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anyone think it was worth having 360 lumbar fusion

shirleysshirley Posts: 193
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Lower Back Pain
i am on the waiting list to have this done, went hosp yesterday to talk about it,was told i would have bad pain for 6 weeks then up to a year i would feel great, after a year i would feel worse again ? does this sound right ?
i only have 1 disc that is degenerated, he told me its my choice but if i leave things as they are and i get more disc probs he will not operate. i also have a pars defect and they want to repair that at the same time, he said if they dont then because of the extra stress my spondylolisthesis could slip further, its a grade 1 at mo.
basically he told me i will never be pain free if i have the op or not.
very confused just want to hear that it will be worth having it done
thanks for any replies


  • I am no better at all. It is a major surgery. My case was unique as 3 different surgeons had 3 opinions. I chose the fusion thinking I could go through something one time & be done but thats not the case. There is a Laser Spine Institute in Tampa Florida that I hear is very good. Everything they do there is non invasive. I wish I had known about them first as I would have given that a try first. Check the website out & call & talk to one of the patient advocates to see if they could posibly help you. You could possibly try the less invasive route first then do the fusion as a last resort?? I regret doing the fusion. For me it was a very tough surgery with a long down time. Good luck in whatever you decide.

  • i live in the uk. thanks for your input, i want to hear the good, bad and the ugly. hosp told me there is no such thing as minimally invasive fusion surgery over here ?.
    its such a huge decision to go ahead knowing i will still be in pain, i am limited on what i can do but i dont want to be worse off having surgery.
    waiting list is 3-4 months so ive got a while to decide, its all i think about day and night, cant sleep for worry, plus i look after my grandson cant see how i would get him to school etc, live on a very steep hill, doc said i dont care, walk, walk and walk some more.
    not impressed because im off work said no-one should have to stop work thats what pain killers are for, try telling my doc that
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  • so its really too early to say if its worth it. I guess you have to decide for yourself what is in the best intrest of you. I was in surgery for 7 hours and was in the hospital for 4 days. The 4 days following my discharge was horrible but I am getting better and better. Remember of the 80% of the result is your attitude. I went into this knowing that my back will never be as God intented it to be, and that I have to make wise choices and listen to my doctor and PT. I am optimistic and am looking forward to if not running speed walking this time next year.

    In a addition I cannot compliment my aftercare nurses enough. They were truly amazing people and they really was there to care for me and my families needs during my stay.

    I wish you best no matter what decision you make!

  • I am 16 months post-op from my second back surgery. I initially had the 'classic discectomy' (May '08) - was two weeks post-op and reherniated the same two disc (L4 and L5) I had horrible sciatic nerve issues and could not stand up for longer than 5 minutes. My second surgery (July 08) was the 360 lumbar fusion. Tough surgery with tough and longer recovery, but am happy to report that I do not have any of the horrible pain. I have no restrictions physically (other than normal common-sense type things) I understand everyones experience is different, but for me, this surgery worked wonders. I will not be top notch with my back, but I am well within the 90-95% range with my capabilities and positive recovery - I also have been deligent and consistent with the back exercises, as I never want to experience that type pain again!
    Best wishes
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