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No stimulation in feet



  • Susan, I have just read all of this and I just can't believe it. Please keep fighting. You can do this! I know how hard it is to try to hold onto your work life while you are in pain. Also juggling the schedule to get off for work with DH's work schedule for procedures can be a nighmare. My DH is a teacher so he also can't take off at the drop of a hat.

    Good for you for going to the legal department! I know it is hard to make these decisions sometimes and to know what to say, especially when it is for someone who is supposed to take care of you when you are so vulnerable. I can't believe that they were going to reschedule because of the ANS rep. I agree that they should have just had someone else come or at least ask your preference prior to making the decision on their own.

    I just wanted to let you know that you can do this and you are obviously a very strong person. I will be thinking about you.
  • At least now you have a date. It'd be nice if they gave you the time- hopefully they should be calling any minute with that info. Hang in there.. :H
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  • meydey321 said:
    At least now you have a date. It'd be nice if they gave you the time- hopefully they should be calling any minute with that info. Hang in there.. :H

    I never knew till day before surgery on most of mine.

    The only one I knew was the partial replacement. They had told me it would occur between 2-3 PM as he could not be sure of how much work it was going to take, so I was last on the schedule. I always hate the late in the day ones, NO Food, Worse, No Coffee :''(
  • As soon as I hit the enter button, I saw I typed the wrong date but I couldn't edit. Anyway, I got a call from the surgeon's assistant. She had a strained tone in her voice. I could have surgery on Thursday at 5:30pm or wait until next year. So, I cancelled my hotel room as BH can 1. take me to the trial on Wed. at 7:30am (his day off)and 2 take me to the surgery AFTER work at 4pm. It will be nice to have him there with me instead of being all alone.

    You know, these folks all see this as my fault; that I caused the problem(s). Do you think I should bring some candy or something (even though it wasn't my fault) just to try to smooth things over so its not all so awkward? Susan

    p.s. I just keep hearing Dr. D telling me how inconvenient it was for me to have my labs done at my primary's. They had to make an extra phone call. (Yeah, better I should have driven 3 hours round trip to have my labs done out there. Then, after the lawyer called her to tell her she couldn't just drop me, Dr. D said, "its not like its an apendectomy" i.e. its not like its really important or anything! Its just pain. Its not like its going to kill me.
  • So very happy you have a date set and NO this is NOT your fault!! Doctors can be such ------ well you know what I mean but will not say.
    The main thing is you have a date set and are going to have help at last. I would go ahead and take a box of chocolates if you want. It would be appreciated but not neccessary.
    Hubby gets to be with you and that's wonderful. I woulld really hate for you to go this alone. This is not something a person needs to go through alone, you need hem there.
    Susan dear....stop beating yourself up. I prey this makes life easier for you. I know what you have been going through with your feet.
    I was to see my other PM next Thursday but have to depend on other to take me so had to change my date. Now I can't get back in to see hem until MARCH!! To say I am bummed out is putting it mildly.
    Will be thinking of you.Hugssss Patsy
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  • depression is taking precedence over the pain. I don't want to deal with these folks. I don't want to try to work any more. I've already cancelled this week's appointment's for next weeks which I have had to cancel. My Husban and I were going to spend the wqeek between Christmas and New Years in St. Petersburg, Fl. (a friend was lending us their house). Now, I've had to cancel that so I can work. December is a very busy time of the yar for me. I think, at this point in time, my depression is worse than my pain. I don't want to deal with it anymore.
  • Please talk to your doc about your depression. I am sure that you know that it is so much harder to get under control the worse that it gets.

    You know that I am your friend and here for you when you need me. I wish that there was something that I could do but I know there is not.

    Please post when you are able.
  • I hope you are feeling a little more collected today. I tend to agree with you, somewhere in mind and body you will see I posted the same. I have chosen to fight the depression more aggressively than the pain.

    I know how you feel (not that it makes it better) about time pressures, money, etc; It was all on my shoulders when I had mine done to. Thankfully mine did not run as close to the deadline as your is, but it still loomed over me. It would have cost me $2500 if mine had not been done, plus, quite possibly my job.

    Florida will wait for you, it's not going anywhere! I would not try to bribe the doctors office, just try to smile and be nice.

    I just had my Lamictal raised a week ago and I feel like I have taken speed and can't go to sleep. I was up half the night, my head is pounding. I am determined not to give up yet. In the time I have been taking it things have been better. The side effects have always backed off after 2-3 weeks, so I will hang in there!

    I'd also suggest that you let your mental health professional know you are really having problems right now.

    The holidays can be rough on us, lots of pressures.

    Oh, yeah, I wanted to mention. My SCS surgery was done without my wife waiting. She had to teach a class, she stayed with me till I was back getting prepped then left, taught her class and returned. Thankfully she was there by the time I was back out of surgery. Do you have someone close to you that will go with you also? My backup was my oldest son. I was to call him if my wife had not returned when I was awake.
  • I think it'd be best for your husband to be with you on the day of the surgery. As I recall, you'll probably be at the clinic for a couple hours or so for the trial and then you get to go home right after. I slept for a few hours after and then I tried to get comfortable but it was hard because of the buzzing and the unit on my back. It intensified when you lay directly on it, so that was a no no. The next morning I woke up with the spinal headache from hell and it stuck around for 2 WEEKS. Sorry, don't mean to scare you...I was reminiscing too much.

    Take some chocolates if you want, it requires hardly any effort and only good can come out of this gesture. Don't put any Coco Lax on it young lady! :D I like chocolate covered almonds with caramel filling if you must know.

    I'm sorry you have to put off the St Petersburg trip for now. I'm sure your friend will understand and let you have it later on when all your business is settled. Think about this- you'll have a better time later since the SCS will be implanted already and tweaked to perfection. Better pain relief is in order. Bon voyage! Take care sweetie :H
  • I will let you all know more when I know more. I prey that it was not the depression that got to her. I will feel that I really failed her as a friend. She passed away 3 days after her final post above.
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