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Pain Pump Appontment



  • Thank you for the comment. I have been reading all I can find about pain pumps.
    I have been waiting 3 months to hear from this Doctor and actually had given up. I am doing as Meydey said and am writing a list of questions for this Doctor. This is my last resort for help with this throbbing/pounding pain in my feet and legs.
    Oh if i can just get some reduction in this would be the most wonderful thing in the world!!
    Thank you for your kind comment and good wishes. That means the world to me.
    Sending a left arm hug, right arm is bunned out!! >:D<
    patsy W
  • I think it is great that you are finally able to get in to see this new doc. Please don't set yourself up for disappointment by having any expectations. Go and see what this doc has to say and press on from there.

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  • You are correct(as always) I can't build my hopes up. I could be in for a big let down.
    I will go see what this Doctor has to say and then take it from there.
    I was just now on the phone talking to a lady I know and she has been to this clinic and gave me a good report. That makes me feel better because I know nothing about these Doctors or this clinic.
    I am excited that i am at last getting into seeing them but I am not building my hopes up past that.
    Thanks for the comment dear
    Cheers :H
    Patsy W
  • This IS great news Patsy!

    My Mom had hers put in July 31. She had to wear this binding for a couple weeks at first, so the device could be all snug and allow the scarring to take affect. Coughing was uncomfortable for her, but nothing she could not handle (she is a smoker, so NO WAY was she going to complain!).

    We've had appointments every 2 weeks since then for medication adjustments. They started her off at a low dose of Morphine (4microLs, which sounds like a little bit, but is like 10 times what she was taking orally - which is 60mg 3 times a day).

    Keep in mind that once you have the pump, the medication is not filtered through your body - blood, organs, things like that... it goes directly to the problem area - your spine. Because of that, you don't feel the effects the same way you would if taken orally. Each time they upped Mom's dose, he said it was 200 x's stronger than before.

    At this point (almost 10 weeks post implant) she still is not at optimum dosage and is still taking the breakthrough meds during the day. This Thursday (10/8) we are going to an "infusion clinic" for them to add something call Marcaine. I guess it's some sort of numbing agent (like novacane? Nurses out there, help me out if I am wrong). Mom and I are both hopeful THIS addition will do the trick.

    I am not trying to hi-jack - just relaying our experiences to you so you'll get a feel for the general progression of things. Hopefully, your experience will be WAAAAAY better than hers (she's had so much with her back - she is 72, has had fractures fixed with kyphoplasty, the whole lung cancer thing a year ago in April, DDD, stenosis, hemilaminectomy, etc) and has been completely sedentary since last year - no exercise, etc). You being considerably younger, minus the smoking and cancer thing... I'm getting and sending the good vibes your way.

    If you have any questions - any questions at all - feel free to PM me. I don't want to bore everyone here with details, but will gladly share any if you are interested.

    Keep us posted, eh?

  • Dear Jeaux,

    What you shared here is so fascinating!

    This paragraph really spiked my interest and I would love to hear more about the filtration:

    "Keep in mind that once you have the pump, the medication is not filtered through your body - blood, organs, things like that... it goes directly to the problem area - your spine. Because of that, you don't feel the effects the same way you would if taken orally. Each time they upped Mom's dose, he said it was 200 x's stronger than before."

    I have no doubts that Patsy appreciates you posting this information, Jeaux.

    Patsy, I hope you have a positive visit and outcome with this new doctor.

    There are other members who are also looking into the pain pumps and I know Meydey is waiting to have her permanent implant scheduled soon.

    I wish your mom all the best with her pain pump. She is very fortunate to have such a loving daughter.

    Thanks again for sharing this and best of luck to you, Patsy.

    Tammy :)
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  • Several years ago, my brother had a pain pump. He had to wear this little fanny pack with the device inside. Docs all said it was tamper proof. Yeah, not for my brother.

