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can anyone help me!

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I'm new to forum, i had c3-c7 discs remove from my neck in march, and i am still having alot of pain such as tingling, burning in my shoulder/neck/arms/hands. In 2004/2005/2006, I had surgery on my left/right hands in which are still giving me more pain. I just need to hear something different i guess. How long will this keep going on! i am not working and i am trying to get my soc sec? and i want to know have anybody got their disability yet? Also, when can u tell when you are fused. I have read several articles about fusion. my doctor just say, it is okay and you just have to take it easy for now. I also still having problem swelling. Can anyone help me? Try to explain to me about the fusion process and all of these different pain arousing in my neck/shoulder/arms/hands. I am open to listen to anyone right now. i take gabepentine, replax, flexril, and some more drugs. Can someone give me some knowledge?


  • Welcome to Spine Health. I am really stunned that your doc hasn't been very communicative in regards to knowing if and when and how much you are fusing. Has he at least had any follow up xrays or any other imaging studies done since the surgery in March? Everyone fuses at different rates and there's too many variables that go into that, but he should be able to give you some idea by simply having some xrays taken.

    Since you had multiple levels fused in your neck, that is going to make it more of a challenge to fuse, but not impossible and people do it all the time. It does take time for recovery from such a large surgery and I know that patience is the last thing you want to hear someone say that you need to have. Unfortunately that's one of the key things we all seem to get big lessons in ... patience.

    If you feel that something isn't right you can always pursue a second opinion.

    As far as getting your SS disability, there are others who have lots of experience in that regards who can better advise you. All I know, is what I have read here and been told by a few friends who have filed for it. One of my friends had it take 2 years, but she finally was awarded it along with back pay. So once again, patience comes into play.

    I hope we can help you find some answers.

  • Thank u for your response. my doctor took several xrays and stated, you are healing just fine. Now, is this were you know are u fusing? As i stated, i had c-3-c7 disc removal. my doctor has now wrote a prescription for physical therapy, but yet haven't gone. i am so afraid that i am not ready for the manipulation. I am so afraid i am not 100% fused. Even though, i haven't been told to what degress i am fused. When i started reading some of people issues i found out about fusing.My doctor took 3 xrays,and sent me home with more medications/pt prescription. I am taking some much medications, i am not awake most of the time. My doctor told me, if i didn't have the extensive surgery i would be paralyzed on my right side. I really felt that i was head in that directions, Right now, all of my trouble is landing on my right side even down to my right foot. When i get out of bed, my right foot hurt some much, i can barely walk on it. My right shoulder/arms/hands always hurting. It has been six month, and i still can not hold my head up for a long period of time unless i am propping my head up on a pillow. I just need to know if anyone else experiencing all of these problem. Even to a drive in the car, i can not travel in the car for about 2 hours at time without complaining that my head is getting to heavy. Are anyone experiencing this problem? I know this is lengthy, but i am just is in a mess! Also, my doctor told me, my recovery may take up 2 yrs before i know what permanent damages in which i would have to live with. Was anyone told that? I know this is really teaching me patience.
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  • PT doesn't mean just manipulation.

    They have a lot of different things they can do. It may be ultra sound therapy (great to break up swelling and increase circluation). You just lay there and they lightly massage you with an ultra sound wand. That is what I had following my PLIF. I did some strengthening exercizes for my core then I had eaither ultra sound or electromagnetic therapy with heat or ice.

    You should try the PT. They help find your problem areas and try to teach you how to strengthen them and may also get you a tens unit for use at home.


  • Sounds like you need the therapy,the therapist shouldn't be manipulating your neck anyways. They will most like do tens for pain,maybe some heat and strengthening exercises.Sounds like your neck muscles need to be re strengthened.When i started therapy after my three level ACDF they started very slow with me.I told him straight out that i had enough therapy before my surgery and really didn't want anymore but i knew i needed it. Slowly he built up my routine.I had to restrengthen every part of my body and i was therapy for over a year then was sent to a gym to continue strengthening and am still not done.Its a very slow and complicated process when nerves are involved.You can't push them too hard or you just start to break down your muscles and joints.
  • I really appreciate you guys convincing me that the therapy wouldnot be a bad idea. so, i am going to schedule my appt on Monday. I hope i can be able to take whatever they may do to me. I am trusting that this will help me alot. i will be talking about my first visit very soon. I think it is fear that i am expressing because I was in therapy for my surgery on both hands, and every time I went to therapy, I came out with more pain, so let see what happens.
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  • When I sit down for a long period of time, just say about an hour, i feel like i am paralyzed on my right side when i try to get up. My right foot hurt when i stand up and i feel like i am cripple. Do anyone feel this? Also, when i hold my head down too much, it get so stiff. I had c-3 -c-7 disc removal. It is so many different issuse that happens daily. i guess i will go to therapy. Bad headaches, i am taking replax which help some. When are we going to get off all this meds? Do anyone get these kind of symptons? As long as i am moving, i am okay, but when i stop it is hard to start again. Share your thoughts/pain with me.
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