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Questioin about filing for SSD

gar0262ggar0262 Posts: 163
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Health Insurance Issues
My question is about filing for SSD. I have read that you can file either by going directly to a social security office, or by calling an office, or even applying on line. So which way would any of you recommend, or what is the best way? I have to do it, but just trying to find out what my first step should be, whether it be to collect all necessary medical records first and then apply with them in hand, or to apply and let them do the leg work. I've also read about having my doctors fill out the RFC form. did any of you do that, and if so at what stage did you have it done? I know this is only the beginning of a long process :< Thanks for any thoughts and suggestions.


  • online. i never did have my docs fill out an rfc but ss did send forms to my doc to be filled out. the thing that i liked about applying online was that i could do it at my own pace. you set up a user name and password so you can go back and forth with the application. here is a site that may be of interest to you

    good luck!
  • applied on line and I was glad I did because I wasnt sure what info would be needed so I got a passwpord and could stop and continue when I wanted or got the info needed.
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  • Unless you can get them for free? You may want to tell them it's for a social security disability claim (thereby establish your hardship in paying a dollar a page up to 15 and then 50 cent a page after that).

    SSA will pay for your records. A flat rate of $20.00 whether it's one page or one thousand pages.

    What you CAN do is have a list of all the treatment facilities, the addresses (or at least a phone number) and the dates you were treated.

    Be sure to list any and all ailments you have - no matter how trivial you think they may be. If you wear glasses, have difficulty hearing/understanding, high blood pressure, etc. No matter what it is or how trivial is the key phrase here.

    This is because each thing in and of themselves may not be severe enough to be considered disabling, but when taken all together may in fact constitute disability... See what I mean?

    Other than that, either method is fine. If you file on phone or online you will receive forms in the mail for signature - and that would delay your claim's process by about a week to 10 days (depending on how quickly you sign and mail them back to SSA) If you go in person, you can take care of all signatures there on the spot. PLUS, the representative could assist you with the questions on some of the forms. Most people don't have the wherewithall to ask the rep to help with filling out the paper work, but in all honesty - it's THEIR JOB to do so (well, ONE of their many jobs!)

    Good luck!
  • Just wanted to update everyone about my journey. I called and started my clain for disability. I was suppose to hear from them in a couple of days, but as of yet I haven't. If I don't hear from them today, I may give them a call to verify they received my info. I will keep you all posted on my progress.
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