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Finally an answer

Kris-NYKKris-NY Posts: 2,207
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
HI Everyone

I finally got the answer -- and its been there for the past 3 months!!

Neurosurgeon did his exam, looked at MRIs and said he doesn't see anything. When I asked about the part on the report that said herniation he read the reports. He was shocked and admitted that the radiologist was right and that I have a herniation at T1/T2 pressing on the T1 nerve root. He was shocked because it was very hard to spot and he says this area never gets injured because it is so well protected. He also said it is not prone to degenerative disease which is good for me because now the insurance company won't fight it.

WHat I want to share is that he says this herniation will cause the neck, shoulder and collar bone pain that I have been getting. Also the pain up the side of my face to my ear and sinuses. So all of you who have this unusual pain you might want to ask your doctor to look a little lower on your neck.

Doctor says that there is no PT or other therapy or treatment for this level herniation. Surgery is the only solution. He says he will remove the disc and that there is no need to replace it with anything or do a fusion because this area does not move and is well protected by the ribs.

Now when do I do this with the holidays coming up???


  • Kris I am happy that you have an answer to your questions....this is really good! But am sorry that surgery is the answer.

  • Check the statistics for the success for the procedure they are recommending - before you agree to be cut open. A lot os neck and back surgeries make your problam WORSE not better. This site kind of proves that! Improving your thoracic and cervical spine with correct posture can do MIRACLES. Try looking at EDITED
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  • I think this is the right answer but I am not just signing on that line yet.

    I found out a week ago that the radiologist had revised his initial report back in AUgust when I went for a third neck MRI. I had been asking for a third report which didn't exist. It never occurred to me or their office manager that they just added onto the first report. So for 2 months no one knew what the radiologist knew which was that the disk was clearly herniated and pressing on the nerve root. Hard to blame the doctors. I do blame the system that says they will only send reports to doctors and the doctors expect you to provide them with the reports.

    I am pretty confident that this is the way to go. I have done about 6 months of PT with two different offices. I had trigger point injections and an EMG. I've tried the muscle relaxant and nerve relaxant with only minor relief. The doc says there really is no treatment that can get to this level which is why nothing has helped.

    SO I think this is it. I just don't know if I should do it the first week in December since my husband is off that week and I shouldn't have to worry about snow for a while. THe other option is to wait for January, after the holidays, but then I have the chance of snow which I know will make life harder when I first go back to work.

    I also am concerned about no-fault figuring out that I am seeing neuro doctors and may need surgery. They can cut me off with almost no notice and it could take months to get them to change their minds. THe lucky part is there is no authorization to get so I can do this as soon as the doc is free and I am ready.

    So what do you all think December or January? Oh and the hospital stay is 1 day if everything is perfect or up to 4 days if something moderate happens.
  • I don't often contradict a post I see, rather I wait and let it play out. I'm not hot-headed. However, I believe you are way off base here with your statements. In fact, you're completely out of the ballpark.

    Do you have spine issues? Have you had surgery? Do you really know anything at all about the spine? Do you even know what a spine is?

    To say that this site proves that back surgeries have almost all bad outcomes is an outright lie and malicious. If you'd ever taken the time to read through this site rather than post negative comments that have no basis for the last four months, you'd realize that it's been stated many times and consistently that the members here that have had great or even good outcomes move on with their lives and choose not to return because they no longer need the support that is given here.

    Assuming you even have an inkling what our members go through, if posture has helped your spine heal itself, then I'm very happy for you. However, there are an awful lot of members here that would happily give their left arm if that was the case. Fact is, most of the members here have serious spine problems and to state that to simply improve your posture and buy a "bra" will heal them, then I'd like to sell you some swampland in Arizona.

    I'll have my people contact your people.
  • I agree with Gwennie. The second week of January and on is best. Everyone has had their vacations or worked through the holidays, the rush is mellowing out and life can go along peacefully once again.

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  • haglandc said:
    I agree with Gwennie. The second week of January and on is best. Everyone has had their vacations or worked through the holidays, the rush is mellowing out and life can go along peacefully once again.

    Working for the government for 30 years, yeppers! The stresses from planing turkey day, Xmas, New Years etc. are over!!! And like you said, settling (mellowing) down. :-) the only reason I have seen (short of emergency) has been folks going in for their procedures since their deductible has been met!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Kris that is terrific that you have a vindication to your pain. And in only 3 months! From some of our perspectives that was wrapped up quickly.

    It must feel wonderful to have an exact explanation of your pain. Once you know the problem, then you can do something about it.

    congrats kris

    update us as you go along this journey.

  • Thats great that they finally found out what's causing your pain.Please do your research on thoracic surgery before you sign on the dotted line.I don't know why doctors seem to think that discs don't herniate in the thoracic area,because clearly many people do have herniations there. I'm hoping only the best outcome for you and that you don't have any signs on your back as well. =)) Good Luck Kris!
  • I would do the surgery when it is best for you, weather in Dec or Jan. I agree that you have to do your own research, and are wishing you the best results. I am so glad your NS listened to you, you are your best advocate.

  • Well part of me is very excited and wants to get this over with. But when I spoke with my husband today he brought me back down to earth. Trying to do this in 3 weeks is crazy. Especially right before the holidays.

    So here's my new plan. Called ortho who sent me to this surgeon. I want to run this by him. I've know him for 15 years and trust his opinion. Called my neurologist because I think it is only fair to let him know what is going on and see what he says. Then I want to get another opinion. The surgeon I saw yesterday wants to go from the back so he doesnt have to fuse. But I've read good and bad for front and back. Once I decide on the surgeon and method I will need a new MRI which will take up another appointment. SO I think it's after Christmas, probably the second week of January as a few of you suggested.

    Of course this all changes the minute I get an IME appointment. THen it will be surgery in a week before they cut off my benefits.
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