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PM doc finally suggested SCS...anyone care to share?

Laur en PainLLaur en Pain Posts: 47
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:37 AM in Pain Management
Well, I had my appointment with the pain management doctor on Monday. We talked about the fact that I am running out of options for my pain. I have tried pretty much every drug, therapy, and specialist out there at this point and she suggested that I give spinal cord stimulation implants a thought. She gave me some information on ANS and asked me to do some research for myself which I have, but I always find that the best way to get the truth is to ask people who have gone through it which I know many spineys have. It's really hard to trust the statistics that are posted on a website trying to sell you a product so I was hoping that some would be willing to share their experience with me. Has anyone had a SCS implanted and had good pain relief? For that matter, has anyone had one and had a bad experience? The majority of my pain is in my lower back and also in my left hip and left leg. It is not sciatic type pain in my leg anymore since my surgery, but more like a deep bone pain in the front of my thigh and hip. I would really appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, experiences...etc. Thanks a bunch. :?


  • In the Pain Management section, there's a ton of discussions that have gone on about spinal cord stimulation. The good, the bad and the ugly. If you search there or just plug SCS into the search box you will find 100's of posts with all sorts of good information.

  • I am sending you a PM... I hope i can help in some small way.
    Best of luck
    :H Patsy W
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  • I, too, have pain similar to what you describe. My pain follows the L5 dermatome to a "T". It doesn't start in my back but starts right beneath my hip bones on both legs. Now, whereas, I have a spinal cord stimulator and whereas I am really happy with it, I do not geat great stimulation in that hip area. I was told that the hip area is a difficult place to cover. I do not have a lot of pain in my low back but I do have pain in my feet that that pain, too, I'm told is tough to cover. The explanation given to me is that the nerves in the feet or low back are very deep, surrounded by a lot of soft tissue and tough to get at. But (and if you read the voluminous amount of information on SCSs on this site, you will hear this again and again) EVERYONE IS WIRED DIFFERENTLY so you need to do the trial and be insistent with the rep and let them know where you hurt and they can phutz with things and see if it will help you. Good luck. Susan.
  • I was implanted with an ANS SCS on July 8 2009. I had pain in my lower back some but mostly my legs and feet. I got pretty good coverage after implant. My toes still burned until last week. My rep was finally able to get the stimulation to cover my feet great. The back is a little harder to cover but they got me some relief there. The key, ive found out, is to get reprogrammed often to get the coverage needed. As scar tissue develops the stimulation changes and needs to be reprogrammed. A good rep is the foremost key. They need to be patient and attentive to your needs. Mine will not give up until she gets the coverage needed. ANS has a good website, POWEROVERYOURPAIN.COM. SCS is not for everyone. This is the reason they do a trial first. As with any medical procedure, you find people who have good, bad and indiferent results. You and your PM can only make the decision to have this done. I am one who is saying it was the best thing i ever did.
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