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Had My Myelogram Yesterday

libby724llibby724 Posts: 107
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
OK so I survived my myelogram but oh my God was it painful. I will never ever have one again. I know its painful for just a short time but I guess I was not expecting how painful it would be once they inject the dye. It took about 4 minutes for the dye to go in but it felt like 4 hours. The needle in the spine wasn't really painful but the dye moving around in there hurt. The Dr kept saying as we move dye up you will feel pressure no I felt pain!! I am glad its over. No results yet waiting on the Dr to call me I am sure i will have to call him!

Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone!


  • Libby,

    Why did they do the test?


  • I had a 3 level ACDF in Jan of 2009. I had been doing great then all of a sudden my pain was back. Spasms, tingling and weakness on the left side and new pain on my right side. Went to see the surgeon he sent me for Xrays and said they didn't show much so he ordered the Myelogram and Cat Scan....
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  • I have a spinal headache. Although I did everything they told me it still came on. Called the Dr they said its common to still have it 4 days later. Although it is not andunbearable headache its a just a dull ache that is there as long as I am standing so I have been laying down as much as I can. Anyone have ideas on what will help dr said liquids (I have been), caffeine and to take some aleve. Of course I have to fly on a business trip on Monday so this should be fun!!!
  • I am having a myelogram done on Monday, now I am dreading it since reading your post. I have enough pain and problems already. Did you also get a headache afterwards?
  • I am going for a myleogram after a negative discogram, and I was wondering what your results were from this test? What did it show and not show? Did you get answers to your pain?

    I have had left side pain for 5-6 months since my laminectomy/discectomy in July, MRI showed very little, a bit of scar tissue on the right side, discogram was negative, surgeon thought my pain was from my disks and that i may require a fusion, turns out thats not it, so now he has ordered a myleogram and i was just curious what difference experiences were and if it helped diagnose your pain??

    Thanks all,
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  • JKato yes I did have a headache but not a very bad one and it lasted a couple of days I got relief by lyeing down.

    Sandra No results yet I tried to reach the surgeon a couple of times but have had no luck I have a follow up on 1/14.

    But since all this the really bad pain I had has gotten better so maybe it was nothing after all I am pretty much back to being pain free.
  • Hi libby,
    I am glad that alot of your pain has gone away, and if your follow up appointment is so far away then perhaps thats a good thing that they didn't find anything or they would have had you in sooner. I hope to find out on Wednesday when I can schedule my test, i just had a discogram and it was negative but I remain in pain!!

    Have a merry christmas,
    glad to hear you are better, thats great news!
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