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Severe Headache Cervical Herniations



  • Hi,
    I'm new here also but glad I found so many more people dealing with spine issues.

    I would call your docs office and let them know of your headaches and vomiting. Maybe they can give you something to lessen them and stop the nausea.

    I too got headaches but not nausea. After 3 1/2 years of having disc bulge,I found out that my C5-6 had herniated on 2 sides causing compression on spinal cord and C 4-5 had degenerated enough to be removed too, along with DDD (the start of all my spine issues),stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), spondylitic changes, osteophytes bone spurs compressing nerve roots), and osteoarthritis.

    Before the herniation, I just dealt with the pain through pain meds, chiropractic care and non-invasive treatments. Once it herniated, I was told multiple ACDF with hardware or face paralyzation if I didn't have it done. Researching all of the statistics and numerous failed outcomes people have had, I was hesitant to opt for the surgery but went ahead and had it done on Nov. 13th, as the risk of being paralyzed was greater to me than the risk of surgery. Most people I have found, ALWAYS say "NO SURGERY", as you can end up worse off.

    I'm only 12 days post-op and have relief in my left arm but have even greater pain, burning/stabbing in back and sides of my neck and throughout my shoulders. I put up with this same pain for years before the surgery,but honestly, it's worse now after surgery. They tell me that it's just retracable pains from my nerve roots being freed up but it can also turn out to be permanent nerve damage. I have had a few headaches still, but hoping they don't continue as the other pain has. It's too early to tell yet in the recovery process. I will know by the 8 week period if it's permanent or not.

    I also have 2 disc bulges at T9-10 and T 12-L-1 that were found when the C disc was found back in 2006. I will be having an MRI done asap when my neck is healed enough, as I'm having more pain in my back, tailbone, radiating down my right leg and pins and needles in my foot. They think they may be herniated now too. Thanks to DDD, it only gets worse and it's not much to look forward too for any of us with it.

    Hope this was helpful in some way. Good luck to all who have decided to opt for surgery, as it should be a last resort option only, just my opinion, as I wish there would have been another option for me but wasn't.

  • My symptoms seem to be a bit worse, but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm thinking about them more. Now I have numbness in my right hand as well as my left.

    My surgery is tenatively set for Dec. Seventh. No Christmas for me :(

    I have DDD as well, and my back hurts as well as my neck, so we'll see what happens next.
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  • I suffered a cervical injury (work comp. related) in 1994 and had a 2 level fusion (C5-6,C6-7) in 1996. Had an excellent result with great fusion and was back at work by Feb. 2007. I had 5 great years (although I did develop a bone spur at C5-6). I started developing very severe headaches, with nausea and vomiting and my neurologist diagnosed me with cervicogenic migraines. I also now get cervicogenic vertigo and have found out that the 2 levels above my fusion have herniated. I have been hospitalized due to the severe migraines and vomiting. I am allergic to almost all pain meds., but I can and do take migraine meds. frequently. The headaches will wake me from sleep (when I can sleep) and I have to vomit almost immediately and this can continue for several days (and I can't take anything by mouth when I am so sick). I've lost over 50 lbs. since last year. My neurosurgeon refuses to fuse my C3-4, C4-5 vetebrae (although he did recommend it in 2008). He also says my headaches are not from my neck (so I have a neurosurgeon disagreeing with my neurologist). Chiropractor agrees that my migraines are from the herniated discs, but at this point I can no longer tolerate chiropractic, massage or PT. The ER doctor definitely said my migraines are due to my herniated discs, but I'm stuck in a very bad work comp. system in Florida, and am now awaiting another surgical opinion.
    If you can tolerate PT, I'd recommend a really good cervical therapy program that can build up the muscles in your trapezii and neck in order to lessen muscle spasms and give your neck better support. It didn't work for me, but I waited too long (due to work comp. issues)
  • Mine doesn't sound as bad as yours, as the headaches are fairly rare, and the vertigo is Okay unless I bend over.
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