It's FREE. They can't afford private health care. I disagree with paying taxes for their health care and they do nothing in return. Responsibility and accountability have gone out the window in the country. Everyone wants a free ride. What ever happened to work for and earn things?
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