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No stimulation in feet



  • All I can think to say is that sucks.

    They all agree to it, then dump you? I'd head straight to the nearest attorney. Basically they have for the most part agreed on a treatment plan then dump you costing you $4000 and who knows how many months to get another trial lined up.

    Have you called your insurance company? Since they approved the procedure they may have something to say about all of this.

    I know for the most part they can't refuse treatment, but how far that goes I don't know.

    I have heard stories from a risk manager who talked, no names, about patients who won lawsuits against doctors, yet remained in the doctors care. The doctor simply was not allowed to dismiss the patient. Whether that was a facility rule or a law, I can't say.

    Like I said, go talk to an attorney, see what they think about the whole mess.
  • When "Matt" called me to tell me everyone at this hospital was firing me, I told him that they couldn't do that. It was considered "abandonment". They had to allow me time to find other care. He didn't seem to be aware of the law. I asked to be connected to the legal department. He said they didn't have one. After I hung up, I called the hospital and asked for the legal department. A woman answered. I asked if she was an attorney. She said, "yes" so I went on to tell her the whole situation. Whereas this whole situation has become one big mess and confusion, it really isn't my fault and then I reminded her of the fact that they can't ust dump me and she agreed and said she would call Dr. D. I also called Dr. D. and apologized (in message form) even though this mess wasn't my fault). A few hours later, Dr. D. called and yelled at me for a while. "She has never been called by the legal department. She found that very embarassing. Blah. Blah." Anyway, I have a new trial scheduled for next week Wed. I am going to keep my appointment with my PCP for my pre-op physical and hope that the neuro will have time to do the implant this year. I'm going to ask my PCP to take over prescribing my meds for me. He had said that he would months ago. The PM doc I've been seeing is too hard to reach, too far away and too reluctant to give me any advice or to try new meds. I thought, as I've said, that she was the captain of the team, that she could make sense of what all the other team members were telling me but she doesn't want that role. So, if she is ust going to write scripts, my PCP can do that. Wish me luck. I haven't gone to work for two days.
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  • Glad to hear you got it worked out.

    I know a risk manager and it is VERY common for the doctor not to like a patient, doesn't mean they can do what this one tried to do. I'm glad the doctor was embarrassed, I'm sure my PCP was embarrassed when he got yelled at by an ER doc over sending me to the ER for pain meds.

    You will get this worked out. By the way, just the fact the doctor is calling and yelling at you is WRONG.
    Not supposed to work that way.

    I'm very frustrated with my current situation, not really SCS related so I won't go into details. Just have to figure out how I want to approach it, or even who to approach...
  • Susan, I just had a second SCS Trial today for the pain I have in my coccyx/sacrum area. I know you're trying to get stimulation into your feet and, although I don't need stimulation in that area, while the ANS Rep was working on my programming today, I had stimulation in both legs all the way to the toes...felt so good, like a wonderful massage. The Dr. placed 2 leads into the epidural space at the very lowest possible position. Maybe your Dr will be able to get this done for you next Wednesday...hope so.
  • Wow Susan. I don't know where to begin...just keep doing what you're doing 'cause you got IT lady. You are a fighter B)

    I can't believe the roller coaster ride you were forced to go on, and then all the doctors want to jump off and leave you all by yourself. And yet you yanked them back on without breaking a sweat..figuratively. How could they just decide to drop you like that? They just need to finish what they started and fulfill their obligations to you.

    I hope you get all of this done before the end of the year because you shouldn't be made to pay four grand because of loligagying and BS. I can understand how upset you were when they rescheduled without your permission, esp when it was the only time your husband could take off. This happened to me with my pump trial too when it was rescheduled without my consent and my husband kept taking off to be there with me. In the end, I had to go to my trial all by myself since he couldn't take off anymore...I was rescheduled a total of 5 or 6 times. My memory is not what it used to be.

    I don't know much about stim or paddle placement, etc. I just did the stim trial once and the whole thing failed and all I got out of it was a spinal headache.

    Did you say that you never had a ct/myelogram before? You need to find out for sure what's going on with this arachnoiditis diagnosis before consenting to have this test or things will get even more worse. Do you think that doctor made that preliminary diagnosis too quickly? I'd get a hold of him and sort this mess out, and also find out why was he thinking you have this? I hope you don't have this.

