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If muscle spasms cause a loss of the cervical curve of the neck, then....?

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edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Addressing the spasm would put the spine back into place, right? So if Ive had neck pain and many other neurological and scary side effects due to losing my curve due to a weightlifting accident involving in muscle spasms of my neck, and PT, chiros, and acupuncture and deep massages havent done diddly poo (at least not for more than an hour), then a quick cortisone ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (not a mere pain reliever) should immediately **** that neck back into place, correct?

Im 22, and getting more and more frustrated with my neck pain. 3 months after my accident, I STILL cant turn my neck to the right and the other muscles on my right side feel periodically pulled and tight. I lost my cervical due to this accident, and my condition is worsening and worsening and affecting other parts of my body (mainly weakness of arms and legs, disorientation of the mind, and a feeling of lack of blood going to my head). My neck also cracks all the time.

I had to drop out of the university I was attending b/c the issue became so bad. Muscle relaxers dont work. I want some real effective and invasive help before I jump off a cliff.


  • What kind of a doc are you seeing for treatment? If you are having weakness and other neurological symptoms, this is something that needs to be addressed by a neurologist, neurosurgeon or ortho-surgeon.

  • I don't know that I entirely agree with your premise, that relieving the spasm would immediately put the structure back into place.

    If your cervical spine was a spring, like a shock absorber being held in a curve by giant rubber bands, and you broke a rubber band and then replaced it, that is probably what would happen, as the spring is all one piece. But instead you have a structure more like Tinkertoys - it curves by the nature of its construction, but if you displace the individual parts they do not, individually, possess the ability to find their way home again.

    I'd want a neurologist and an MRI immediately. I would certainly get on some anti-depressants before the week was out and though I'm a newb here, I'd like to welcome you and make sure you know there is a place for you to come and talk where people understand what you're going through, because that is what I've found.

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