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Deep pain like bones rubbing together in lower back



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  • I had collapsed discs at L4/5-S/1 that caused severe pain, numbness and difficulty walking. The vertabrae were so close together that the nerves had very little room. I'm not a doctor. But I would think a "missing" disc could possibly cause the bone rubbing sensation. You're missing a shock absorber! It sounds like you are even doing a bit of self- traction. I know you're against surgery but sometimes avoiding it can cause permanent nerve damage. Since your self-traction helps a bit, maybe you could try some physical therapy with traction? I hope you find some relief soon.
    Faith M
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  • I completely agree with the moderate exercises Because I have notice to bout stiffness and like I said before it was 1st visit with this doctor and it was more of a outline of why I am there... Even though I have a medical record and they have complete access to it.. But of course things can change. And you are very true about each of us giving our own diagnosis of our thoughts!
  • I'm not totally against surgery....Just don't know if I'm ready for it at this time in my life... I mean I'm scared of what can happen.. Theres NO Guarantee that they can put me back to the way I was. And to have certain limitations afterward's would just devastate me:( I would be pissed of at the world you know!! And yes I can say I am very blessed that it happened in the Gov hands( Or NOT!! ) But I put my packet in for disability for them back in 2007. And we all know how long this could take. I mean Yeah I'm not a priority...Or at least I think like that. Only because there are other services members that SOOOOOO deserve their files to be put on High Priority ( The ones that actually shed their blood). I am far from even thinking of trying to put me in that same category. But in the meantime I should be given attention. And I know its gonna take time. But It's so frustrating tto have my daughter say "up up" And I look at her and Say " sorry hun Daddies back hurts ALOT " Its like I'm taking that away from my daughter and she can't understand now... But this is my time with my daughter and I just want to experience a everything with this gift from GOD. But I look at it like this IT COULD BE WORSE. I see alot of your Sig's and it just looks like a mess ( No Offense ).
  • One thing to keep in mind, is that a lot of members here had no place to go but up. Many here were facing paralysis and or had cauda equin. Although we live in daily pain, surgery became the only option. I live in daily pain but at least I am walking on my legs. Now one thing to keep in mind at the level you are injured there is no cord. I always tell people to try all conservative treatments before going to surgery unless the conditions is such that it one may risk some permanent damage. Only your doctors are going to be able to decide what could happen by putting off surgery.

    I think you need to call the doctor back who is treating you and tell them that the pain is not manageable with the level of meds you have. Don't ask for particular meds, that is a sign of someone seeking drugs, but rather you can't handle the pain at this level. Remember not saying anything is saying it is ok. If you wait till the next appointment may think well you made it this far so can't be to bad. I forgot to mention in my earlier post about the valium you spoke of. Many doctors prescribe valium for muscle spasms. After my second surgery, the spasms were unbearable, I didn't need more pain meds as it was pure spasms. A call to the doc got me some valium as the spasms became more manageable i went back to a lighter dose of muscle relaxers.
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  • OMG bro I am suffering from the exact symptoms you described I am also a vet unfortunately I have been out since 06. when you talk about pulling your sponsor pulling on your hips lmao you nailed it.I've been suffering with this for about 6 months I have yet to see a doctor I'm not on any pain management so you want to talk about one moody pissed off dude. if I'm sitting in a certain position I can just make a slight movement and it pops however I can move a slight different way and it pops a little different if that makes sense. ... my girl thinks I have lost my mind and im about to I cant sit still no matter what. It hurts most of the time to pop it but I cant stand the feeling of well the only way I can explain it its like when your knuckle needs to pop but it hangs up... hope I don't sound like a total fool. And if I do I don't care IM F#@$ IN MISERABLE......... How copy?
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