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New neck pain.*Fusion Scheduled*



  • SHell

    I assume the PM is the one prescribing the meds. It was always my understanding that the doc who puts you on meds is the ONLY ONE who takes you off!! How dare the surgeon speak to you that way! If that is truly his feeling then he should have said he will work with you and the PM to find out why you need so much and see if there is an alternative.

    By accusing you he is accusing your PM of malpractice. Unless this resolves I would send a letter to the state medical boards reporting the surgeon for interfering with the treatment of another doctor.

    Hopefully everyone will cool off today. Maybe your PM can call the surgeon to see what his problem is. Or maybe you can have a consult with the PM and surgeon with your husband present.

    Another thought. You mentioned work. Does your job offer an EAP program? This would let you see a councelor for free. Or ask your HR department. THere are so many benefits we don't know we have.

    GOod Luck and keep us posted.
  • Kris-NY, yes the PM is the only one I get meds from. When I had my PLIF I was transferred to the temporary care of the surgeon, then he wrote for things. I have been back to the PM since March when the surgeon said that this was as good as the fusion site was going to get.

    My PM doctor called me this afternoon but I didnt catch the phone. He left a message stating that he will contact the surgeon and take care of things and he will talk to me at my visit next week.

    The surgeon has a PM doctor at his practice, but I have been with the same person for years so I never switched over to his when I was referred for surgery. Who knows if that is the problem. He said that he knew of my doctor and didnt approve of him injecting so many times in others. I havent had injections in years so he wasnt speaking of me directly. Seems like they may have a history I dont know about.

    I am a little calmer now, just very irritated. I am hoping I get some sort of appology, but I wont hold my breath. After my PM doc speaks with him I will decide what I need to do about things.

    It never seems to end does it?
    Thanks all for listening,

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  • I've never seen a spot on that bill sheet for apology so I wouldn't hold my breath!

    I know some docs are very human and will apologize but I don't think it is common. To do what they do they have to have so much self-confidence that I think it interfears with things like apologizing. Also we have to remember that docs have lives too and if their wife just called to say the mother-in-law is coming for a month long visit that might explain the way they are acting - lol.

    I'm glad you have calmed down. ALways best to wait a few days to react to something like that and to ask for clarification from everyone involved.
  • I find it incredulous that a medical professional would say that to you! It sounds like he has a personal agenda with your PM doctor and you have been unfairly put in the middle. It is either that or your surgeon has no clue about the treatment of chronic pain patients. IMHO, I would look for another surgeon to handle your cervical problems. You truly need to have confidence in and a good relationship with your surgeon.

    Best wishes to you,

  • Hi Shell,

    This is the first time I've read this thread and I'm appalled at the way you were treated! First off, keep in mind that these doctors are working for you. You are not paying them to abuse you verbally. I wouldn't put up with it and I certainly wouldn't let that surgeon operate on me. You must have a trust relationship with your doctors or you deserve to look elsewhere. I'm just so sorry you're in such misery and then have this abuse on top of it. I hope you can get past this and find someone who will give you kind, compassionate and timely care. Will be watching this thread with interest. Hang in there!

    2009 Foraminotomy C6-72010 PLIF L4-S1Multi RFA's, cervical inj, lumbar injLaminectomy L3-4 and fusion w/internal fixation T10-L4 July 17Fusion C2-C5 yet to be scheduled
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  • Had one like that too "called me a nut case" because I asked for something for pain after surgery! That whole team has been reported! I couldn't believe that out of ALL the good surgeons out there, that I'd be one that ended up with one like this. However, I discovered it after the surgery. DO NOT go with that JERK!!! Report him to the hospitals human resourses! They have to keep it in his file and maybe if he gets enough complaints, he'll be without a place to practice.
    P-I-T-I-F-U-L! So inhumane!
    He needs to has his azz kikked! I am so mad to hear this!!! Bless your heart!!!
  • Thanks all! I had him do my PLIF and was alittle put off by his bedside manner at first but then the next couple appointments were fine. Once he found out that I was not 100% after surgery and had the scar tissue issue he seemed to turn into a different person. I accepted it as is and said I know it wasnt anything he did.

