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still leg pain right after micro d

alanx02aalanx02 Posts: 9
I had surgery on 11/19/09 and am still experiencing an aching leg.the docs practioner says this is normal, as the space that was worked in has probably been swollen and is pressing on nerve.iI am experiencing this mostly while sleeping in any position. it seems not so bad while I am moving around.has antone experienced this?


  • Welcome to Spine Health. I would say the vast majority of us have experienced that after surgery, regardless of how invasive or non-invasive it was. One thing that is very helpful, is to keep track of the pain each day and whether it changes in any way and what makes it better or worse. This way you can have a good picture to present to your doc if it continues to persist.

  • i had way more pain at night while sleeping after micro.What i did to help was sleep in a lumbar corsett wich supports back considering I would toss and turn alot. I also took advil before i went to bed and iced my back before i went to sleep. These few steps helped me sleep better most of the time> im now a yr post op and doing good I hope you have the same luck i have.
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  • Keeping a pain journal is helpful for your doctor as well as for you. When I looked back at my journal, I read that my pain level fluctuated.

    Having leg pain after microdiscectomy is pretty normal.
  • Thank you for the support, this is just so frustrating. I am having some of the same sympdoms as before. I feel like the surgery should have 'worked'. I go about my business during the day.although my business consists of short walks and rest,I really don't feel too bad during the day. That is after I put on my left sock, its still painfull to put it on.Im rambling, sorry. In other word the mornings **** ** *****. I did sleep in bed last night without too much pain:))
  • frustration in itself will make you tense and increase any pain. I did not put on my own socks for a while but im lucky and my kids did it for me. I realy took my time at every thing till 4 months post op when i went back to work even thoughi shouldnt have but i was the only one working and i have kids so i pushed at that point but at the same time i was very very carefull about everything i did some might say to carefull other would say not enough push your self to meet you goals and not what others want or expect of you. I hope you heal well take it easy again ICE ICE ICE helped me alot.
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  • It's beem 9 days since L5 S1 micro D, and have some relief today. I woke up laying on my back without much pain. That was unheard of just 3 days ago. Was able to walk better today; without the wabble I guess you could say. Maybe things are lookin better. Its been 10 months since it all started. Pain meds, Pain docter, mean insurance company, physical therepy, more pain meds, the wait for surgery. Finally the surgery; then to wake with no relief. Maybe I am counting my eggs, but finally some RELIEF.
    Maybe i'll get a christmas tree.

  • That's great to hear. Just don't over do things once the pain recedes more. A Christmas tree is nice for lifting one's spirits. I hope you were able to go get one.

  • It's been almost 2 weeks since the surgery. I had 1 day when the pain in my leg seemed to let up a bit. That was the day That I said maybe I was counting my eggs a bit to soon. Well since then the pain seems as bad as it was before and right after surgery. I was wondering if anyone could know if this is normal, and that the area around the nerve could still be inflamed from surgery. Maybe the nerve is still irritated? It's been awile and I thought that I would have a bit more of a positive response from the surgery. I don' see the docter til' friday and I don't know what I am in for.
  • But based upon other posts I would have to say that the doctor would tell you that you need more time as it is too soon to tell how successful the surgery was.

    Also you have to keep in mind that surgeons look at success in this surgery in terms of moving the herniation off the nerve. The pain disappearing is a by product of it and not the way they judge the success.

    Everyone I have read here is different where they have immediate success, takes several weeks to months or does not work. Only time will tell unfortunately and I hope he has given you a plan to follow post surgery.

    I have also found that the longer you had waited to have the surgery the longer it will take to experience the relief based upon reading posts.

  • 3 Weeks since surgery and every thing still the same. The burning, stabbing, pins and needles. Docter says its normal. Just don't seem right. I hope he is right. Any hope? Anyone?
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