    Sorry I stumbled upon your post so late but I'm also glad you have shared this with us. Please keep us posted and I hope you start the new year off with a completed second stim trial. Take care
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  • Thanks. But I sure don't feel like I have IT. A friend of mine who's brother is a physician warned me that these docs might fire me and I told her, "Oh no, that would never happen. We have a really good relationship." It just brings home how lonesome chronic pain is. It brought me some comfort to think I had these docs helping me. In the end its me, and me alone awake at 2 am. Now I have to go have a stim trial with a doctor who's mad at me. I'm not going to ask about the arachnoiditis thing because I don't want the NS to not do the implant. The stim trial is scheduled for 8AM next week Wednesday and (according to the ANS rep, I haven't heard from the surgeon, the implant will be the next day some time.) I reserved a very nice hotel room near the hospital so I can spend the night and take a cab in the morning. I hope the info I got from the ANS guy was correct. Then, my husband can pick me up after work on Friday. I called the pain psychologist and left a message. I said it was an emergency but I haven't heard from him. I am giving up. I have decided to sell my book of business and apply for disability. I can't seem to shake this depression. Susan
  • I understand why you feel so down and then on top of everything you have to deal with all this stress. It's so overwhelming but I know that you'll summon the strength to keep going. You're the type of person that accomplishes what they set their mind to. Someway, somehow you'll get it done. No matter what condition you are in, you have such a strong will and so much intelligence to let depression hold you down for long. And it's normal for us to feel down. We were never meant to know how to live in chronic pain.We all can use a bit of help too because life gets too complicated and crazy. Most times I go around like a headless KFC deep fried chicken LOL. Anyway, don't give up, keep trucking, you can do it, just do it (like NIKE, not like Tiger) :D Just kidding ;) Laughter is good medicine, so they say...Hugs, Meydey
  • stockbroker said:
    I am giving up. I have decided to sell my book of business and apply for disability. I can't seem to shake this depression. Susan
    Susan, I was told "never make a major decision when you are depressed". Probably why I have not made one in 15 years or so :O

    I hope this all works out exactly the way it needs to and you get good coverage and can move on. You are to much of a fighter to quit now, hand in there.

    I know how you feel about the docs, I have been dealing with pain on the right side of my spine and under my shoulder blade. The SCS won't cover it and we have tried programming, so I don't expect to get it covered. My shrink has helped to a point, but the meds I have are simple not enough to cover the day. I don't see him for 2 months, I am afraid to call and beg, ask for more. I am afraid to contact my PCP. Not sure where to go at all. My PM just recommended the meds I am already taking, which work. For about 6 hours a day. Then I am left with about pain level 6 in my back. Come summer, I expect it to back off again. It is a long way till summer...
  • My primary cannot believe my PM doesn't return my calls. Or that she tells me to go to my old PM who I no longer see if I want a prescription for Zonisamide. (He wouldn't give me one either. Great!! I told him. I'll just keep taking Lyrica and packing on the pounds. Just wait until this congenital ectomorph is now fatter than Gilbert Grape's mother and you have to come to the hospital to help treat my heart attack and you'll feel so bad, "I wouldn't give her Zonisamide." He really did offer to call my PM (or not my PM) and ask her why she wouldn't prescribe it for me. I told him to let me think about it. I may be getting that letter from her saying she doesn't want to be my doctor. Also when I got home from work around 5:30 there was a message from the registration desk at the hospital asking me to register for my surgery on 12/17. So maybe The ANS guy was right about surgery being the following day. I wonder what time? They don't learn. Susan Oh, my fusion was 12/15/06. Yikes

  • I have just gotten around to reading your comments. Sorry dear but I am just not on here that much anymore.
    I do hope you get this mess cleared up and get the stimulation in your poor feet.
    Sometimes I think I could take this pain a lot better if it were any place except my feet. I am sure you feel the same. But then again pain is hard to live with no matter where you feel it.
    You are a fighter Susan but this whole mess AND the pain is getting you down. But you will bounce back and come up swinging. As Meydey said...keep on trucking!!
    Sending a hug and my little Pepper sends a tail wag. >:D<
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas
    Patsy W and Pepper
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