    I know everyone has bad days so I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but like I said I will more than likely look for someone else. But I really hate for him to scare me away when he is the one that is wrong. Thats really just telling him he is right and I gave up. OK I will never here him say that what he said was wrong, but I do want to know what he has to say with the PM and what his response is. I guess I will wait till my appointment next week to see if I should pursue things.

    Had my first day of PT yesterday. Just an eval, heat and light traction. OMG that freakin hurts, afterwards, not right away! Actually made my lower back hurts more too, maybe that just a coincidence, I dont know.

    Well anyway, I will see the PM doc on Thursday so I really cant wait to see what he has to say.

    Thanks again,
  • This is actually the first time I have had PT for the cervical area specifically. After my lumbar surgery I had a few months of water PT which helped my entire body tremndously. Of course I tons of Pt the last 10 years before but nothing like this.

    I spend 10 minutes with a heat pack, I cant tolorate much more, it makes me dizzy. Then 10 minutes of traction at 13 pounds. They keep asking me if I get relief for any ammount of time. Honestly, it feels much worse for several hours, even to the point that I am feeling sick to my stomach. Today my arm, neck jaw and head where just screaming for the last few minutes till it was over. Now everything feels weak, I couldnt even read a story to my elderly group today, my jaw was just so tired.

    Just wondering what the immediate result has been for others when placed in light traction? She said we would give it a bit till we switched to something else, but I dont know how much of this I want to put up with.

    Thanks all,
  • Well, my PM appointment was a waste. I got put with the NP so she had no clue about the latest incidents and she said I would need to speak with the dr at the next visit. The ortho didnt send anything though. Maybe he reveiwed things and realized he was a bit out of line.

    I have had 5 sessions of PT. They stopped the traction because it aggrivated the heck out of me. We started with ultrasound, sub-oppcipital release, massage and some heat now. It makes a difference with the headache around the ears, but nothing for anything else. Just seems like we are just going though the motions for the insurance company. Guess I need to play the game,lol.

    Now the insurance company decided they wont pay for the fentora and they had the dr switch me to MSIR. Have tried many others before, this is the insurances suggestion. Now I am so dizzy and sick I am just laying around, plus very little relief at 15mg. No pain relief at work either because I could never handle my responsibilities. Nothing like getting rid of something that worked and I could function %100, just for the insurance company to save a buck. If I try this for a month and am not having good luck they will then pay for the fentora "they say". Pain the in the backside!!!!

    AARRGGHHH! Why does everything need to be so frustrating.
  • Its been a little bit so I thought an update would be in order.

    I finished PT with no improvement. Insurance will now pay for Fentora 100mcg which doesnt do to much, but it is something.

    I did not go back to the ortho that was a jerk. I have been going to my PM doctor who now wants to do a rhyzotomy on the lubar area and then consider a SCS. We havent really addressed the continueing concerns with the neck and of course I never went thru to schedule the fusion surgery.

    I have just consulted with a neurosurgeon at a teaching hospital and have an appointment for next week to talk about bothe the C and L areas. I had a new MRI, here are the highlights. No sense in repeating the old, osteoarthritis, minimal bulges and dessication comments at every level,lol.


    L5-S1-There is enhancing granulation
    tissue (epidural fibrosis) identified on the posterior aspect of the thecal sac in the surgical defect extending along the lateral side of the thecal sac on the left to surround the left S1 nerve root.

    As I said before, the C-MRI explains why I cant write anymore, have constant pain and drop things all of the time, dahhhhh. And the lumbar explains why when I am not laying flat I experience weakness/tingling and such from the waist down. Most recentely I have lost movement/feeling for several minutes at a time.

    Such a pain! I wish someone in the medical field would make some sort of attempt at helping me get thru this with my sanity intact! I am not asking for an immediate 100% cure, but something would be helpful.

    Anyway, when I make any sense of things I will be sure to let you know.

    big hugs,
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