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may need back surg, how bad will post be with two very bad knees

karenlkkarenl Posts: 41
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I am off to see neuroligist and neuro surgeon, Nerve problems L1, L2 L3 L4 L5 S1, Low back pain, across entire back , pain radiates down leg, numbness, tingling, unable to walk , stand sit , or sleep with out pain. Starting to loose my balance , stumbling falling. Pain meds don't work ,edpidural shots did not help, morphine 2 shots took the edge off for a few hours. My concern is I have had a petalectomy 29 years ago, today I am unable to use it climbing stairs , I call it peg ,not much use to me . They no longer do those surgeries, wonder why (LOL) my right knee is bad too, I had surgery on that one 5 years ago. Bad shape but not as bad as the left. It was the leg I use to use to stand on get me up and down stairs , climb curbs get up from a chair. Though painful after surgery it was still better then the left. Both kness are bone onbone with severe artritas. Now dealing with all the back , leg pain do to nerve problems . I am concerned if I was to have back surgery how difficult do you think it will be for me after surgerygetting back on my feet. Affraid, I need some help , advice from people that have gone through back surgery. What is it like post surgery. karenl


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    The surgery that you had 29 tears ago was, I think, probably a "Patellectomy", which is the surgical removal of the patella.
    This created some relief but increased your knee instability due to a reduction in leverage of your extensor muscles. Next, the Artritas that you mention is I think actually "Athritis".

    You will need to manage BOTH of these situations very carefully as both of your issues really need to be dealt with in a proper and sensible manner. You really need to be assessed by your doctor here in order for you to get to a comfort level before you proceed. He will be able to advise you and give you some direction with the full knowledge of your two issues.

    The medical profession have come a very long way in the past few years with respect to knee problems and there are now many very wonderful things that they can do with incredible success and with much lower pain levels post surgery than in the past.
    Spine surgery however is very subjective from a pain and recovery standpoint and everybody has a different experience as you will see from the many articles and postings here. Those who have good experiences seem to go away from this forum medium following their surgery and fewer success stories stay around to talk about their experiences. So what we have here are mostly those who are still sadly suffering from pain and some doubt following the medical decisions and judgement of doctors, with and in whom we all seem to place our complete trust.

    You however will, I believe have to stand back and look at your whole situation for a greater perspective of what you are dealing with here and then discuss matters in great detail with your doctors before you go any further as both of your issues very clearly need extremely careful attention and management.

    I wish you good luck and pain free soon.

    Take Care

    John B
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