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When strong opoids should be introduced



  • It tok a discogram to diagnose my annular tears which are extremely painful. It sounds like you may need a new doc that is willing to get to the root of your problem.
    Also. it took me 4 years to get to the strongest meds. You don't want to start out strong if you can help it because you will build a tolerance and need to have meds increased.
  • I'm sorry you're having this pain so young. I can understand how frustrated you are with inconclusive tests and no real answers for your pain. Sometimes it takes a long time to reach a diagnosis and it will require additional testing like the ones mentioned above- discogram and possibly a ct/myelogram. But it all depends on your doctor.

    What type of doctor are you seeing at the spine center- Ortho or Neuro? I went to a spine cinic and was started on Norco, Soma, and Neurontin as well as PT and epidural injections. I ended up having surgery for the disc herniations I had. I suffered complications and was sent to pain mgt where my meds to bumped up to Fentanyl 25mcg patches, Norco for breakthrough pain, and Neurontin for sciatic pain. I had a 2 level fusion later on and I went up to 100 mcg every 2 days of the Fentanyl patches in a period of a year. I was changed over to Ms Contin 180mg's daily plus 60 mg a day of the short acting morphine, and now I take 80mg of Oxycontin a day and 60mg daily of Oxycodone. Yes, I went through 2 surgeries, more PT, more epidurals, more tests, etc and it was in a span of about 2 years. My problems have gotten worse during all of this and that is why I'm on so much medication (see sig line).

    Unfortunately it may take a long journey similar to mine in order to get a clear diagnosis and treatment. Mercifully my problems were seen right away from my first MRI and that is why my treatment moved on so quickly. I know it's not easy to be patient and go through hoops when you're in pain. You may even have to find another doctor if you're told there is nothing else to do for you. You have to keep going until someone finds an important clue as to why you are having so much pain. Meanwhile, don't give up..keep researching and keep looking for a doctor who will truly listen to you. Take care
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