    At any rate, MOM'S is totally different. It is ALL internal. No wires or tubes showing anywhere.

    When we go to the doctor's office, he has this little remote control gadget. There is another part that they hold on Mom right where her pump is. These 2 parts communicate with each other. The doctor adjusts the meds from his device. Too cool. Thursday when we go, for the infusion part, I'll fill you in on that, Patsy, so you will know how it all works.

    In the mean time, THAT would be a good question for Patsy to ask the doctor. How is the process of medication delivery different?
  • Thank you Jeaux for that good information. If you do not mind...please keep us updated on your Mothers progress. I know a lot of us are very interested. I know I am and I am sure Meydey is too. And that is a good question to pose to my Doctor. I do appreciate any information you can provide. I have made a note of the question for the Doctor. Thanks

    Hi Tammy....Thanks for the comment dear friend and for the good wishes.
    Unfortunatly I had to change my appointment date to Nov 11th. I could not work out transportation for next week!! Drat!! It is just 3 more weeks but I have been waiting 3 months for this appointment!!
    I do hope this appointment turns out posative. This is my last resort!! I am not building my hopes up to high yet. First I will see how this goes.
    Now I am off to PT. This is my last day but I want to continue for a few more weeks and will talk to my Doctor about it. It is helping my legs to become stronger but have a ways to go yet.
    Cheers everyone
    Patsy W :H
  • OK - I have the information you may want. First off, OY! Some of the info I gave was totally incorrect! She (my Mom) was getting 4 mg/L of Morphine (and not the 200+ I mentioned earlier). They added to that Mabivicane (or something like that) which is the numbing agent.

    Mom's pump is Medtrinic. When filling the reservoir, the techs used a template with a hole in the center (where the needle must go for filling) but they had to squeeze and feel and poke and prod my Mom to be sure they had all the edges correct - the template had to be placed exactly right. Sounds complicated, but it wasn't.

    At any rate once they found the outline of her pump and placed the template, the nurse used a needle and told Mom "Big stick" but that was the only discomfort she had to endure. They had to move the needle around until they found the hole, but it sounds way worse than it was.

    Since they were adding this new numbing agent, they had to suck out the remaining morphine. Around 15 "somethings" - can't remember what they called it. It was alot! Her morphine was due for a refill end of November, so that should tell you how much was there; they just squirted it in a tray to throw it out and all I could think of was "what a waste. Medicare paid for this morphine and there they are throwing it out". After my Dad passed away in April, I brought his unused meds to the St. Vincent DePaul pharmacy for the homeless and I kept thinking along those lines - giving it to someone who could use it, I guess...

    But we were in and out in 45 minutes. We were told that next time it won't take that long. Since there was still some morphine left in the tubing from the pump to the thecal sac in her spine, it may take about 15 hours or so before she begins to feel the benefits. We both have our fingers, toes and eyes crossed (but not while driving of course!) that this is going to be the ticket! Or a step in the right direction anyway.

    Hope this info is helpful and positive for you, Patsy.
  • I hope you get relief soon after all you've been through. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Jeaux...What would I do without you my friend?? You are always a big help to me. I do so hope this helps your Mother.
    I appreciate all the information. I am doing as "C" said amd just taking this one step at a time. I am very excited about this first appointment but not making big plans about the actual implant. If that makes sense. I am not thinking "when" I get this implant but "IF" I get this implant.
    This has been a roller coaster ride for me. I had such great hopes for the stimulator and when the permanent implant failed to give me ANY relief the crash down was a hard!! Very hard
    I have a home based mail order business that has suffered. I still keep it going as best I can considering all the pain I deal with 24/7 and the difficulty I have walking and standing on my feet for extended periods.
    But I am rambling so say "Shut up Patsy!!
    Charry......Thank you for thinking of me. Your good wishes mean so very much to me.

    Sending a lert arm hug to you both, right arm is a bummer.LOL
    Patsy W :H
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