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I have incredibly bad luck,i must have a sign on my back!



  • Unfortunately i haven't been taking more pain meds. just the first two days then i tapered back to what i was taking before.I don't like feeling tired all the time or numb.Right now all i'm taking is anti inflammatories with pain meds. in them. I was on T3 but finished the perscription a month ago and haven't called the doctor for a repeat.Its very difficult to get any pain meds. out of her and i just would rather suffer with the pain then get into another argument with her over what i need to take to make me feel ok.
  • I am so sorry to hear of this incident and I also agree you should report this to the police becuase it was an assault just think if maybe it hit your head could have knocked you out ! I would suggest if the pain does not get better try to at least get some pain meds and talk to your doctor they should understand the situation you are in and need something for pain...Hope you feel better soon !!
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  • I agree with Brenda. If you can remember the time of day and all that Brenda said I would surely report them. It helps me to get busy when I'm in pain. I'd write a list of all I could remember and call the police and the school.

    I've worked with kids for many years. There are some real bad apples out there. It's terrible that they picked on you. I'm so sorry!
  • I just came from therapy,and talked to my therapist about my bladder,its still hurts alot and still feels swollen.He suggested that i get back into my doctor or go to her night clinic to be checked out again. I don't think that they'll do anything else because i'm already taking to anti inflammatories,but he said that the incident needs to be charted.Then they can look back and see how many times i've had bladder issues and say ok you need to see an ortho or a neurologist to figure this problem out.So i guess after lunch i'll call her again.
  • Hi Tammy,

    It really bothers me that your doctor won't give you pain meds unless you argue with her. That is unexceptable!!!! Looking at your tag line at what you've been through, it is obvious you are in pain. You need meds!!! I think it is time to find a better doctor who will take your needs seriously. It's bad enough to be in pain and have your life altered that you don't need an uncaring argumentative doctor who won't help you on top of it.

    Keep us posted.
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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519
    with doctors and pain medications. Put aside any contracts that patients may have to sign. There are so many variables involved with this that it is impossible for any of us to tell a member to leave one doctor and go find another that will provide medications.

    That might be the final action, but before that is taken, I know that both the patient and he doctor need to understand WHY they are not prescribing some pain medications. And WHAT pain medications are we talking about.
    Doctors have an obligation to tell their patients why they are taking one course of action or another.

    I have talked this over with my Pain mgt doctor many times. She has told me that the three major reasons she refuses to write a prescription for pain medications are:

    1 - The doctor has asked he patient to go to Physical Therapy, go for a Spinal injection, etc. The patient decides they do not want to do any of that. So basically the patient becomes non-compliment

    2 - The doctor feels that just staying on pain medications is not the right action plan. They may feel that other medications (nerve, muscle relaxers, anti-depressents, etc might be a better course of action

    3 - The doctor believes that the patient does not have the pain they are talking about, therefore will not write any new scripts

    Each case is really individual and there are no fast and firm guidelines.

    The most important thing here is for he patient to make sure that the communication path is fully established with their doctor.

    Just jumping to another doctor may not solve anything and it also has
    the possibilities in creating more problems .. So often doctors find
    new patients, read their charts from the previous doctor and can sense that there is a potential of drug seeker going on.

