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SCS Reprogramming/Tweaking

ernurseeernurse Posts: 771
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:37 AM in Pain Management
I am so nervous and excited at the same time. One week from tomorrow will be 2 months from my perm Boston Scientific for my bilateral leg pain. That day I see the doc and spend time with my two reps. I have two programs now that need a bit of tweaking since the leads must have moved a bit and I get my other two programs. YES!!! The rep had also said something about when I get settled with the scs I would have the ability to do some tweaking myself. YES!!!

The reps laugh at my terms for the stimulation-I call sleeping "cat purr", "pulse" for normal days, and "jackhammer" for bad times. I have specific plans on what I want my other two programs to cover. The 3 reps I have met are just amazing and patient. I think one must be in training because he's always with another one, but I could see him alone because he's awesome.

Little anxious because last time I cried through half the appointment as it was shortly after my dad's death. I told them and they were very understanding, but I just hope they didn't write me off as a nutcase. This device has really given me hope now that all salvage operations have been done. I have something to help the nerve pain and I am in control of it. I haven't had control for a long, long, time and I am a control freak.

After talking with my rep about the charger shutting itself off after it reaches 106 degrees(so don't lay on pillows, you need ventilation) and a lot of personal PM's from C, I really feel like I've got this charging thing down. Oh man, this has been such a long journey physically and mentally but I finally feel like even though I am still in some degree of pain, I am on the right path.

Thank you to everyone for support and so many of you sharing your experiences. You may never have said anything to me, but reading your stories helped! C-thank you. I don't know what else to say but that. Just taking a personal interest in me really helped.


  • I'm just happy to hear that you are getting things worked out and that the charging is getting better and more and more routine. Awesome!

    Hey my rep made certain to print out my programming, both before and after reprogramming. This was done in case anything got goofed up, there would be a good baseline reference in my medical records. He had a nifty little printer in his bag that communicated with his hand held unit.

    I mention it, because it made me feel a lot more at ease going forward with reprogramming and not having to worry about losing the programming that was working somewhat to start with.

    Good luck with your appointment.

  • glad it has been such a help for you. That's how I feel too! Good luck with tweaking the programs!

    Take care,

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  • That is awesome that things are going well. I also loved my Boston Scientific rep for my trial, so much so that I requested that she be the rep present during my permanent placement on 10/29. I am glad to hear that your reps are great as well.
  • I had my SCS reprogrammed last Thursday. The rep had to turn the power up twice as much as before due to scarring. But now i think i have another problem. I have been back to work since 1 Sept and doing all my normal work. No problems what so ever. But Monday i bent down to pick up a piece of paper and felt a slight tug in the middle of my back. Now i have a slight hot spot there. Also i had to turn the balance up to target the left side more. Been giving it a few days to see if it settles out prior to contacting my PM. Hopefully i did not mess up.:(
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