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sstbmadsenssstbmadsen Posts: 15
Hi there.

I have 3 large disc herniations levels L3-L4, L4-L5, L5-S1. This is causing me very little to no back pain, but Sciatic leg pain that feels as though it spews forth from the jaws of Lucifer himself. I have seen a nuerosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon. The neurosurgeon wants to do a microdiscectomy and the orthopedic wants to do a fusion (in his words, "frankly, with all of the material I'm going to have to remove from the spine, I'll see you in 5 years for the fusion anyway.) I like the orthopod better, and have chosen to go with him.

Anyway, the orthopod wants me to lose 30-50 pounds before the fusion. This will, of course take a while to do. The problem is that my leg pain is getting worse. I cannot sleep through the night without waking up 4-5 times due to pain. I then have to use ice to fall back to sleep. This is driving me INSANE. I just don't think that I can wait to lose the 50 pounds.

Is there any med that can help withe the nerve pain that you guys know about? I've heard of Neurontin. Is that only given post-op?

Help me!


  • Hey, Neurontin is prescribed pre and post for nerve pain. But unfortunately one of the side effects is weight gain. It may not do it in your case but it is in mine. I eat very well and had lost 35 pounds since my PLIF at L5-S1 a year ago, but have put on 10 pounds in two months since upping my Neurontin to 600mg 3x a day sometimes even more depending upon the pain level. I have also used Lyrica for nerve pain but have better results with Neurontin.
    This of course is up to your Doc and you in med choices.
    As for a fusion I would defiantly get second and third opinions.

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