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Luis62LLuis62 Posts: 49
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Lower Back Pain
going in for my second ESI tomorrow not looking forward to it the last one i had in Aug. hurt like heck felt my left leg hurt all the way down to my foot.OOOUCHHH!!!


  • Just wanted to let you know my experience. I was put in twilight sleep, didn't feel any of it. I was aware for a really short time, didn't feel it but heard the doctor talking. I woke up lost feeling in my left leg but didn't realize it until I tried to walk, lucky the nurse was there and caught me. Stayed about 20 more minutes until I could hold some weight on my leg. That went totally away within a couple hours. No pain from the injections at all. Unfortunately it didn't work at all for me either, not even temporarily. So you may have a great experience like I did. Like Gwennie said every time it could be different. Good luck with the ESI, here's to hoping for painfree days ahead ;)
  • they could put me in a twilight sleep that would be great i asked them yesterday & they said i would have to go to some outpatient place.
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  • going to the outpatient place. I had a rhizotomy yesterday (nerve burn) and it was the 5th one that I have had. I was so anxious the night before that I hardly slept at all. The procedure was not pleasant but not half as bad as I had anticipated. It seems that the more pain that you experience during these procedures the more chance of relief that you have. If the area that is injected is indeed the area causing the pain than the injection will be painful. On the other hand if the area injected is not the area generating the pain the injection would probably be less painful. So try and focus on the goal of getting some relief afterward rather than the pain experienced during. Good luck and let us know how you make out.
  • My doc gave me a Xanax for my anxiety over the procedure. Maybe your doc could do something similar. It really helped me relax and not stress as much as I normally would. It might be worth asking.

    Now that I think of it, a Xanax was all I had for my vasectomy as well... and that was MUCH worse than the ESIs I have had. LOL
  • i quess it won't hurt to ask for something.that last time my left leg felt like it was on fire with some pain,oh and the presure that i felt on my spine it felt like it was going to explode.
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  • it helps the doc to be able to give feedback to them so they know if they're in those painful areas...

    I just had my second ESI for this bout of sciatica and back pain yesterday. Both times I requested Xanax, yesterday I took it and had to wait about 30 mins for the doc to do my ESI. I think that helped alot since they usually barely give you enough time to dissolve the tab under your tongue. Knowing it can be unpleasant makes it worse. My ESI yesterday went much better than my first one three weeks ago for sure. My doc was able to access L5-S1 this time and she numbed me up pretty good. They were afraid I was going to fall when I got off the table and also made me stay about 15 minutes and they took two sets of vital signs because she infused a lot of numbing meds. I was perfectly OK...even walked back to the car in the middle of this Nor'easter!

    Hope it went well for you!
  • had it done and it was painful REAL painful from the first one i had in Aug.i'm wearing a back belt here at work and i feel some slight pain to the left of my lower back which was the side i had the pain along with my left leg.had it done thursday the 12th was off friday.lets see how long this one will last.
  • I'm sorry it hurt so much. Try to be good to yourself, especially at work! I hope it works too :)
  • I'm sorry it hurt so much. Try to be good to yourself, especially at work! I hope it works too :)
  • farmgrrl your L4-L5 is almost like what i have on mine,i see you ESI on the 11th did you no good sorry to hear that.
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