    Tammy, I know that while you are in pain, you need relief, hopefully, you will be able to talk this over with your doctor and come up with a solution
  • with so many of your comments.However my doctor doesn't have my file from my previous doctor nor has she ever asked for it.Her comments to me makes no sense what so ever. She tells me that she doesn't want me on strong pain meds. because many people get addicted to them and it starts in the doctors office.The first thing that i was told when i saw my neurosurgeon was that if your pain is that bad and narcotics helps it and puts you in a better place then you won't get addicted to them.Its when your pain level goes down and you continue to take them that there is a problem.She tells me that she'll never send me to a surgeon for my pain problems that only pain meds. and anti inflammatories will help me,perscribes me the meds. in her office and tells me how to take them and then when i call for a repeat,she refuses to give it to me even though i've made the pain med. perscription last longer then i needed to just to prove that i wasn't abusing them.She sends me to physcial therapy to try and help my back saying i'll never see a surgeon no matter how bad off i get and the therapy causes the pain to get worse but then says that she won't give me more pain meds. what kind of treatment is that.When i go to her and ask to be referred to someone else to manage my pain she offers all the meds. i want to keep me there but once she thinks i'm staying she cuts me off and makes me suffer again.I don't think she's interested in treating me she just wants the money for the assessments she's getting.As for being no-compliant.I think that falls back on her because i can only do what she'll allow me to do.I've been doing therapy ever since i had my surgery done,actually two months after that so since june of 2008.I went and spoke to a lawyer about my situation and his biggest problem was if i'm having so many problems and this is so bad then why am i only doing therapy and massages why am i not being sent to someone like a surgeon or neurologist to be looked at.I told him because my doctor refuses to do anything else for me.She doesn't know why i have numbness,she doesn't know why my bladder keeps acting up and she told me that she's not doing anymore tests to find out.The patient needs to co operate and get along with the doctor but the doctor also needs to be sympathetic to the patient and as far as i can see that isn't happening.
  • Anyways none of that really matters,i woke up thurs. morning with a headache thankfully i had a massage that was already booked.During my massage my therapist told me that the back of my neck and head were really swollen up and my right shoulder and arm also were swollen along with my hip area.He said he doesn't know why but my joints all over my body seem to be swelling.That night my headache got a lot worse and everytime i'd lay down and put any pressure on my neck the room would start to spin and i would have to go throw up.I was up almost all night long.I'm taking two kind of anti inflammatories and shouldn't be swelling like that,i just can't understand why it keeps happening and neither does my massage therapist. I called my doctors office friday morning and was told the standard answer,sorry no apt. available were completely booked up and was told to go to the walk in clinic.The one anti inflammatory that i take i was told not to take any over the counter meds. like advil or ibuprofen because i would over dose on it.So i wasn't sure what to do for it. I felt so bad that there was no way i would be able to sit for a few hours at a clinic to wait to see a doctor so i just took a gravol for the nausea and the regular meds that i take every day and i kept putting an ice pack on the back of my head and neck.I have a very routine life,do the same things every day,i know i didn't do anything out of the ordinary to cause this to happen and its been over a year since my surgery,i shouldn't still be swelling like that.Anyways the gravol knocked me out for half of my day and i just layed around for the rest of it and tried to relax and hope that the pain went away.Its early sat. morning and i'm still feeling the effects of the headache though not as bad as before.
    I feel like i'm starting to slip back into pre surgery mode.Everything is going wrong and my body is slipping back wards instead of getting stronger and healthier its starting to break down again and get worse. I'm getting to the point where i just feel like everything that i'm doing just isn't going to help me get better and i've had enough. I feel like i'm overwhelmed with everything thats happened since the accident and i just don't feel like i can fight for myself any longer.I think i'm done.
  • I am so sorry all this is happening to you!!!! *HUG* Many here support you. Please don't give up. Is there anyone you can talk with about this? Also too (as I don't know what insurance you have) can you switch doctors? I agree it sounds like the doctor isn't listening to you - and given what I read in your signature, they should refer you to a neurologist, or neurosurgeon.

    Please don't give up! Pain question, but there has to be a doctor that can help you out, and figure this out? Take care, and try to stay strong - may sound hard to do now, but please try!!!

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Can you go to your primary care physician and get a referral to see someone else. Due to insurance reasons, I have to go through my PCP anytime I need to see another specialist or schedule another procedure. I wasn't satisfied with my surgeon after having issues after surgery so I went to my PCP and he referred me to a neurosurgeon. My primary doc has been amazing through all this. He would even prescribe my pian meds while I was inbetween specialists.

    I would suggest the next time you get those dizzy spells where you throw up and the pain is that bad you should go to the emergency room. I'm not familiar with the cervical area but I know enough to understand those symptoms are not good.

    Keep us posted.
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