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Pain Pump Appontment



  • I see you posted this comment several days ago but I have not been online to answer your question.
    No...I do not have a pain pump yet and am not sure if I will be getting one. I have just seen this new PM one time and he wants an MRI. I have to have this stimulator removed(Dec 1st) firse. Then after the MRI I see hsm again and will see what advice he has for me then.
    Patsy W
  • I just had my SCS removed(it did not work for me) and as it turns out I was allergic to it!!
    Now I fear haveing another implant because of the allergic reactions I was having.
    My PM still says a pain pump is my only answer for my chronic pain but I am afraid. What if I have a reaction to it too? I was feeling so bad and itching like crazy but had no idea the stimulator was the problem until it was removed. I knew it was causing the bladder problems I was having. That problem has cleared up. Thank goodnesss.
    It does not look like a pain pump will be in my future. I will continue on oral meds.

    Merry Christmas Everyone
    Patsy W
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  • Did your doc give you any specifics on why he thought you were allergic to the materials in your SCS? Which test/s did he run if any to confirm it? Was it the alloy or the plastics that he feels you are allergic to? I have been doing a bunch of reading lately on any studies related to allergic reactions to any medical implants. With regard to the SCS, it is usually an allergic reaction to medications or scrubs used. There are a few cases where sensitivity to the alloy was recorded. All of these mimicked an infection and came on very shortly after the implant was placed.

    The reason I bring this up, is because there are tests that can be done to determine if you are allergic to the implant materials. If your doctor truly feels you would most benefit from a pain pump, then it might be worth pursuing this testing. It is expensive and I don't know how good your insurance is and whether they would cover it or not. I would think if the doc deemed it in your best interest, they might approve it.

    Just food for thought.

  • Thanks for the comment dear. No, he did not do any tests but there is a soft rubber like material attached to the metal battery case that the leads were plugged into and he said that was what may have been what was causing the problem. i just saw hem again this past Monday and this time we talked about the sores the tape made on me, the pain pump and me going to the Cleveland Clinic(I can't afford to go there) He believes that is the best place for me to go. But he also said the other PM he sent me to is one of the best.
    You know "C"....What if I have no other choice BUT to have the pain pump trial????
    Oh well....I am not going to fret to much about it now. What will be will be. I will just have to wait and see what this new PM has to say.

    Can I hope for a miracle? It is Christmas.

    Patsy W
  • There's always an alternative choice.

    It seems like a good time to look back over the mistakes with the SCS and make sure you don't repeat them, beginning with actually completing all the appropriate diagnostics and testing prior to going forward with an implant.

    If you truly believe you are allergic to the SCS materials, then it's your responsibility to make sure one of your doctors gets the allergy test kit from Medtronic and tests you. There's absolutely no sense in putting in a pain pump just so it can be yanked out 6 months down the road when it "fails" because relevant testing was skipped.

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  • I have made NO mistakes when it came to the SCS implant!! It would have failed me no matter what was done, just as it has failed a lot of others.
    Yes, I had it "yanked" out! Why leave something in my body that was useless to me?

    It's very obvious you just do not like me for whatever reason and will say anything to criticize me.
    End of my discussion with you.
    Patsy W

  • Read BW's post again. She does pretty much lay the blame on Patsy to be sure the doctors do all the steps that they AS DOCTORS should be doing.
    How we as laymen can cover all the bases all the time is beyond me.
    I know that even with all the research I did there are still things that I as a layman can't gain access to or simply don't know how to find.
    For instance, I chose to have an H1N1 Vaccine, I had a rough couple of days following it, in addition to the vaccine I had recently raised my Lamictal. While "officialy" on the CDC website I don't find any interactions for chronic pain patients and also nothing was mentioned to me at the clinic. So, I end up in extreme nerve pain, dizzy, tunnelvision kind of thing, miss a day and half of work. In the end I had to drop back on my Lamictal, Plus wait out the side effects to drop back. Oh, I still can't run my SCS! It is like sticking my finger in a light socket! I am waiting/hoping this will clear.
    Now, doing a different search you will find the H1N1 is not recomended for Fibro or RSD sufferers. Also found several mentions from chronic pain patients that we should not have an H1N1 vaccine.
    Too little to late. Again a matter of simply not being able to cover all the bases.
    Plus what we read on the net can be pure crap, speculation, etc, I was told that the H1N1 was fine for me as I have never had a reaction to any flu vaccine previously.

    So, I don't see how telling patsy she needs to be the one making sure everything gets done is truly going to make sure that happens?
  • Wrambler said:
    Read BW's post again. She does pretty much lay the blame on Patsy to be sure the doctors do all the steps that they AS DOCTORS should be doing.
    I put the responsibility on Patsy, which is right where it belongs.

    There is absolutely no comparison between your reaction to the H1N1 vaccine and what Patsy is posting here.

    First of all, you weren't aware that the H1N1 vaccine was contraindicated for people with chronic pain, and apparently your physician either wasn't or felt like the benefit to you outweighed the risk. You didn't have the relevant information when you made the decision to get the vaccine.

    Patsy has the relevant information. She has posted repeatedly, in multiple places, that she now knows she was allergic to her SCS. In several of those posts, she has indicated that her doctor agrees she was having a reaction to the materials in the SCS, which means he also knows.

    If you had a history of vaccine reactions and knew there was a very high probability you were going to react negatively to the H1N1 vaccine, would you have ignored that information and gotten the shot anyway? And if you had information about a simple screening test that would tell you if you would have an adverse reaction, would you have ignored that too? If so, then that would be a logical comparison.

    There comes a point where we have to take responsibility for ourselves and for making sure we get the best care possible. And, if we find ourselves in a situation where our doctors are regularly by-passing the most basic standards of medical care, then it's our responsibility to demand proper care, even if that means finding a new, more qualified physician. If we don't, then the failures in our treatment really are our own fault.

  • :T

    So, I am not logical. :$

    I won't tell if you don't #o

  • What if a patient is not all that versed in medical terminology or side effects, and trust in our physicians to KNOW what they are talking about? I mean, after all - my doctor went to college for several long years and graduated with a degree, where I only have a high school diploma. It says right there in my file I had a bad reaction to some vaccine or drug; yet there's this NEW IMPROVED version and he thinks I need it to keep me healthy. Or, ok = forget the vaccine. Let's say it's some new procedure.

    What do I do? Do I challenge his knowledge of all things medical and tell him no - I think he is wrong? Who am I to challenge this? I mean if I can't trust the doctor who has been taking care of my medical needs, someone I chose , I'm in trouble.

    Granted, that's just an example of what a good many people go through. The elderly for example. The doctors are sending them here and there for tests and procedures and one appointment after another.

    We can't all be as smart as, if not smarter, than the doctors who treat us.

    Kudos to those who are.

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