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Terrible back discomfort but no pain

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,002
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Spinal Stenosis
My boyfriend who is in his sixties suffers tremendous discomfort in the back for a few years now......but he doesn't have any pain...He was diagnosed with degenerated spine with stenosis in three levels...He is loosing control of his legs and he started limping. Also he is loosing ballance. Doctors sugest the laminectomy without fussion.....He is very worried that without the surgery his condition will worsen but also he is so affraid to go under the knife......I DON'T WANT TO ADVICE HIM TO DO THE SURGERY OR NOT because that is his and only his decision......We hear from some people that the surgery may fix the mobility of his body but may leave him with the permanent pain in the back........Is there any other solution to this problem?....Phisical therapy didn't do anything for him.........Best regards



  • Discomfort is pain! :) We can't say do the surgery or not, but with his doctors' advice, he's got to weigh whether his current quality of life is acceptable or not. I think it's unrealistic to go in for any back surgery and expect that you will never have any pain(and if you don't, great, just saying that you can't expect to be pain free.)

    Sounds like he has more than one medical opinion since you say "doctors" and he must be unhappy with his current condition or he wouldn't be seeing them. No one can guarantee a perfect surgery, but getting more than one doctor opinion and then decide if he can tolerate what's going on now.

    Have the doctors said if his nerve issues will get worse without surgery? Does his current nerve issue prevent him from driving since he has leg weakness?

    I think it's great that he has you to support him and seek out info to help him!
  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 1,033
    Hey Maya,
    Sounds like you boyfriend tolerates pain fairly well to call it just discomfort.
    I had similar "discomfort" for several years until I had a Laminectomy of L4 thru L6. I could not believe what relief from the discomfort I had and how
    my balance came back as I was tripping and unstable prior to the surgery.
    Also the tingling and numbness in my left thigh disappeared soon after.
    Best of luck to both your bf and you.
    Take care,
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  • Thank you for your comment. Your experience brought some excitment and hope to my boyfrient when he read your answear
    Thank you so much.
    One doctor recommended laminectomy without fusion. Did you have fusion? His surgery would be for L2-L3, L3-L4 and L4-L5. How long after the surgery did you experience pain......days, weeks or months? If so what level of pain before you recover completely. My boyfrient wants to write something now........From me again I thank you very much.
    Here he is: my current condition is back discomfort, but certainly not painfull or a pinched nerve type of pain. Rather my leg strength has weakened to about 50%. I walk with a limp and I am clumbsy, but I can still walk a mile as my legs become increasingly weaker and sore. I can drive a car for hours. I am considering the risk reward relationship. Maybe I should wait until the pain becomes worse or I can't walk, but very little distance. The doctor says there is a 80% chance that my leg strength will come back, but he says there is a good chance that I will have more back pain after the surgery than I currently hhave. What do you think. Better walking and ballance, but perhaps more long term back pain. Thank you.
    It is Maya again......He is very affraid of surgery and I am more like a witness not an advisor. Best regards....Maya

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