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  • Farmgrrl said:
    Hi Cath,

    I'm having trouble trying to reply politely to people's suggestions for treatment...different people at work have suggested: pilates, yoga, the chiropractor, the new Sketchers shoes, vitamins etc. I just wanna scream, "IT'S NOT GONNA WORK!!!" LOL I know they only mean the best but some of them are kind of stubborn when I try to tell them that I have a nerve compressed in my back by an EXTRUDED disc! Nothing like those suggestions is gonna be able to make it pop back into place and cure me right less, yoga and pilates are the last thing I wanna do, no less, can I do it right now? If this was just a pulled muscle, I'd be all over it!

    May I ask what has led to your fusion?

    Take care,

    Howdy Christine,

    Pretty name, I like it better than Farmgrrl! :-) At any rate, I too have run into what you describe. One of my employees was almost "insistent" on acupuncture! Like Cath said "have you had an MRI? The disk is on the nerve, and though I appreciate your input and concern, it is not going to take that puppy off of it!" The next day he suggested traction! Well, a week later he was offloading some bales of contraband (law enf.) and he "pulled" something in his back. The sad of the ironic? 3 weeks later he had back surgery with a disk replacement! Where was his acupuncture and traction now! He has become a "Hey leave her alone, I know, there are times surgery is it!!" Strange how that happens eh?

    People though they mean well, when we have "something" (disk, bone spurs, spacing problems, overlap etc.) people can't see it, don't understand the really bad possibilities if we are in a minor read ender, game over!!! Scary just to type that!!!! People just don't get it Christine!! *HUG* Please don't kill the uneducated, but caring ones!!! :-)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Thanks Brenda! Actually, farmgrrl is my nickname all the way back from high school so I have always used it as my username for boards like these...

    The funny thing is that I am a nurse and therefore work with a whole bunch of nurses but I guess it takes a "spiney to know a spiney". Of course, we work with kids so the worse we usually see are actually fusions (we call them "scoli repairs") but nothing else save for a few NS paitents that have had laminectomies for tumors. I do know a couple of nurses though who have back issues as well and have seen the same PM/physio's that I see. They definitely get it!

    It is amazing how much more aware and cautious I've become...I got so used to feelng "normal" for a good year and half. I've been put on a 10 lb lifting-restriction now at work which will be fun since I do take care of kids.

    In the meantime, I will try not to hurt anyone if they offer me another cure...LOL

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  • Ouch Cath! I'm sorry that is not a "simple" disc issue for you!

    Haha...if yoga was the cure all I would need to do is throw one of my DVD's in and *poof* I'd be fixed too! I actually had an exacerbation 3 days after completing a 10 week summer yoga class in college. I was much more flexible after finishing the class but I still managed to make my back angry after cleaning my house. :)

    I'm waiting to see what the NS has to say but I'm 99% sure we're gonna be heading towards a second micro-d. I've been feeling OK except we just went on a 2 hour grocery expedition to Wal-mart (this is the most activity I've done since going home early Sat. night) and my back is aching! All I did was walk and point at what I wanted! No cart pushing, no reaching or bending. No sciatic pain, just lower back ache which I guess is just butting its head in to remind me that I do have DDD too! That part has been manageable for years now, its just the sciatic/disc issues that affect me greatly. I'm just hoping that my back will behave with these steroids on board so that I can get through work this week and weekend (I'm working 4 12-hour shifts in a five night span, ugh!)

    I've thought about looking at the different fusions but right now I'm going to try to hope for the best...again! (I had my hopes set that my pain would subside and that the ESI's would work but that hasn't panned out too well LOL)

    What are you doing while you wait for surgery? Are you able to take meds for relief? Are you able to work?

  • Oh, those hard floors will just kill you. I can't walk far in them either without major pain issues.

    Christine, I sent you a PM.
  • I didn't think about the hard floors even though I consciously wore my good sneakers!

    Happy news sciatic pain is still at bay right now, took my last dose of steroids today. Now I guess I just have to wait & watch to see if and when it comes back. I'm secretly hoping it stays gone so I can cancel the NS appointment but I've already started with some tingling again in my big toe & foot. After working two nights in a row, I'll take that. Lots of aching though in my back all the way up to my shoulders but the Aleve & Zanaflex are keeping it under control for now.

    For now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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