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would like to tell surgeon off



  • I wish there was a magic wond, if you find one let me know, I will be next in line to use it!

  • Hi Ilene,
    I think that some doctors forget we are human. I had a problem doctor once, not a surgeon thankfully, who I felt did not get it. I asked him to pretend I was his sister. Then to tell me if I were his sister, how would he help me. I felt like I was treated more like an equal than a peon after that.
    Also, you sound very bright. You should be able to explain yourself to the dence doc which ever way you decide to go. Whether he listens or not will be the trick.
    Let us know.
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  • Hi Ilene,

    I hope you don't mind me junping on your bandwagon, but I also need to 'vent' about my neurosurgeon!

    In the UK, you can use the NHS to see the consultant free of charge, or pay an astronomical amount to see the same person privately.

    After 12 months' misdiagnosis by the NHS' radiologist (different neurosurgeon), I paid the extortionate amount to see him privately. As I left his office, he handed me a beautifully-folded letter and a card with his telephone number and his email address. His parting words were, "If you need to contact me for any reason, please email or ring me straight away." How kind I thought.

    The beautifully-folded letter turned out to be his outrageous bill.

    Within a week of seeing him, I was in so much pain that I rang and was told that my call would be brought to his attention. I waited and nothing! So I emailed as well and was told that my email wouldbe brought to his attention. I waited and nothing!

    It seems over here they're happy-enough to take your credit card, but their level of care does not extend to the courtesy of replying to calls or emails.

    Last time I saw him, the first thing he did was to speed-read the email I'd sent him weeks before! It's so comforting to know you're in such good hands.

    PS He's also always late for his appointments which is infuriating, given the nature of his patients' problems.
  • At least we know that nasty doctors are universal and not limited to the US. That said, this could spur a whole conversation on nationalized health care. My best friend is a Brit living in the US; her mom got great care in England, but it was too late to save her life.

    As it happens, my neuro is a first generation Italian immigrant; her mom is still in Italy. Around the same time that I had my fusion, three years ago, her mom presented with symptoms in Italy indicative of a C5-7 herniation. She waited on a list for nine months to get an MRI, and when it was her turn, "they" decided she didn't need it. Needless to say, my neuro is vehemently opposed to nationalizing health care, sacrificing more control over our own health than we have already lost to the insurance companies.

    The point is, what happens to the treatment we get if we no longer have the choice to tell a sorry doctor where to get off?

    For example, my last headache neuro before my current one put me on Elavil for the headaches. I had lost 80 lbs. in the previous two years, and in the first month on Elavel, I gained 20 back. I had already talked to my pharmacist who told me it was VERY common. So when I saw the neuro again, a man about 5'8" and weighing every bit of 140 lbs., I told him that I was indeed sleeping better and the headaches were more manageable, but that I had gained 20 lbs in four weeks. And he said to me "If I gain 2 lbs. I'm on a diet the next day. If you're having trouble with your weight, YOU need to get some self control." And then I said "I must have some self control, because you're still standing upright." And I walked out.

    What would have happend if I hadn't had other choices? And just for the record, every medical professional in town has echoed my opinion of the idiot. When I repeated the story to my GP, who had referred me to him, he laughed til tears rolled down his face and repeated the story all over the office.

    Upshot: medical care is a consumer service, in many ways no different than hiring a lawyer or choosing an insurance agent or a stock broker. These are people we wouldn't hesitate to fire, or to state our opinions to if we were displeased; why are we hesitant with doctors?

    In the last two years, my mom has fired THREE of my dad's doctors, and it was absolutely cathartic. Of the three, the pulmonologist was the biggest jerk. He had independently decided that my dad needed to die and he had put out the word in ICU to allow that to happen. I don't know when it got to be his decision to make, but Someone more important decided NOT. And put me in the room to make sure that he received all the care necessary, care that would clearly have been withheld had I not been there, and which the nursing staff INTENDED to withhold whether I was there or not. Which reminds me to say to everyone: No matter how much you trust your doctor, do NOT go for surgery without an advocate to speak for you, even if it's just to make sure you get your meds on time and enough water to drink. "Prone" is not a position of strength.

