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Foot Pain is very annoying after 2nd Microdiscectomy

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,008
I need some perspective. Herniation in jan 07. First surgery jan '08. Re-herniation and 2nd surgery oct '08. Foot pain was much worse after 2nd surgery and has continued to current date. I was hopeful earlier because pain always subsided after a few months. I am almost 1 year out and pain has not subsided in my foot.

Anyone out there with similar results and are farther out than 1 year from surgery? I am looking for a bit of hope here.



  • Talk about!

    I had my microhemilaminectomydoodadish surgery back in February 2006. Horrible, horrible right leg pain because of a herniation pressing that nerve.

    3-1/2 years after surgery, I STILL have problems with my right leg. No pain, mind you, but my last 2 toes on that foot, plus the side of my foot, the side of my ankle and the back side of my thigh (all on the right side) are still numb. If I do too much sitting (at work) or walking during the day, generally my 2 little toes actually hurt. What is really bothersome , though for me is that it feels like I have something in between those 2 toes (but it's just actually the toes themselves - being numb). Consequently, I keep checking and trying to remove to offending "something", but can't.

    So, I said all that to say "Oh yes - I definitely know what you are going through!"

    In MY case, the nerve damage is said to be permanent. It won't get any better (my own fault - for waiting too long to have the surgery) so I am still trying to adjust.

    I just had a thought - with my 2 toes being numb, maybe that's why I'm off-balanced? Could be, but probably not the only reason, I guess. I've been clutzy all my life...

    Best of luck to you!
  • I had a laminectomy and fusion and L5 S1. Maybe six months post-op, I developed some really nasty pain in my feet, esp, right foot. This is thought to be scar tissue from surgery and follows L5 nerve route to a "T". My spinal cord stimulator, at this point, is not helping that pain. Well, it helps a little. When I turn it up high to get my foot I tend to get cramps in my calf muscles. Best results to date: don't leave home without my orthodics. The orthodics help the feet, the SCS helps the legs ands hips. Susan.
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  • Hi, I do know what you are talking about. My right foot has not improved at all. In Sept 07 my NS did a Himilaminectomy at RT side L5-S1 to release the entrapped nerve root, did not help. In Oct 08 NS did a PLIF L5-S1. Today the right foot is worse than ever. The heel is pins & needles & hurts severely, the outside and last two toes are painful at the end of the day. Meds do not touch the nerve pain. Only by laying down with my foot propped up not touching anything does the pain abate. The opinion is that the nerve is permanently damaged. PM Doc wants to try a Boston Scientific SCS but I do not know if I can deal with that yet. Sorry I cannot offer much hope except that I just live one day at a time.
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