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I have incredibly bad luck,i must have a sign on my back!



  • Hi Tammy,

    I stand by my previous post. Please go see a new doctor. If your general doctor is compassionate, go see him. If not, go to urgent care or emergency and begin to get the attention that you need. You will likely always be in some level of pain, me too, but we do not need to suffer nor be brushed off by arrogant money grubbing doctors!

    PM me if you want to talk. I'm here for you.
    Big gentle hugs,
  • I agree with Dee. It is time to find a new PCP. I suggest you collect your chart/records. Call in advance and have them prepare your records (there may be a small fee). In the meantime call all of your friendly people and ask them if they can recommend their doctor. My hair dresser introduced me to my PCP. My other friends suggested my NS (as well as my PCP).

    I can't understand why we should settle for less? This person the doctor works for you. Sure they get paid by your insurance but they work for you not your insurance company.

    About 17 years ago I had the worst doctor. I chose her since my sister and mother had seen her. She was aweful. As I layed in the maternity ward in preterm labor for a week she kept coming in telling me I needed to loose weight (I was 150# I guess she wanted me to be $125#). I am on bed rest hospitalized and all she can do is tell me that? So the last day I employed her was the day she told me I was being sent home. Before I was released a different md came in to examine me. He said your going to have your baby in a few hours.... My daughter was 11 weeks premature and my pcp/gyno was fired.

    Ask your friends they will tell you if they LOVE their doctors or if the doctor is okay. Go see the ones who are LOVED.

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  • Tammy,

    My mother is going through exactly the same thing that you are. She sees an orthopod who's told her for years that she is not a surgical candidate. She has virtually no disc material in her lumbar spine, and though we haven't seen an MRI of her c-spine for some time, mine has already crumbled to dust and it's a genetic gift from her, so hers is doubtless much worse.

    Through many connections in the medical community, I've been told that this doctor is more interested in treating his bank account than his patients. The entire politicsl party When she was dependent on him to testify in a lawsuit resulting from a traffic accident, I was told she'd better not leave the practice until it was over because he had a reputation for testifying where the money (for him) was whether what he said was true or not.

    Dr. R. gives her the same run-around about medication. He says no surgery,(perhaps because he's not a surgeon), the PT is afraid to work on her and she's had shot after shot after shot, conveniently provided in his practice. She was scheduled for an MRI last week (at HIS OFFICE on the other side of the world from where she lives) snd when she asked if she could have it done at a facility much closer to home, he got angry and refused to return her phone calls. I guess he still has a few payments to make on his MRI equipment. She's in so much pain that there is no way she'll be able to lie still long enough for an MRI, but his office is not only not equipped to do the MRI under general, but they can't even give her IV meds, yet he won't let her go somewhere that is more able to help her get through even this evaluation, much less to see a doctor who might really be able to help her.

    She's allergic to a whole host of medications and we've been to the ER twice in anaphylactic shock. She takes hydrocodone and Soma, and clonazepam to sleep, plus an anti-depressant and Synthroid. Oxycontin doesn't work for her, and Neurontin and several forms of morphine just made her fall on the floor. He actually told her to take morphine and hydrocodone together when he first started her on the morphine.

    Now he says he's done all he can do for her (except get the money out of her pocket for that MRI) and is cutting off her medication completely. Actually just quitting clonazepam can give you seizures.

    So now she's making an appointment to see my own neurosurgeon and we can see what's what. It's well past time when she should have left that quack, who's no better than a street dealer - got her dependent on the meds he's been giving her and then cut her off. She's depressed and has talked about suicide repeatedly. Well, of course she has; she's on specific narcotics which are by definition depressants, she's in pain 24/7 and no one will help her.

    Tammy, you need to make your own decision about which doctor to see, but if yours isn't helping you, if I were you, I'd find someone who can. And I would absolutely look into an anti-depressant; a lot of people think of them as a crutch, but in fact, depression is a chemical imbalance over which you have no control, any more than you would be able to control diabetes without insulin. As far as looking for a new doc, the only thing I know of that would be a worry is that you don't want to appear to be "doctor shopping" to see who will give you the most medication. But in your position, I certainly would not continue to pay for services which are not being rendered.

    You might want to read my post under "I want to tell off my neurosurgeon" to give you more courage.

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