    Rant over..... for now. ~X(

  • I LOVE IT TITAN!!!! YOU "GET IT ON" WITH YOUR "SELF CONTROL"! That is the BEST thing I have read in here, for 7 mos now! And "hats off to YOU" for standing up to that ICU dr who wanted to put your dad away. My gosh - they really do think they are God. Perfect example! Yes, we have to be extreeeeeemly cautious! Thx for sharing! We reported my surgeon to the HR Dept in the hospital, with an investigation. I don't know what's going to become of this nationalized health care. It's all pretty scarry.
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  • It runs in the family. My sister was seeing a doctor in a nearby town for a number of reasons. She has Hashimoto's Disease and Reynaud's Syndrome, both autoimmune disorders, which sets her up as a likely candidate for more autoimmunes. Her doctor was testing her for lupus, probably 15 years ago. He told her that even if this particular titer was negative, her likelihood for being diagnosed with lupus at a future time was higher than 95%. She waited DAYS for the path report, and then the doctor had it but wouldn't let the nurse tell her what it said nor would he make time to see my sister before the end of the second week to discuss it with her. When she showed up at his office, she backed him up against a wall with her finger in his chest and explained to him in one syllable words that she was certain he would not be so cavalier if she was his wife or mother or daughter. The titer was on the high side of normal, and believing what he said about the 95% likelihood, she planned her life around it. She knew that becoming pregnant could be a trigger for lupus but eventually decided to have children anyway. Two children, still no lupus. So, having moved to a different part of the state, she sought the advice of another doctor, who again ran the test. Results: no lupus, no indication that she was EVER in danger of having lupus, she can stop worrying about it. Fifteen YEARS she assumed she was going to get a debilitating disease and planned her life accordingly.

    You don't have to spend much time in a hospital before you find out that doctors are just as human as everyone else, or in some cases, just as savage as everyone else. Once that barrier that they put up as a group is broken, you should be able to treat them like everyone else.

    I tell all the incidents as funny stories now, but in reality I wasn't sure that either of my parents would survive it. When the pulmonologist told me "You're going to have to make a decision about turning off that vent this week" I said "You can say that to me, but don't you even whisper it or think the words in my mother's presence." He got tired of dealing with us and told my mom (after my dad came home from the hospital despite his best efforts) that he didn't want to do his regular care (he has COPD with asthma and emphysema, so most of his regular care REQUIRES the input of a lung doctor) and referred them to a new GP. THIS guy, after talking to my mom on the phone one fine day, diagnosed my dad with pneumonia OVER THE PHONE. He got fired too.

    But they're not all B-wipes. One of my all time favorite doctors is my PM guy. Everyone who ever saw him once lights up like a Christmas tree when you mention his name, and he makes what can be an unpleasant procedure as easy as pie, chatting like regular people about his new dog or his car trouble, etc. until the thing is over with and you didn't notice he'd done it. I've always said that if you had five hundred people in a room and you were told ONE of them was a doctor, he'd be the very last person you'd ask. That's the way they all should be.

  • Just an update my doctor did call me yesterday and apologized for not calling back sooner he advised since I am feeling a bit better could possibly be a joint problem from the poisition maybe on the OR table. I did thank him for calling back and the first words when he spoke to me was an apology so it does make a difference :). I worked at a hospital for almost seven years when I was younger and have many stories. Titan I was happy to hear that you have stated how you felt because it is your health and the doctor should have not been so ignorant to tell you to have self control. I have been overweight most of my life and had one doctor who treated my mother who is thin and said well you mother is thin and I said well I am not my mother, and even though this surgeon has a good repuation I will not go back to him...he can kiss my fat butt like I dont know I am overweight !! Oh well my rant is now over lol...
  • Geez, who needs the comedy channel. Just come on Spine Health and hoot & hawler. Thanks Rina and Titan, for the belly laughes. I'm in total pain today, but you made me forget with your stories and senses of humor.

  • I'm glad I did something worthwhile today. :H Otherwise, I basically vegetated in my chair, literally. It's funny that my coworkers think I am 120% too serious 126% of the time, yet on this topic I just have to laugh. What's the other option? And I've got a million stories, based on nearly nine years in retail and 25 years of parenthood. I keep them sorted in my mind so I'll have something I can keep a client entertained with while I'm doing the boring part of drawing their kitchen. I'll see what I can come up with for the next edition.

  • I have a larege hernition with cord compression and mild cord flattening between c-6/c-7...has anyone tried the triton DTS machine that decompresses the discs for pain relief? I'm thinking about it but afraid that I'll end up in more pain. Wanted to know if any here have tried it and have gotten any relief. Thanks.
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