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SCS and Pain Pump



  • Some folks report that their SCS causes irritation to nerves. I have not had that issue with my SCS, however I can say that when I am tired, stressed, ill or battling my monthly cycle, it causes my perception of the stimulation to change. It is very similar to how our pain perception changes with the same stressors.

    One thing that I learned from my rep, is that the tendency (most especially with lumbar SCS's) is to drive the signal very focused and as deep as possible. So as kind of a default practice, reps tend to set the SCS up to fire in this manner. For me it caused intense pain, spasms, chest wall stimulation and also spasms in my throat. So the rep reprogrammed my SCS to deliver a more diffused pattern and not so deep and it really makes a huge difference.

    So don't give up on reprogramming. I think it's great that your rep is willing to hook you up with someone else to give it a shot. That speaks well of your rep.

    In the interim, are you able to adjust your pulse width or pulse repetition?

  • Good morning,

    Yes, I am able to adjust my width and pulse. I use those features to help me out on the days that my leg and foot pain are able to breakthrough the stimulation. However, we still have not been able to work out my back issues. It is still early in the game so I am not giving up anytime soon. I know there is a way because my trial was able to do. I had a wonderful trial, it covered ALL of my pain.

    Like you, I have chest wall stimulation (mainly in my ribs) that hurts after a little bit. The programs that are supposed to be for my back are being taken by my ribs. I had to turn it off. I can not handle it. It will work out though, just need to be patient a bit longer. :)

    Have a blessed day!!
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  • Hey guys!!

    Went in and got reprogrammed by my reps supervisor yesterday and I think I might be on the right path now. :) He worked on my programming for a little over an hour and finally asked my doctor to get me an X-ray. Afterwards he could see that one of my leads has moved a little bit and that was the one causing all of my rib pain. AND he also found that I am plugged in backwards!! Right is left and left is right!! That made alot more sense and he was finally able to figure it out. I am finally feeling some stimulation in my back. More on the left than right but I do feel it on the right especially when I have it turned WAY up. :) I like it set on about 9.50.

    The good news is that I didn't wake up in the middle of the night needing meds. :) I did have to take 1/2 of one about mid morning just to take the edge off. We will see. I am hoping to totally eliminate pain meds. (I know this is a far fetched wish) :)

    Hope you all have a GREAT day!!
  • <:P I hope this works and I'm so glad they saw what was going on. Please keep us posted on how this new setting is working for you. Take care
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